50 Tony Blair Quotes That He Actually Said

My favorite Tony Blair quote? It always seems to be in reference to something else. I didn’t think I really had a favorite quote until the last few months, but I have to admit he’s done some pretty great things, but the ones I like best are the ones he didn’t say. I think that’s better.

The Tony Blair is the British politician and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Leader of the Labour Party. He was the first leader of the modern Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition government, the first leader of the United Kingdom’s Labour Party to serve in a Labour administration for a second consecutive term, and the first leader of the Labour Party to be elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

In his role as Special Envoy, Blair continues his efforts to facilitate the Middle East Peace Process, he also serves as a representative for the Quartet on the Middle East.

Blair became a member of parliament after he finished his law studies at St. John’s college. He then became involved in Labour politics and was successful in getting elected.

Blair is widely known for being the leader of the centrist ‘Third Way’ political movement during his time as prime minister.

So we’ve put together a collection of the best Tony Blair quotes.

50 Tony Blair Quotes That He Actually Said

Labour has changed to what the Conservative Party was. I would have to agree, since crime is now a much greater issue than before.

A “default” is when an individual nation fails to make payments, or defaults on payments. In the case of Iraq, it would be Saddam’s failure to pay his debt to the international community.

Those who wish to cause religious conflict are small in number, and often they manage to take the headline.

Tony Blair tried to reassure the public that he was “utterly devastated” when he was told he’d be removed from the House of Commons after a police investigation looked into allegations of sex and drugs. He was also warned by the Speaker that it was “utterly inappropriate” to address in the House the case where he faces charges for perjury, false accounting, and breaking the ministerial code of conduct.

One of the most influential politicians of the last 30 years has been telling us that he feels misunderstood for 3 decades.

The current media and our political system’s lack of accountability is so bad that it’s creating a sort of echo chamber through the media. People are fed up with the media’s lack of integrity. They’re fed up with the political class and politicians who are so willing to make any lie go away.

The former Labour leader was quoted as saying that he didn’t have a political agenda in becoming Prime Minister. However, he has since begun a crusade for social change.

If it’s the case that no matter what the right thing is, you lose anyway, maybe it’s the wrong thing to do it.

“By nature, I am a unifier. I am a builder of consensus. I don’t believe in sloppy compromise. But I do believe in bringing people together.”

The following two issues are examples of the way that the “consensus building” idea has been used by Blair and Obama.

10th of 50 Tony Blair Quotes

The government has decided to send the Taliban an ultimatum. Tony Blair has declared that those who give in to the demands of the Taliban will have to lay down their arms and hand over power.

There is only one way to deal with tyranny, and that is through revolution: The people will not be made to suffer a second time by their government.

A cynic might say that we can’t progress since we are all just a bunch of people who complain.

If you are trying to make a difficult decision and you’re trying to weigh out the pros and cons, don’t just talk about it, and you’ve got to discuss it, you’ve got to have frank conversations. Everybody knows this in their walk of life.

We don’t need to have a leader of government, but we need someone who will provide government. There is a lot of passion, energy and excitement in this room tonight. But it will not deliver the change that we need. This is not a time for a party of government. This is a time for change.

President Obama said that one of the things he has learnt since becoming president is how difficult it is to give advice and instead of taking decisions.

It is critical to have a positive outlook and an unselfish disposition. I don’t know if I agree with everything I did in my life, but I do think I did great things.

Tony Blair was quoted as tweeting that he is more on Twitter than the office he leads, a position he does not hold.

Many in the Democratic Party blame Bill Clinton, in part, for the loss of the White House to George W. Bush in 2000. Others blame Clinton for the fact that the majority of Americans don’t trust Democrats and don’t think President Obama or his party are competent.

Leaders can do a lot of things. Saying yes is one of them. They are supposed to say no and that’s something difficult to do.

20th of 50 Tony Blair Quotes

When someone has an investment that is not in the best interest of that person, it usually leads to a change of investment. When people are afraid it can lead to an increase in insecurity. Stable and good relationships can lead to prosperity and growth.

The threat from Iraq and weapons of mass destruction – chemical, biological, potentially nuclear weapons capacity – that threat is real.

If the party is left without a leader the party will be left without principles.

Tony Blair was asked what would happen if he was defeated for the Leadership of Labour in a vote of Labour Party Members. He replied that he could only go one way and that he had no reverse gear.

The only time we have been in a “war” is when Iraq launched an attack against us and we didn’t retaliate. Otherwise everything is fine.

The former PM says that Mrs. Thatcher’s emphasis on the importance of enterprise was a good thing.

This man is a warmongering moron, and in my opinion, deserves to be hanged, publicly, with nooses around his neck.

Tony Blair said that his faith foundation works to bring about a greater respect and understanding between different faiths. He basically works with three popular religions in the world which are Judaism, Christianity and Islam or the three Abrahamic religions and Hinduism and Buddhism and Sikhism.

I had a hard day of work today, but at least I didn’t do any homework. I think that if you really want to learn something, you should spend all your time doing that.

It is the most moral act of a mother and a society. It is an individual freedom and the right of a woman to control her body. This is a universal right.

30th of 50 Tony Blair Quotes

There is no other option, just choose the right ones and start with the things that are most important to us.

We are living in a world of terrorism on global scale. No country has got any kind of immunity. The terrorists are striking in every corner of the world. The danger is as severe as the world has ever seen. This is a time of uncertainty. It will be challenging to build the future.

I don’t think any one particular piece of music makes me like it or not. I don’t think I’m particularly inclined towards classical music. I feel like I should listen to classical music, but I don’t take that seriously. I’m not that kind of guy.

The terrorist acts we have witnessed in recent months are not acts of war. Rather, they are acts of terror, the likes of which humanity has never known.

Politics is about finding a way to satisfy voters. So, I make my decision based on what I believe will satisfy them. In order to do that, I will try to satisfy everyone.

Tony Blair said that leaders lead but in the end, it’s the people who deliver.

The purpose of terrorism is not just the violent act itself. It’s to inflame, to divide, to produce consequences which [it] then uses to justify further terror.

I believe that our dependence on other countries makes us a part of the world we live in.

When his wife goes to sleep, and then he stays up all night watching his phone, it takes a minor nuclear explosion of lies and corruption to wake him.

40th of 50 Tony Blair Quotes

We should not just watch as the situation worsens and we are forced to intervene.

He said that Iraq was given 15 days to provide a full and final declaration of all its weapons of mass destruction.

This was from an article written by Blair in the January/February issue of The White House Confidential.

Although I support wars when they are legal, I am against this war under
Any circumstances, the war was done illegally as it was a preemptive war.

I’m an optimist about Britain and the difference between an optimist and a pessimist is not that the optimist believes the world is wonderful and the pessimist believes it’s beset by challenges; the difference is the optimist believes we will be defeated by them; the pessimist thinks the challenges can’t be overcome.

The following examples are incorrect because “challenge” changes its meaning with context in each sentence.

Blair was the leader of the Labour Party and the Prime Minister. He says that people know him and his views.

Yes well I wouldn’t want to be a public servant if the Labour party weren’t the most corrupt party in the history of Britain.

He was the first leader of the country and he was treated like he was the leader.

I never said that. I said that poor people can’t choose, because they don’t have the money to pay for them. Wealthy people can choose, because they have the money to pay for them.

Labour should be in the centre on issues like public sector reform. They should be in the centre on welfare and the economy, not the centre to the left, where the current policies are. To be in the centre will be to win, to win the election and to win support from the public.

Blair said that for the first time since being Prime Minister and winning an election, he had to buy a mobile phone. He said it was only the day after the election that he got a mobile phone.


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