45 Classic & Famous Tony Yayo Quotes

I like how I can talk to a kid and he or she is going to pick up a gun out of respect.

Yayo has come a long way to reach the place he is in today. He has recorded more than 10 albums, with singles and albums that have been major hits in the charts.

Yeayo the solo musician, has earned a lot of achievements that even rival those of the group.

His album thoughts of Predicate Felon was a number 2 record on the chart. The group’s debut album ‘Beg for Mercy’ successfully became certified double platinum.

He has also worked with the Red Cross and the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases, which is a program that provides medical assistance to people with diseases that are more commonly seen in African-Americans like diabetes.

Tony Yayo is a rapper from Chicago who has been on a hot streak since his “Tony Yayo” mixtape released August of 2012. Yayo is making waves in the hip-hop world with his unique brand of rap and lyrics. His biggest single is “Blow Hot” featuring Chris Brown. The music video for “Blow Hot” has a total of over 25 million views.

45 Classic & Famous Tony Yayo Quotes

Tony went back to prison around 2003 after being given a sentence of 2 to 4 years in a case that saw him convicted of possession of heroin with intent to supply. After his release he made another rap album but it never sold. Nowadays he is a mentor for a new generation of young rappers and is an expert on the inner workings of the Hip-Hop scene. He’s currently on probation and has his probation extended until March 2020.

Â!Â! I’d love to see a G-Unit reunion; they were the reason I started rap. There is still a lot of stuff to be made, and it would be a great place to start.

I wish the same for Kanye. I’d like to see Kanye give Jay a call, so we could be witness to another West/Jay Beef. I’d like to see how that’s gonna go.

“I’ve been around the world like three times” means that Tony Yayo has been in at least three different countries and he thinks that traveling has been the best thing that he’s ever done.

Tony Yayo was arrested on child-pornography charges and is currently being charged for shooting a video while filming a sexual encounter he was having with an undercover police officer.

G Unit is a collective group of rappers, of which Tony Yayo is a member. He mentions that the group sold millions of records and that they had several egos amongst them.

Tony Yayo has an impressive passport. He looks at it all the time and is astonished by the number of stamps it has.

He’s hip hop to the extent that he’s an old school hip hop head. He’s not really part of the new school, which is the more commercial, mainstream approach. So you can’t really credit him for mainstreaming a hip hop style, it’s just not really anything he does.

I have to take one step at a time. I have to learn how to control my emotions. How I feel. Never let this industry bring me down.

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Tony Yayo was raised by his grandfather and grandmother. He always says that he never had the proper upbringing. He was always around his grandparents and his cousins were always doing good things for him. If the same thing happened to a person who was raised in an “upstanding” family, the person would have a better chance of being successful.

People, friends, are the most valuable possessions. However, money comes and goes. Gold jewelry and other objects come and go.

Tony Yayo is an unapologetic hustler, and he’s not one to let an opportunity pass to make a joke about himself. His latest track, “The Media”, features a story about a person who needs to get out of a bad relationship, but can’t because of the media attention. It’s a clever piece of social commentary, and in his freestyle he takes jabs at rappers, politicians, and the media too.

Tony mentioned that he could get at least $100,000 in the beginning. This was after he was signed to G-Unit’s Dizzee Rascal. He mentioned that a business guy, who he has no idea, approached him with a plan to make an album. He mentioned that whatever he is gonna do to make music, will be done right.

I’m not saying I never said a bad word about someone, or even that I never said a bad word about someone who said a bad word about me. But it’s just, it’s hard to get a chance to come back from something like that. Once that happens, it’s not like you can go back and think, well, I can just apologize and we can erase it.

Eminem came out and everyone was wearing the shirt. It was very popular. The Free Yayo thing was huge and everyone was showing videos and selling records. It was something that really inspired people. It’s amazing how things have changed and people are still trying to make a living off of music. Eminem was out selling a million records in his first week. It was crazy.

Yayo was a total asshole to his friend and he was just being himself. There is no room for this type of behavior and Yayo should have been more responsible.

You have a man, and if he is being disrespectful or disrespectful, you can throw a subliminal out there.

