40 Fatboy Slim Quotes About Happiness & Passion

I really like when someone says “I’m sick and tired of dancing”.

Fatboy Slim is also famous for being the bassist for the popular indie band ‘the Housemartins’. Slim left the group in 1985 and formed the electronic music band ‘Beats International Brighton’ in which he made a successful single.

He has released his hit titled, ‘Right Now’, which is a song that talks about a woman who is asking him to take a chance but he is only looking for a long-term relationship, but she is asking for a one night stand.

Slim is a pop star but he is also a businessman. The man has not only sold millions of records and single copies, but has also made a fortune as an advisor for different big companies.

Here’s a collection of the best sayings from the best.

40 Fatboy Slim Quotes About Happiness & Passion

I loved the process of creating the album. It was an exciting thing for me to be able to go into the studio to record “Mighty Like a Mighty River”.

In this world of money and economics everything isn’t about money. A lot of things are about money but it is our culture and lives that matter the most.

Fatboy Slim has gone on a long hiatus. He’s been relaxing and spending time with his family. He had a really hard year. He really had a rough year.

I don’t really understand most of it. I’m bad at talking on the phone, I don’t really use Instagram, and I don’t really read much. I know I used to listen to the radio a lot when I was younger, but I haven’t really been doing that for a long time.

Crazy Rich Asians: [Original (via)] There are still many conversations that happen with the family. [Paraphrase] I’d never realized how much my parents were involved in my life and my business before.

When I moved to London this past summer, I’d promised myself that I was going to work on my music. Well, I guess it took four months, but the Summer ’08 gave me the time to actually do it.

I think I can relate to this. I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has been on a diet or knows someone who has been on a diet.

On September 26, 2018, the British musician released a YouTube video of himself on stage at the Wavosets event in Camden, London playing a set of songs while wearing a mask and an elaborate cape. The video showed a man dancing while wearing a mask and a cape while performing songs including the singles “The Devil’s In The Detail” and “You Are The DJ”. He was later identified as Fatboy Slim who wore costume after he was photographed at the event with his children and wife, and the public soon identified him as Fatboy Slim after he tweeted that he was in town.

Being a film composer, I often work with films that have a lot of musical interludes. I enjoy a lot of the songs that I hear on the radio but, it’s also important to work with the people who are making the films for me to be able to write music that fits into the context of the film.

“I’m probably most proud of “Right Here, Right Now”, because the song is still able to invoke emotions all these years later.

10th of 40 Fatboy Slim Quotes

DJ Fatboy Slim started out playing house parties in England in the 90s. He says that before he became a DJ, he was a part of the “food chain of nights out”; going to parties, drinking and making friends.

In the summer of 2012, as I was moving from my small studio flat in north London to a tiny, shared house in south London, I realised that I was a lazy record collector. I was still a DJ, I still paid to see live bands, but I couldn’t be bothered to go to record shops and spend money on music I didn’t already have. I began to buy records less and less, and my record collection withered away quickly.

For me, and I think for a lot of us, I started listening to music because I wanted to dance. I wanted to get up and move and that’s still a big part of how I listen to music. I like watching people dance and what they do physically, so even though I’m interested in all kinds of music, when I’m at a house party or festival I’m there to find out how people make other people dance. I don’t listen to records or CDs and I don’t really listen to my phone either. I’m pretty much a live person.

Fatboy Slim is a dad and when he is not busy being a dad he is working on new music. It was good for him to take time off cause he normally works so many hours.

The singer says that he’s been influenced by all kinds of music because his parents didn’t allow him a set of records for his 18th birthday. He says that he still loves live performances.

Well I didn’t get back to writing the difficult 7th album, I didn’t take up painting…
I just sat here and played with my kids.
I mean I did the lockdown mixes every Friday for the first 20 weeks, and that kind of kept me sane, but apart from that I just took the time to be the dad I’m not always present enough to be.

DJing is a special gift, a creative and spiritual experience. Through DJing (and writing), David has opened a door to a new world of creativity and expression. His DJing style reflects his personality and his unique mix of soul, funk and house music.

I’ve been working on the same puzzle since I first received it in 2014.

The first thing I noticed when I started watching him was how flat his personality is, how boring. A character actor doesn’t start at the bottom, they don’t have to work their way up. You start at the top and work your way down.

