41 Light-hearted Dayton Duncan Quotes

 It is a good thing to have a little love in your heart, and I try to have some of that. It does not matter which side of the bed you get up on if you do not have it in your heart.

Duncan says that the reason to not hire more writers is that the writers that are out there are too expensive.

His most known work is with ‘Ken Burns’ and he has a new one called ‘The Central Park Five’ which is about the New York police who were accused of “raping and torturing” a woman in the park, but the case was largely flimsy.

The two producers share a long history of making great documentaries. So when President Trump called to put them in charge of a new commission, I couldn’t help but think “What a perfect way to keep a lid on the truth!” It’s something we should all be worried about!

His series ‘The West’ is a documentary series which tells about the history of the West up to the mid-twentieth century.

Duncan is a well-known expert and advocate of the American Heritage Rivers. He has been elected to the National Museum of American Art board and has served as a regional councilor for the National Trust. In 1985 he was appointed by President Reagan to the federal Advisory Board on Historic Preservation.

He’s been involved in everything from high-paying jobs to low-budget political campaigns and has been known to be a successful fundraiser.

It’s an incredible feeling when someone compliments your work.

41 Light-Hearted Dayton Duncan Quotes

America is a nation of people. We are a democracy that values inclusivity. This year, we are excited to welcome new U.S. citizens into our country. We are also excited to celebrate Americans that will be celebrating their 150th birthday.

Dayton spent a lot of time in the park with the people who were actively working to preserve it and improve it. He was not only impressed by the dedication of people to preserving that land, but he also admired the commitment and determination that brought that effort to fruition. The park became a symbol of the struggle for equality and justice — both for African Americans and for the entire community.

Dayton Duncan was really the first person to articulate that the work was really about our family. And I think that there was a sense that we didn’t know if this could ever work for us. We just felt like we didn’t belong.

I have experienced this before with my previous directorial works, but it happened again. The original was so well organized, I would never have thought of such an idea to make it my own, yet, thanks to Dayton I realized that I could use what he taught me and create something special.

You need to make sure you understand the history of the land that you think you’re going to buy. You need to understand how the land has been used by previous owners and what the land would be used for after you purchased it.

The “Sons of the American Revolution” series is filled with heroes from every conceivable background – from the rich who through their wealth and their philanthropy created parks to the poor who, for example, gave pennies to help save the Smokies.

The script is very informal at that point. I just write the scene as it is. It’s really just a way to get the story out before I start writing a script.

It’s not just about you having your own space – it’s also about others’ having their own space.

10th of 41 Dayton Duncan Quotes

The biggest surprise for me in producing this film was the reaffirming lesson of democracy: That we assume that the parks have always been there.

Dayton Duncan was a child at the time of the San Francisco Be-In. He was just becoming a teenager when the event was organized.

This is surprising given that this film focuses on these incredibly pretty places — but the parks themselves are not the characters, they’re actually the stage.

I know a lot of people who want to own a piece of land (in the United States) and feel that it’s theirs. I want to own a piece of land (in Brazil) and feel that it belongs to me.

The park where one can enjoy nature was made by the people of that nation. It is a way in which they show what they want to show to the rest of the world.

The story that Duncan tells about visiting the Lincoln Memorial with President Abraham Lincoln is a true one: one day in 1864, former President Lincoln and First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln visited the memorial. While there, Lincoln looked at the carved reliefs and said, “By the gods, Duncan, I’ve put these here.” Duncan then replied, “Mr. Lincoln, you didn’t!” Lincoln, who was the first president to have a statue made of himself, then told Duncan that he actually did put the sculpture there.

Duncan began his career in the parks department at age 18 when he became a seasonal lifeguard at the city pool. He then became the swimming instructor at the pool. He stayed there for nine years. Duncan then went into full-time management.

Dayton Duncan says that his personal history with the parks that he has researched is that they are places that have shaped his life. He has had the opportunity to make changes to them, and he has. Duncan says that the parks, along with the trails, have an ongoing influence on him.

This is the other kind of scene that can end up in the script, but will usually not make it in if it isn’t working in the scene you’re writing.

