50 Greatest Mannie Fresh Quotes

I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by amazing people everyday. And it’s very easy to make people laugh.

_____ is an American DJ and record producer. _____ is most famously recognized for his production works with the renowned label ‘Cash Money Records’ and as part of the hip-hop duo known as the ‘Big Tymers’ alongside fellow popular rapper _____.

Throughout his career, he produced all the songs for his 17 albums. He was signed to the label for more than 5 years which is how the label accumulated so many gold records, platinum records, and multi-platinum records in the past. He then left the label to pursue other endeavors.

Mannie was once a member of the musical group 2 Live Crew, who came to prominence during the early 1990s. The group’s popularity grew and many of their singles became mainstream successes, including “Banned from T.V.”, “Me So Horny”, and “Beautiful” among others.

His quotes are the best because he is one of the most quotable.

50 Greatest Mannie Fresh Quotes

The whole discussion about which rapper was the greatest came up in a Facebook Live chat. And, Mannie Fresh had a funny and honest opinion that he liked 2Pac.

Musicians should not build walls or barriers, but bridges. We should be bridging over those barriers that currently exist between the artist, the audience, and the music.

3. It is hard to maintain a business if the paperwork is not done.

Many people believe that Big Tymers had a unique skill or talent among hip hop artists.

Kanye inspired me through his work ethic and his approach.

I don;’t bash Cash Money, Birdman, or none of them.

Mannie Fresh said that he wanted to name his hip-hop collective Hot Boys because of another kind of hot, the type that’s not a fireman, but like a firecracker.

I love to make music. It’s a craft that I love. It’s something that I do for fun. It’s hard to make sure that all of the songs on my albums I listen to five times.

In fact, Mannie is an avid reader. He has said he will read any title, even if it’s just for fun, or if a friend gives it to him.

10th of 50 Mannie Fresh Quotes

“The world will never see another Biggie ever again”.

New Orleans is a huge music city, and you will not hear an opinion that is different than Mannie’s. New Orleans has been a musical town since before the Jazz Era. Mannie has had his fair share of success in the music world. But it is also because of the open attitude of the people in the city.

Cash Money Records, a label founded by Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs and Kenneth ‘Big-Ken’ Williams, in 1994, revolutionized the music industry with its blend of commercial appeal and artistic integrity.

Mannie Fresh always finds a way to incorporate second-line music in what he does.

One of the best aspects about 400 Degreez was that Juvenile had been writing his lyrics for so long that he had the whole album set and ready to go. He had the lyrics down so he could execute all the concepts on the album. On 400 Degreez you see the beginnings of an emcee who is confident in himself.

“Mannie Fresh was always the coolest guy in the room” was one of his first quotes to the media in 2010 when he got signed with B2K.

 When we think of rappers who make millions of dollars, we think of Eminem, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and others. However, Mannie Fresh, the person who helped to make Cash Money records, raps the same way. This makes him much different from other rappers who get their money from other ways than making records.

Mannie Fresh calls out the weak minded, saying that everyone wants to go the easy route. He says that people can’t be true rappers, and that he was the first person to start the “real shit”.

His real story was the drug dealing and the killing he was involved in.

20th of 50 Mannie Fresh Quotes

You have to give time to start something good, but you still have to do your best to keep it good.

He stated that the thing about G.O.O.D. Music is that it a bunch of great ideas, and he is one of those ideas.

Mannie Fresh said that Big Tymers song was originally a Biggie song.

Mannie used Flow Tribe as an example of an extremely good New Orleans sound that he was looking to expand on for his new production company.

I used to be young and foolish. I thought things would be different. I didn’t expect to get older and wiser. But this is me now. I am what I am.

People’s attitudes are shaped by their environments- those around them. Money can have a negative effect on a person.

Cash Money was pretty much a label of one-hit records. There wasn’t much of a plan to start up the label at first. I started to do bounce records just to keep them happy, but once they started to jump I did some dope records too.

Mannie has been mixing the 808 for 10 years already. He’s definitely got a signature sound, and he uses them in almost every song. But don’t be fooled by his skills, those 808’s are one of the oldest ones around.

30th of 50 Mannie Fresh Quotes

When he was only 17 years old, he had already achieved many great things within the rap scene. He was confident about his music and his skills. He had a record deal and he was working with a producer that knew what he was doing.

While Cash Money Records continues to sell popular songs such as “Bounce Back” and “C’mon”, the label is struggling to pay its employees.

I mean for most of them, it’s about having a playlist of your own songs that you could hold it down for an hour.

Mannie Fresh says that he’s a fan of Drake, as he’s heard one of his songs.

Mannie Fresh has been using his SP 1200 from the beginning. In his own words, he does not abandon the SP 1200, but he does enjoy the sound of the SP 1200.

Mannie Fresh released the 808 in the market and at that point, the 808 was popular. People loved the 808, and that’s how it became a hit.

“The Block Is Hot” was originally recorded with another artist, “Tha Block Is Hot” was a song that became true to life.

 Mannie Fresh and his family came to Brooklyn to get a better life.

Yeah, his story was crazy and it kept me on the edge of my seat because he was constantly making me jump over things for no reason.

 Mannie Fresh got his start by being a DJ at parties and hanging out at friends houses making music.

40th of 50 Mannie Fresh Quotes

Fresh has been fighting the good fight ever since he stepped foot in the music industry back in 2005. Along with producing tracks for a multitude of artists, Fresh has been using his platform to spread messages of peace and unity, encouraging people to not to be afraid even when there’s no reason to be afraid.

In an interview with XXL, Mannie Fresh talks about how he will use his influence to give his good friend and collaborator Kanye some much needed help.

Mannie Fresh went to 42, and he told a story about how he designed the song, and what the concept was behind it, which was pretty cool.

Mannie says that the streets and the kids are buying records in incredible numbers.

I remember when I was young, my dad used to work on cars from the seventies and eighties, and that’s where my love came from, appreciating, even if it was a piece of crap, how much he loved American muscle.

This is the reason I enjoy hip-hop, is because they talk about how you have to play the game, and to be successful in the game. A lot of people in the game are going to be successful and some aren’t. It’s really about putting in the work and seeing what you want to do. So that’s why I like it, because I’m looking at it from a business standpoint.

Even though Mannie Fresh had done a fair amount of recording before he teamed up with Jay-Z, he said it was Jay-Z who gave the Brooklyn rapper his first shot at a major label deal.

It was a good strategy. When you’re a young man… in ‘the hood.’ You got to be reading.

In addition to the above, I included this quote and the following two quotes about books in the last post, because they’re part of the same concept.

I am a musician; I love to sing and write music. Music is an outlet for me to express my emotions and share my stories.
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In a world where, you know, I’ve been doing this since I was 13 years old, I’ve been doing it since I was eight years old, I’ve been doing it since I was twelve years old, I’m now the president of Cash Money.

Mannie said he was skilled at fixing cars, so he didn’t have trouble with breakdowns as he got older.


I’m a rapper from Detroit, a producer from New York, a son from the Bronx, a lover from Atlanta, a student of life from the South Side, and a believer from Harlem.

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