50 Inspiring & Deep Lindsay Lohan Quotes

Lindsay Lohan is an American actor, singer and businesswoman. She is famous for her role as Brandy in the 2006 film Mean Girls.

Lohan has made her acting debut in movies like Mean Girl and Herbie: Fully Loaded. She also received four awards at Teen Choice Awards in 2004.

Lindsay Lohan is one of the most inspiring people in Hollywood because she has no rules at all.
There are no set rules for what she can or can’t do, because she’s the most amazing person in Hollywood.
And for all this she keeps getting arrested or accused of things,
but she keeps pushing on.
She keeps being Lindsay Lohan and getting away with it.
If you ever need to be inspired, just look at Lindsay Lohan and be inspired.

50 Inspiring Lindsay Lohan Quotes

I am always optimistic and eager to start a new day with a fresh start. My first thought of the day is always, “It’s going to be a good day!” I look forward to each sunrise as a new opportunity to create a new and better me through my love for life.

The actress recently announced that she would be seeking re-election as an Independent. But, she admitted that she “absolutely” loves the spotlight & is seeking to stay in politics.

Growing up is a period of time when we experience changes. We are always learning and we are still growing. As we continue to grow we become wiser.

I still need to go through the process of proving that I’m worthy of you.

Lindsay Lohan says that she loves interacting with fans. She loves it so much that she wants to let them know what she is doing and stuff like that. She doesn’t want to just sit on her couch watching television all day.

Lindsay loves to work on movie sets because it’s like being on vacation for her.

If a man and a woman are fighting you can go to the park and cry it out and when you are done you can get in a cab and have him give you a better price.

8th of 50 Lindsay Lohan Quotes 

Lohan has had the best and worst luck imaginable. She has been the victim of both a major scandal and a media blitz. If she continues down this path, she could go down as the most famous to have a mental breakdown.

It’s funny, because for some reason I’ve been thinking about that and thinking about this in a similar way lately. It just makes sense in a way that things are gonna be good and you just need to make sure you’re giving a little bit of love and attention to everyone and acknowledge them, that’s all.

I will be more active.

In my personal experience, it makes sense why Lohan is a bad example to follow. She seems to have a lot of problems, including a bad attitude, and seems to be pretty much a mess of a human being.
However, I’m also not saying that she’s a model citizen, either. She’s probably got all kinds of bad attitude issues.

She was talking about her weight for the first time and she said it herself that “I’ve been called many things before but never ‘overweight’”. She then said that she had been criticized for her weight for “the first time”.

We all know that Lohan has been pretty much open about her drug use. She isn’t afraid to admit that she’s hooked. And it’s not “anyone” she’s talking about. She’s pretty much admitting that she doesn’t care who hears it.

Since I am a fashion designer, I am very concerned with my appearance. I really enjoy feeling comfortable and confident when I am wearing clothes that fit me well.

Lindsay Lohan said that in an interview, that she had to be honest in life. I believe she was speaking the truth.

She wants to get married so she can start a family and she really wants a career as an actor.

 The actress doesn’t get as much attention for being rude, but she’s still no angel.

If I had to choose only one of them, I would say that I love my wife more than anything in the world.
But if I was to pick just one person I love… well, it would probably be Lindsay.

18th of 50 Lindsay Lohan Quotes 

The actress expressed her opinions on her breasts in an interview for Playboy.

I think that being perfect is not a good thing. It is not interesting at all.

It is easier to handle hardship through creativity and self-motivation rather than through escapism or over indulgence. This is something I can use for my next project.

I’ve stopped worrying so much about how I look and so I’ve learned to be accepting and appreciative of what nature gave me.

I’m happy that I can play these mature roles, because as soon as I do, then I feel like that is all I’ll ever be. After that, I don’t really know what will happen with me.

 I am not so sure that I agree with this whole statement, so I’ll just leave it at that.
– The rest of the interview is here.