Duncans worked closely with his mentor Dr. Gary Wilson to get him started in film and theater arts. He spent his formative years in the Dayton area. He went on to get his bachelor’s degree at the University of Dayton. He then worked as an assistant producer of a documentary about civil rights leader, Dr. King. He has gone on to work as a producer and director at various productions.

20th of 41 Dayton Duncan Quotes

Duncan recalled traveling to the moon, meeting with the Apollo astronauts and the first time he saw a person who had grown up in space.

They have made changes to history in the sense that the places where the battle took place will be there over time; I think the significance of that is that you don’t know how many books in the future people are going to pick up on how the battles of this period have been altered.

The trip that Mr. Duncan described above began in Dayton, Ohio in mid-February 2018.

The films also deal with the people who worked to save some of these landscapes. Duncan, for example, spent many years and many thousands of dollars to save this landscape.

Duncan says that many Americans and Europeans take the Declaration of Independence for granted. He also says that Glacier National Park is a monument to the Declaration of Independence.

The summer before I started kindergarten, the entire family took one trip to New Mexico, where they went to a small town called Almont. It was near the Badlands. To this day, my family has taken a trip to Yellowstone during that same time. That was our first real trip.

The parks are a gift to the people of this country. They are our natural resources, and they give people places to escape from the urban sprawl.

Many people think that it is congressmen that make parks. However, this is not true in a legal sense. Often the last in line are individuals or groups actively advocating to an often indifferent congressmen saying that something should be preserved. Eventually, Congress and the nation agree that a place is special, and it should be preserved.

I love going to the park as a family and enjoying nature. Also, my kids really enjoyed working with Dayton and me at the park. We would spend hours walking around the trees and getting close to the ground.

Parkland, the site of the school shooting in February, has become a place of national mourning and the city of Chicago has proposed a park where the building stands, though the final decision rests with the state.

30th of 41 Dayton Duncan Quotes

As a sports commentator, Duncan’s job was a pretty good one.

It’s our birthright to belong to the land of the free and the home of the brave because it’s our home, and we have to love this land the way we love all people, and that’s with the help of the Creator.

In the early 1960s, the federal government had a new idea: to create parks and playgrounds where people could get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The government has tried to create parks but individual people have taken it upon themselves to create other forms of community parks.

This is a good example of the point Ken and I were making up at the beginning of this episode. Dayton has a lot of the kind of energy and creativity he has in his personal life in terms of making documentary films. But when he starts working at IFP for a few years, he begins to realize that he has to take on a professional attitude toward his work, and he has to start thinking about how to be more strategic about the way he chooses stories and films.

Dayton Duncan was born in 1936 in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in the suburbs of Detroit. He is mostly known as a Jazz musician but he is also recognized for his great singing voice. Duncan was only 8 when he moved to live with his Aunt and uncles in Detroit in 1953. He learned how to play the drums while there and took drum lessons for a short time. Duncan is also a noted jazz composer as well as performer and he has played with famous jazz musicians such as Quincy Jones, Miles Davis, Horace Silver, Woody Hermann, Herbie Hancock, and Billy Cobham.

It seems that the most difficult part of making a documentary is trying to find a way to make the documentary accessible to a wide range of people. Dayton had a great experience at national parks, working with a wide variety of people and seeing how they all share the same interests and desires for the beautiful things that nature has to offer.

Duncan says that he had no idea what the significance of his discovery was. At the time it came as a surprise that there was a highway system in the United States. He never meant for it to go as far as it did.

In a similar way, the natural landscape of the South provides a representation of the potentiality of what the land could be used for.

With so much focus on Dayton and the first season, the season finale of The Park is such a treat, showing just how much he contributed to the storytelling and characterization of the show. This week’s show is really about the three main characters and how they change over the course of the season. It’s a great reminder of the show’s best moments.

40th of 41 Dayton Duncan Quotes

Duncan also mentioned that their research for the movie begins at the earliest stages of development. They begin with their own research and then interview former members who were there at the time. This is their way of ensuring the authenticity of the film, and making sure the historical facts are accurate.


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