20th of 40 Fatboy Slim Quotes

I am just so amazed at how fat this guy is. I don’t think he is joking and I think he is really serious. The drum machine abuse thing was an absolute myth that every music producer in the world believes. I think that even the producers that use vintage drum machines are just as lazy as Fatboy Slim. There is a difference between lazy and uninterested.

It should be noted that there are many people of whom I have learned much from who are not considered to be particularly interesting or prolific. My goal is not to be interesting but to be prolific.

I don’t think we would have survived coronavirus lockdown with the internet, as it is. Without Zoom, I think a lot of us would have suffered a lot more. I’m trying to think about what state we were in 20 years ago.

As a musician there can be no illusions about any kind of priorities. The business side will come before everything from the moment you sign your first record deal. As a musician there’s no such thing as a priority. There’s always something more important to do and always something more important to forget to do. Business is a part of music. There’s no such thing as a priority in music. There’s always something more important to be done and someone to have to be forgotten to and you accept it. You just have to take it on the chin and accept it.

It was only the second time he had visited the festival after having played a free outdoor solo set at the site of the festival in 2008. He was already a fan of the event and had seen it transform from a small festival to a major one.

Alfonso Ribeiro’s ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’ character, Carlton Banks, would be a nightmare to be around while you’re expecting a baby. He’s always been a bit dodgy anyway.

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It’s unlikely that Norman Jay would bother submitting an all-new album under his own name. He’s too concerned with impressing fans with his latest work and he’d be much more concerned about impressing the many DJs who’ll help promote the record. But to quote Fatboy Slim, one of his many aliases, Norman Jay might have a few more surprises up his sleeve for the Fatboy Records camp.

While I doubt Fatboy Slim actually felt that emotion, I think it’s safe to say that his performance was the most patriotic one of the games. The closing ceremony was an incredible moment where the world came together to celebrate the success of this once underdog nation. For that, I think I can at least give him kudos for feeling a small amount of patriotism.

A group of people are really good at puzzles and really good at finding things together.

30th of 40 Fatboy Slim Quotes

You’re still a part of the industry, but you’re not a part of the industry. I’d call it the “factory worker” mindset to be honest. You feel more like an employee, because you have to be on schedule, you have to be in place at a certain time, you’re not so much on top of the creative side of it, although there’s still a creative side, you just don’t have that complete ownership of it – you’re not as involved. It’s different. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just different.

– What do you mean sit down?
– What’s a bobbin?
– You sound really shit.
– You shouldn’t be saying that on a call with friends you haven’t seen for so long.
– I don’t wanna cuddle with you.
– It’s a lot of effort.
– I don’t feel like it.
– You sound really shit.
– It’s about talking, not cuddling.
– I don’t wanna talk to you.
– How am I supposed to tell them how much I love them?
– Fuck it, let’s not do it.
– I’d rather not.

We’re glad you feel that way, because it turns out we’ve been working on another FatBoy Slim song. We’re pretty excited about it. We’re calling it “FatBoy Slim”.

He was going to be a boxer when he was young and didn’t make it. This is what happens when you don’t make it as a boxer. He then turned his attention to music after being told that he was only good at getting girls. He then took up painting and has found success by being honest and saying exactly what he feels about it.

I haven’t been proud to be British. I grew up during the power cuts, miner’s strikes. No, I’ve never been proud of this country. Our triumphs have been colonialism, which meant raping most of the world and all we’ve done since is cock things up, upset people, be arrogant, xenophobic, racist.

Fatboy Slim has been a huge influence on my life since the 90s. I love his production style, and like many of his fans I use the internet to communicate with him all the time.

I find that when it comes to puzzles, jigsaw puzzles get me through times of stress and crisis. But really, you can just… just switch off and get into the world of something else.

The UK is currently in a state of political crisis, and the media has been calling Prime Minister Boris Johnson a ‘dead man walking’ for a while now. The coronavirus pandemic is only exacerbating the situation, and the consequences could seriously hamper the government’s ability to deal with it.

I remember smelling the freshness of flowers and the smell of flowers as being evocative. I remember the smell of marijuana as being very evocative, because every time I smelled it, it reminded me of another time.

Blur, the British synth-pop band, was brought upon by Fatboy Slim after he heard “Song 2,” the second track of their first album, “Modern Life Is Rubbish” (1993).

In the years since the original Blur release, the band has sold over 10 million albums and had a number-one hit (“Girls and Boys”), and won a Grammy.


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