50 Famous Caroline Kennedy Quotes About Life

Kennedy is a former Senator from New York and President Obama’s Ambassador to Japan.

Caroline Kennedy was a lawyer who was an ambassador and was the US ambassador to Japan. She was the daughter of President John Kenneth F. Kennedy and the former First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier.

Kennedy served as the US Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 1961 to 1964. During that period, Kennedy was also known for winning a Gold Medal for swimming in the 1964 Summer Olympics. Also, after leaving as an Ambassador, Kennedy became the Director of the New York City Ballet.

“My work is, first, and foremost, about civil liberties and the preservation of our freedoms” she explained. With her latest book, she is going to explore how technology is changing our daily lives and how it’s affecting the way we interact with one another.

50 Famous Caroline Kennedy Quotes About Life

Children are born with their own imaginations. Parents are born with the ability to turn that imagination into good stories.

Some people might think that being a poet is only about sharing your feelings and ideas. But there are a lot of other things that you can do. For example, you can write a poem to help other people cope with difficult things like loss and loneliness.

Kennedy said she was not impressed by any of the politicians she met during her European trip and she would not vote for any of the Republican contenders. She also said that she believed there was a ‘new generation’ of Americans and that she was inspired to support Clinton by the fact that she was a woman.

I grew up in a family where education was important and I would be very happy to give the same education to my own kids.

It is a rare privilege to see and learn from people who are smarter than you.
It is a rare privilege to be able to use their work to create something useful.
The library is an example of the best of education.

I thought it was amazing how all the winners felt like it was the right thing to do. It is important to help people who want to help themselves.

To me, a family is a circle. Every one of us is meant to be a part of the family. We are all connected to each other. No matter how far we are apart, we can still feel connected. It’s a beautiful feeling. It goes beyond a connection to physical appearance. I truly believe we are connected through what we have in common. We all have problems and concerns, but we all have a connection with each other.

Kennedy’s memoir “Reflections” came out in June 2012, after her mother Eunice died at age 88 of a stroke. The book, which was endorsed by Eunice’s friend and former boss Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, is a collection of poetry and prose about the author’s life in New York City while her mother was on the campaign trail to help U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

I had a conversation with a woman who recently retired that was the same. In her words, when I was in her life I was always thinking about what was next. She said she feels that she has a new life now, that she has a new direction, and that she is now free to take a new path.

10th of 50 Caroline Kennedy Quotes

Caroline Kennedy says she has often found herself attracted to men who are the most ambitious in her field.

It is very important that we nurture our brains and cultivate our minds. And that we open our minds and hearts to the many things that libraries have to offer. Through my love for libraries I hope to inspire others to do the same.

To be able to stand up for what you believe and what you know to be right is a beautiful thing. Doing what is right is the greatest thing a person can do. Having the courage to speak your mind and think for yourself is so important.

It is the only time that I can be in a room where I really don’t have to feel awkward or uncomfortable about what I am. I can be myself and not worry about what others may think of me for being a “party girl” or being “out there” or, on Christmas, for being gay. And really, the people I am with don’t care.

Caroline Kennedy said that her mother was amazing for her mother. She was amazing because she had an inner spirituality and because she had a strong sense of self and commitment to the future. There is nothing surprising about this statement.

In a funny way, the poems are meant to be a short read. They are intense and quick to engage the reader. Poems are a great way to get people to read. Magazines and articles can be long and tedious. But, poems are a great format for grabbing attention.

The books that Caroline Kennedy has written are concerned with personal transformation. In her books, her voice is strong. She is the protagonist who transforms, who is courageous, who fights for something she values.

Caroline Kennedy says she is “a participant and a civically-engaged citizen.” This is probably one of the nicest things we’ve ever heard a politician say about being a citizen. Even though Kennedy is a U.S. citizen, she isn’t a U.S. citizen who participates. She’s a citizen in terms of her birth, but she’s not an active citizen.

I’m a mother of 3 and a lawyer who has written several books on the Constitution.

In her writings and speeches she said she always felt she was not alone in the world, even after she died, and that many people loved her when she was no longer around. She said she realized love would continue to live even after she was gone.

20th of 50 Caroline Kennedy Quotes

I don’t know, but I would say right now is the time to talk about how the government is supposed to work.

I didn’t really want to hear any of that stuff from her.

