40 Light-hearted Neil Lane Quotes

My favorite Neil Lane quote is: “A life without an imagination is a life not worth living” because I believe we are all born with an imagination.

Neil Lane designs his unique line of jewelry from sterling silver and gold. He is inspired by “the idea of the perfect blend of art, fashion and design”. He believes that all of his designs should be “both beautiful and functional”.

Lane notably created beautiful pieces of jewelry for big names celebrities including ‘Renee Zellweger,’ “Jennifer Hudson”, “Reese Witherspoon”, among others.

Neil Lane is a renowned American jewelry designer. He also designs women’s jewelry under the brand name ‘Neil Lane’. The founder of his brand is Neil Lane. He designed women’s jewelry in many different designs. He also has a collection of men’s jewelry under the brand name ‘Neil Lane’.

Neil Lane has been making music and videos for the last three decades.

40 Light-Hearted Neil Lane Quotes

Neil Lane came to see me and said, “We thought America was ready for pretty.” I told him about the situation in the diamond industry and the cushion-cut diamonds were a very good solution for the market.

Neil walked around the block 30 times until he went back to the store. He also tried on other jewelry. He trembled with it. It was his first visceral experience with jewelry. His parents would buy him gifts.

It goes without saying that Neil is a wealth of information when it comes to furniture and antiques, but he certainly has to be credited for the fact that he started the blog, which has been the best source of information for me when it comes to furniture and antiques.

In his early 20s, Lane created a few paintings while studying art at the Louvre.

Neil Lane said he’s always been more into 19th-century jewelry because it’s beautiful and unique and timeless, but he also started to like engagement rings again because they’re more complicated and interesting than simple diamond rings.

I could take the design elements and create something for the wedding industry, like a wedding dress.

Neil Lane said that love always works out and that’s part of his thematic thing at his wedding.

Neil Lane describes a trip to the Louvre from the BBC Radio 4 series The Now Show which was hosted by his friend and fellow broadcaster John Wilson. The programme was repeated in 2009.

I’m sure Neil was really into his yoga and meditation practice since he could probably not wait to return home every night.

10th of 40 Neil Lane Quotes

“It always starts with the jewelry,” says Neil Lane. It’s the piece that will bring the look to life. Because it has the potential to pull the entire look together. The focus is on finding the right jewelry that will complement the look, not on the pieces themselves.

Earrings are great because they can give you a totally different look. You can choose classic teardrop earrings for a simple, sophisticated touch of glamour that’s not too overpowering but still makes a statement.

I haven’t seen them yet. I really hope I like them. I like that you put a photo on instead of just a description of them.
The earrings are kind of unique. I like how they have jewels shaped like circles and a chain that wraps around the circles. They’re really pretty. The chain is like what you wear on your neck. Like a necklace. But it’s on the bottom part of the earring.
I wish they were more sparkly. The chain and the stones aren’t really sparkly. If they had sparkly stones it would be really pretty.

Not everyone was a fan of the new format. Some felt it was too large, while others felt it was too small. As an employee of the store, I felt that the biggest changes we made was the counter.

Neil Lane was born in London but he settled in California in the late 1980s. He had a little counter at a vintage mall in Beverly Hills called Antiquarius. He didn’t really know where he was in relation to Hollywood and he would sell his stuff at the mall in Beverly Hills.

As a teenager growing up in Brooklyn, Neil was fascinated by what people threw out and the stories that they told. He wanted to collect them.

Neil Lane is a master of style! He used yellow gold because it has a rich and deep color and it matches his art deco inspired ring.

Neil Lane started his career in the music industry, but his journey led him to the fashion industry. A few years later, he created his signature brand.

Neil Lane, designer of the Neil Lane collection with Tiffany, talks about his take on the classic hued hue.

20th of 40 Neil Lane Quotes

Neil Lane designed the ring for, and gave it to, Jennifer Hudson. The ring featured a large green emerald flanked with brown and pastel-colored diamonds, and a larger, pale pink diamond in the center.

He’d found a new way to connect with people as he had in Asia. He had been working in Asia for twenty years and he was now able to bring that same approach to the United States.

Arie and Becca were not happy about the ring that he gave to Lauren. So they had to find another one for Lauren.

Neil began making custom engagement rings in his kitchen with his mother, who he credits for inspiring his love of jewelry design.

I have to say I totally forgot about your “my aesthetic” and then I searched for your name and this is what I found.

[Original] “If you look at old Hollywood movies people would always be in love in the first half of the film and the second half of the film they would get broken up and have a new love interest.” – Neil Lane
[Paraphrase] While they are separated, they both get a new love interest.

 The Miley Cyrus wedding ring got a lot of attention – that was yellow gold.

Neil Lane knew that he would be a father soon, so he thought it would be an appropriate time to buy his daughter a ring.

Neil started designing rings for celebrities when he realized that nobody in the industry was doing it. He started making rings, specifically rings for celebrity weddings, as an experiment.

I would study the detail, I would study the details, I would study the details. I was fascinated, I was delighted.

30th of 40 Neil Lane Quotes

A ring for the occasion, a ring for everyday and all around you, be it your finger, your wrist, your ankle, your neck, your nose, or your ear, a ring is an everyday tool adding a beautiful sparkle to your fingers is an easy way to complete your look. You can have fun stacking multiple rings if you like. That’s definitely a hot trend right now.

Neil Lane and Naomi Watts were the key players in creating the Oscar gifting look. When asked how the look was created, Lane said that it was based on the actress and stylist’s personalities, so the look had to be perfect for them.

One day, I said to my husband, “I have the most incredible desire to buy enameled jewelry!” I remember that Neil and I bought a bunch of Art Nouveau jewelry in a souvenir shop in Paris. He was really good at it. I was terrible at it.

People often describe The Neil Lane Show as “romantic.” In addition to being charming and charmingly disarming, Neil is a lover of romance. He says he enjoys capturing those sweet moments between couples and loves that when he talks with guests, the subject inevitably turns to love. Neil says that the stories he shares on the show are so moving because he is connected to the guests, and he believes that the show is built on love.

Mr Lane also said that shapes were important in shaping the future designs of diamond. He suggested that these shapes could also be used to distinguish natural stones from those that have been heat treated.

In an interview with the New York Post, Lane said that he loves diamonds from the 1920s and they contain less carbon than a modern diamond, giving them a much longer life.

Gold is still very important to China. It’s still an important part of their government, their culture, and as part of their economy.

As a visual person, seeing the shape of something is one way of looking at it. For instance, if a person wants to look at a painting or a work of art, they can do it by reading the shapes and designs found in it. This shape language can also come in handy when someone is writing a letter. For instance, using shapes for writing can make it easier to remember what they want to say.

Neil Lane was a freelance carpenter and musician who began an independent business selling vintage and antique goods and services. He also became the resident dealer at the Sunday Flea Market, which opened in 1977.

The self-taught artist says he spent five months in Paris in the ’50s, an experience that turned out to be a life-changing experience. With small sums of money he saved from his day job, he’d go clubbing in the weekends and draw all the characters that he saw there.

I worked with athlete Amy Purdy to design a yellow gold ring with a large, cut cubic zirconia surrounded by filigree and beads.


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