Yayo is referring to 50 Cent’s feud with Jay-Z. I suppose it goes without saying that this feud is still ongoing. There was a time when Yayo and 50 appeared on the same track. The album was called “Roc Boys Ain’t Shit” and it was produced by 50 Cent.

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I’m bipolar? One day I’ll be this way and the next day I’ll be the next.

Tony Yayo was recently arrested for domestic battery. However, Tony is not only a rapper; he’s also a producer with a song called “Barack Obama.” The song was released on July 8, 2012 and was co-written by Yayo. It samples The Fugees’ song “Killing Me Softly”. It’s no surprise that his song is so political with the way it’s promoted on the CD cover. According to the website, Tony has also been involved in recording and producing for other rappers like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne.

When he’s been out of the game for a period of time, he says something to the media and they’re like, “Whoa, what is that?” He says that it’s just his mind playing tricks because he’s been around the label for so long.

At various periods of time, Tony’s relationships with his loved ones has not always been so rosy. At one point, Fif was at odds with both of his parents. However, they have worked their way out of their differences. As a matter of fact, they appear much happier with one another than Tony himself has ever been with anybody. And as it happens, Tony is an excellent father. For this reason, it is a big reason why he is such a loving man.

It’s hard to tell a mother to change her life, so why should I tell my mom to change her life? She’s always in my business, and always in my pocket.

There was a time when I thought Tony Yayo and DJ Khaled would make a good team. There was a time when I thought they would make a good team. They don’t make a good team now. They are two guys who don’t get along.

He was referring to the media making up stories to sell more papers.

Tony Yayo just told us to get thicker skin about the haters and stuff that comes with being in the music business.

Not everybody in the hip-hop world are like Tony. Some of us do it for the love. Not everybody do it for the fame and fortune.

Just because your job is to entertain people, not to do a lot of writing, you don’t have to write about what you know.

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While Fif was arrested for felony gun possession on Monday, September 11, 2015, at his home in Beverly Hills, California, he also had to discuss the arrest of his friend Kanye West and his recent album The Life Of Pablo.

The “energy back”. He’s talking about the energy, the energy in the studio that you need when you go to work on a project with the people you respect.

Tony Yayo says that you learn to judge your friends for who they are.

Tony Yayo didn’t want to have a reunion with other rappers. The problem is that if you don’t want it, no one will believe you. Besides, the reunion happened when there were a lot of issues between the artists.

Tony Yayo has been getting his kicks on the road lately, and one thing that he has been getting a kick out of is helping out the less fortunate. He has been traveling with up and coming rap artist, the TKO Crew, and has been touring around Africa. There, he is planning on helping out the people.

He said he was frustrated with the negativity that was coming from his Twitter account. He said he didn’t write that tweet, and that he was just posting it.

In this particular verse, we can see that Yayo is describing not only his loyalty to the Roc Nation family, but to Jay-Z as well. Yayo even goes so far as to say that if it’s not for Jay-Z, he would be out on the streets with a gun in his face.

There were a lot of negative things said about the last two albums. People said it was a flop. But there’s still life in the streets and that’s why the motivation is still here. It’s been 10 years.

In an interview with Sway Calloway, Tony said that he’s been accused of arrogance for being one of the most successful rappers of all time. He’s also been accused of selling out by turning up on Kanye West’s album The Life of Pablo and making an appearance on the song “Ultralight Beam”.

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Yayo claims that despite the fact the Hip-Hop industry is no longer the place where he can build a career, at least it’s a place where he can build a business.

Tony Yayo said that he has always been an independent individual, who has been able to successfully navigate the music industry. In addition to his work in the rap industry, he is also a motivational speaker and has been able to successfully navigate various aspects of life. Tony Yayo continues to move forward and will never stop being a boss.

   50 Cent was a huge influence on Young Buck, so it’s not surprising that the two share a lot of similarities in their lives and careers.

When Tony Yayo and DJ Drama were in Australia for the Big Boy Gang Campo Tour, their fans were waiting for them at the airport.

Tony Yayo says being one of the best rappers today is great to be able to market yourself to people who don’t know you, and people who do.

Yayo says these things while in prison to make his fellow inmates like him.


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