The final minutes focus on the end of the book when President Kennedy is assassinated. The camera pans to a table where Caroline is sitting with her mother and sister.

My personal understanding of these issues is that they are not due to the nature of differences, but to the culture of the people.

This quote is attributed to Caroline Kennedy. She may have said this, but she never actually said it as an adult.

At age 24, I was starting to think about how I would raise my daughter, especially given the challenges of life in a family with a drug addict, and how I would handle my own failures and successes. In particular, how I would handle the many opportunities and pitfalls of motherhood.

To be a strong independent woman is to be a powerful figure in your industry. It’s not about just having a lot of money, it’s about having a lot of influence. It’s not about being rich, it’s about being powerful.

Caroline Kennedy has a very clear idea of what she stands for. It’s all about working-class families who have been struggling for the last decade. And she wants to make them a permanent part of the Democratic Party.

The role of money in our country’s politics is pretty corrupt now because of the Supreme Court decision. The decision in the Citizens United case is the beginning of the end of democracy in the United States.

People don’t always realize that her parents shared the same interests of her and they were also very eager to read books.

Caroline Kennedy said that one of her father’s great legacies is the people that he inspired and the generation that he inspired transformed America through civil rights, women’s rights, equal justice and they’ve passed that on to their children and grandchildren.

30th of 50 Caroline Kennedy Quotes

Caroline Kennedy is the granddaughter of President John F. Kennedy and the niece of President John F. Kennedy, Jr., but I feel like her parents gave a more impactful gift to her. Her parents gave her tremendous values, manners, manners, and values.

I have lived under many flags. In most, I was free, at least in my thoughts. But in America, being an American citizen is being set apart. It is the privilege of my birth and the responsibility I accept.

You can have lots of people telling you different things about your mother, but that doesn’t mean you know who she really was.

I felt that my father’s greatest legacy was the people he inspired to get involved in public service and their communities, to join the Peace Corps, to go into space. And really that generation transformed this country in civil rights, social justice, the economy and everything.

My parents were encouraging of me to read. The thing is, however, it wasn’t until later in life that I really appreciated the power of words. I love reading, but I was never formally taught.

It feels good to know that people remember what my grandfather was like… it feels a bit more comfortable when people like my grandfather, a President of the United States, is who this woman is looking up to, a woman who grew up in a different country and culture, and who is the daughter of the late John F. Kennedy.

Poetry is about finding beauty in chaos, in unexpected places, and I love having a group of people around me whose intellect or experience allow them to read things I haven’t before and see a different point of view. The hardest part of writing is keeping it simple and expressing exactly what I mean in a way that others will understand, but being surrounded by brilliant people helps us do that a lot better than alone in a room.

Change is difficult, but it can happen. A lot of time, effort, and energy needs to be put in for something to change.

You know, when you make the right decision, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

40th of 50 Caroline Kennedy Quotes

I’m not that shy. My mother says that I’m just a bit quiet.

There is a lot to think about when you are becoming an adult. It can be frightening and exciting at the same time.

We need a President who is not afraid of
complexity, who believes in an open and tolerant society,
and who knows that the world can be made new again-
and that President is Al Gore.

I think we are in a time of great uncertainty. That’s why when I became the first woman Senator from New York, I chose to run again because I think there is a real sense of a time when we have to restore confidence. And I think the time when we need to restore confidence is in a time when there is uncertainty. In a time when we need to make those decisions that are going to be difficult but that are going to benefit all of us. So I think there are a lot of challenges that we all have to face.

The government should not interfere with the ability for judges to decide cases.
The government should not remove judges who rule against the government in court.

When someone is the best at the things they do that others find difficult or unappealing, we need to be on our toes and be prepared. Be ready to move beyond your comfort zone. Be ready for something different to happen if you are ready to believe in their ability.

I don’t have any sense of that, but if I had to pick one memory of my parents, that’s the one that stood out.

Kids are very connected to Christmas, but we also need to keep that connection with the meaning of Christmas. Caroline’s advice is based on her experience and knowledge of a variety of family Christmas traditions that exist throughout the United States.

Yes, I agree with my sister that the arts are really what make America strong. I mean, how many people do you know here in LA who are really good at jazz, classical music or ballet or painting? I think it’s wonderful that these people have these talents. I really do. I think it’s something that should be cherished and respected.


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