5 Success Lessons From Kobe Bryant

The most important one in basketball, is the fact that you have to have passion in your play.

he has a very pretty face, he’s fast, he scores, he does whatever he wants to, but he can’t beat LeBron.

You see what I did there?

Anyway, I think that’s a good summary of the game for me, so I hope you enjoy watching it.

Also, I’ll be taking a break from this game tonight for…

A story that I’ve heard about Kobe Bryant is that his father would wake him up at 4am in the morning to practice. The next morning when his trainer got to his house, he was already drenched in sweat because he had been practicing for 20 minutes.

While the team practices at 11am, in the gym, they continue training on the court. In the weight room, they continue to work hard.

When you are with your friends, you’re not really there. You’re just there. You can fool your friends, your family, sometimes even your girlfriend, but not the game.

Kobe Bryant’s Success Lessons

Bryant had a sickening work ethic. He would stay out late every night, and always put in a full effort. He also put the same work into his craft as he did his life. Kobe Bryant had to work his ass off every night to be a superstar.

1. Reach Out to People in Different Areas

Although they are in a completely different industry, Kobe Bryant is a great example of reaching out to those who may not know who you are.

If you want to listen and learn from the best, you have to listen and learn from the best. Which is why the best (and smartest) people are always on their phones listening to podcasts and learning from each other.

 Kobe had meetings with Oprah and Arianna after he was quoted in an interview as saying that he wanted to be at the 2020 Olympics with a US jersey. This sparked controversy with some fans and the media and in order to clear up the matter, Kobe made the statement that he was talking about a potential 2024 Olympics rather than the 2020 Olympics.

There’s really nothing much to say at the moment, there are not that many details right now. More will come as soon as we get to know more. As of now, it’s very early on. But I can promise you that I’m going to work as hard as I possibly can to see that this is an incredibly happy ending to the story.

Kobe Bryant is a great basketball player and a great leader. He has played in several of the most important and famous NBA games and games in history. Kobe Bryant has a great passion for learning and for business and he has been very successful. As he says, he really needs to ask questions to learn more.

2. You Can Always Learn More

If you learn to be more confident and build on your strengths, you won’t feel like you have to prove anything to others. Plus, you can do your best work without the pressure of feeling like you have to meet somebody’s expectations.

This one is really not true. Sure, learning is important, but it’s not a reason to go back to an old system and refuse to make changes to the current one. If a change is necessary, then go through with it.

There is always more that we can learn. We just have to be willing to keep learning. I know that sounds a little trite, but at the end of the day it’s just all about being willing to learn and continuing to learn.

3. Respect People Close to You

Kobe was the type of guy who would tell a teammate what to do, telling them that it was their job to run out there in order to have a great chance at a rebound or making the shot.

What I noticed the most about him was that he always tried to be the best at everything he does.
In tennis, he was always working on his forehand and backhand and in the gym he would spend hours on the weight machine.
He was always asking his coaches what was going on and if they were struggling with anything.
He was always trying to be the best at everything and that impressed me the most, because there are so many people out there who can’t even do half of what he did.

Kobe Bryant talked about dealing with emotions. He studied to help him in dealing with his emotions. He has also studied to get better in his game. He feels people carry emotions with them that can help him even on the court. This helped him communicate and get along with his teammates.

4. Where There’s Challenge, There’s Opportunity

A challenge is an opportunity to show the world that you can do anything you want. It’s your chance to show people you can succeed.

To show that you’re a strong person, you have to learn to overcome your fears. You have to overcome your fears because overcoming your fears is a big part of being a strong person.

In addition, it means you will never be at a point in life where you’re not learning something new, either from a hobby or life experience. Life’s a journey and there is certainly no end to the things you can learn.

The same can be said of the Rockets. They had the belief that they had the best player in the world in James Harden, and they did not have the injuries the Lakers did. They were able to overcome the odds, and prove everybody wrong.

Kobe Bryant: I knew I could come back and that I would have to make a comeback, but the fact that this injury could have become so severe and that there was a small chance that it could end my career, that made it even better.

If you aren’t feeling confident in yourself and if you’re down on yourself, I recommend to you to get out there and really challenge yourself. Take a risk and do something new. Try and do what you’re not good at, try and do something that might be a little bit scary, and that might even make you fail a little bit.

5. Break Your Problems Down Into Smaller Pieces

Sometimes you need to take some time off, but not just for one day, for several months. Doing so can allow you to refresh and reenergise your body and brain and give you a much needed break.

Kobe Bryant had to get away from the whole thing, and that meant getting out of the U.S. He did that by flying to China and then going to Spain. The Chinese government didn’t want him to play for the U.S. at that time, and the Spanish government didn’t want him to play for them. So he went to the Middle East and played for the national team. The rest is history.

This is a big problem for everyone. We live in a world where you’re judged by the number of followers you have on social media. When you do something great, or you make a lot of money, people want to know how. They want to know your big stories and the story behind your success.


You’re going to have a successful career if you spend most of your time in practice shooting free throws.

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