15 Dominating Brock Lesnar Quotes

I don’t think that’s what the commentators were going for.

Brock Lesnar is a former UFC champion, and is a UFC competitor again and a former professional wrestler and american football player. He’s got a no bulls**t approach to everything he does, and is an incredible source of motivation.

In 2004, Brock Lesnar signed a three-year contract with the UFC, and for the next nine years was known as “The Next Big Thing”.

********* And I am The Undertaker. I am the ****** of death, and I’m the ****** of the business. I’m the ****** of everything that I’ve ever done, and I’m going to leave my legacy as the ******.

15 Dominating Brock Lesnar Quotes

Hard work matters. Work needs to be hard for your results to be good. Mental toughness matters. If you lack it, you might not succeed. Accumulations matter. If you have them, you’ll reach your goals faster.

While Brock Lesnar may have said this on WWE’s website, this interview was first published on the Wrestling Observer Online.

– Vince McMahon talked about his meeting with Donald Trump, and his reaction to the President-elect’s tweets and his remarks about Vince.

Brock Lesnar, a wrestling star, is pretty successful. He’s also pretty insecure. He gets scared of his own shadow. He’s scared of how people see him. He’s scared of his own abilities. He’s also scared of the fact that he’s been on a losing streak for ten years. And he’s scared of being the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

I don’t feel pleasure. I ain’t got time for that. I let other people feel pleasure for me.

Lesnar was quoted saying that he used the wrestling circuit to learn about the world. He also said that he learned a lot of different things with trials and tribulations and in the end he got some positives through the mistakes he made.

If you want to be among the mighty, you must never be in the company of the lowly.

7th of 15 Brock Lesnar Quotes

When I don’t know something, I surround myself with people that I can trust to teach me.

Being on the road is hard work. It takes a lot of energy to do what you do. Brock Lesnar will never go back to living in a house. He’s going to move forward.

A wrestler is a horse but not everyone can ride them. You have to know how to work them to get the most of them.

I have been a fan of professional wrestling since I was a kid. I always knew I wanted to be in the business, but I am very grateful to be wrestling not only for a living, but for the entertainment that it provides. I am extremely grateful for the UFC’s support, as it has enabled me to live my dream.

The biggest thing is being a healthy person who you can enjoy yourself with.

Brock Lesnar claims that he’s always been a barbarian and this is just a new way of being a barbarian.

At the end of the day I think that everybody takes for granted that they get up, get out of bed every morning, just the mere fact that they can stand in front of the mirror and brush their teeth and get in their car and take off? A lot of people take their health for granted.

Being a professional wrestler Brock Lesnar has dealt with a lot, but he’s not one to just give up, and this quote shows that. Lesnar always has a solution, or he will find one, but he just needs to find it.

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