While growing up in Southern California, Lohan would regularly skip school, sleep through classes, and party hard. At age fourteen, she moved in with her mother and worked as a waitress in a restaurant to help support the family. At age 18, she was charged with drug possession and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Lindsay Lohan said that she wants to be more like Jodie Foster because she went to college! What a role model!

Lohan was quoted as saying that she is involved in the production of her songs, because it makes her feel more connected to it.

Lohan has been saying this kind of thing for a while now, and although she’s been able to fool the public a time or 2, she’s just a big fat liar. She knows very well she wouldn’t be able to get away with her lies if it were someone else.

28th of 50 Lindsay Lohan Quotes 

It’s hard in Los Angeles not to go out, it gets lonely. Being an actress is lonely, and I never want to be alone. I hate sleeping alone.

I have a plan for everything. Like when I was younger I thought I would grow up and be a famous actress or a supermodel. I always thought that if I worked hard enough, I would get what I wanted. But life shows you that it doesn’t work like that.

Lohan said that the biggest misconception is that she doesn’t have her head in the right place. Lindsay Lohan is the most famous person in the world with the highest marketability and I guess she is the most important.

 You might as well think that a reality show was going to give you the truth. Reality shows are scripted so people can lie and then pretend to be honest when it comes time to tell the truth.

That’s a good question. But the only thing I’ve ever really liked about Britney is her hair. And the only reason I’m here to even talk about her is because a friend of mine gave me that answer.

This is the girl that was in the tabloids for having wild parties, smoking weed and trying to buy an apartment in New York City. In the beginning of her career she wasn’t very well known. But at some point she became famous and started to be like a teen queen. This is really weird, because teenagers are not really “teenage” but “pre-teen”, so why we call them teenage.

I love my red hair. It makes me more spunkier.

In addition to being depressed and stressed from her father’s crimes, Lindsay also struggles with her sexuality and the fact that her breasts were surgically altered at an early age.

According to her, she wanted to go to Korea to meet soldiers and thank them for their service. She also stated that she wanted to be a “pinup”. It is rumored that Lindsay Lohan had trouble getting a visa to the country because of her legal problems in the past.

37-year-old Lindsay Lohan, who also starred in the movies Freaky Friday (2003) and Mean Girls (2004), says she’s not skinny for the wrong reasons. Compared to a lot of actresses her age, Lohan is actually overweight.

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As we’ve seen with the rise and fall of Lindsay Lohan fame, it’s not exactly easy to be ‘comic and happy’ when you’re the butt of every joke.

I live every day to the fullest and I have nothing to do with moderation.

So many people preach that they love fashion, but really what they love is what I wear.

Lohan said that she never regrets anything, and she doesn’t want to be doing anything that she doesn’t want to be doing. She also said that if she doesn’t want to do something, than she shouldn’t do it.

Lohan’s statement is problematic because it seems to indicate that she believes women are expected to be sexually available to anyone who asks. She also implies that she is expected to be sexually available to men at all times. While it is important to be both self-aware and respectful of other people, it would be ideal to know that women are not expected to be sexually available in the absence of consent, and men are not expected to behave in that way with women.

Lindsay Lohan said that she doesn’t think people should do anything to be popular. But maybe within reason they can step out of their comfort zones and do things to be more “accessible” like taking drugs or drinking heavily to be cool.

Lohan says in her first interview since the arrest that she loves to photograph and that being a model is fun. She says she’d like to pursue more modeling if she could.
She said, “My whole life has just been for fun,” and in her next move it will be so that fun doesn’t go away.

A star is the star of the show that is the spotlight … that’s what is on the screen, not the camera.

Lindsay Lohan has admitted that she has smoked cannabis, but that the weed she enjoyed is “not the good stuff”.

48th of 50 Lindsay Lohan Quotes 

She realized that the fantasy of absolute reality can be much more fun than the reality of absolute fantasy.

Marriage is a big deal, and Lindsay has already seen it so she knows what it is like and it’s terrible.

Be sure to keep your friends, co-workers and family close by and avoid bad choices that will lead to trouble.


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