40 Amazing Noah Wyle Quotes About Life & Acting

The one that I love the most is one that his wife says to him. She says, “I’m not in love with you. I’m in love with your brain.” For me, this shows that there is no limit to what he can do in this business, and it shows what a great role model he is for aspiring actors.

Noah Wyle is an American actor. He became famous after appearing in the TV show ‘ER’. ‘ER’ was the show that made him a global superstar and he had a lot of great roles in different TV shows.

Wyle has a few distinguished awards to his name as an actor, such as the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Prism Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and Golden Globe Award.

Brad Wyle began his film career with a small role in the popular mini-series ‘Blind Faith’ which then landed him a role in the box-office hit movie ‘A Few Good Men’. In addition to his numerous on-screen success, he also serves as the artistic producer of his own theater enterprise, the ‘Blank Theater Company’.

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40 Amazing Noah Wyle Quotes About Life & Acting

It was great being in a place where, even though there were six people in a room, I had the feeling no one was watching me.

It’s the job he’s been dreaming of his whole life … but it’s never going to happen. The man who has played the best-beloved and most-famous character in TV history since 1963, is about to make the only cameo he will ever need.

He knows that no matter where he goes or what he does, he will be treated with respect and kindness. Noah never had to work hard to make his parents proud or to earn their love. He always had it. His parents always made it a priority to see to it that he was comfortable, happy, and healthy.

I was really interested in history when I was younger. It was something that I looked forward to doing.

While Wyle says that he didn’t think anybody would want him to play an action hero in a Bourne movie, he did acknowledge that he was aware that the franchise didn’t fit his personal preferences and would cause him to act differently.

Wyle was under contract for seven years, but if he was planning on making a return to the show, when he signed the deal, he would have been contractually free to make any number of appearances. But the producers were planning on doing the whole eight-year run, and since seven was going to be the last, they had to figure out how to end it. So they made it up to him by having him return to the show for six episodes.

Wyle was initially hired as an executive producer, but he became a full-fledged showrunner because of the way in which the writers wrote for him. The other producers complained that they could not write for Wyle.

Noah Wyle says that the Librarians is a show that needs to have ten days to shoot, but they try to shoot it in seven, so they don’t really have the budget to give it the production value it deserves.

10th of 40 Noah Wyle Quotes

I’m a product of the city and I’m a product of the city for sure.

Noah Wyle has never wanted to work for one company for a long period of time. He has wanted to keep moving and keep on changing things. He has never been a “stability” person.

I don’t think I would want to live alone anyway. I love my family and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Noah Wyle says that it’s difficult to leave something that’s special. I feel like he was trying to say that it’s difficult to leave something that’s perfect. He feels bad that he has to leave his son but he feels like he has better things to do.

Noah Wyle is a famous actor of TV-movies and a huge philanthropist, but he’s also a former president of SAG-AFTRA. And he’s been involved in the union since its inception. He’s also a champion for diversity and inclusion in the industry, so it’s not a surprise to hear him mention that in the current climate we’re facing, it’s more important than ever to keep up these efforts.

Wyle has some very specific reasons for his opinion. He mentions that “Maura is an incredibly gifted actress” and “We had some very successful seasons together.” He also says “I think she’s a very talented actor. She’s one of the best actresses I’ve worked with in my career.” Noah Wyle is a very respected actor and he believes that Maura Tierney is really good.

When Noah Wyle was a teenager, he was in the school play. It was second place and he got a hundred dollars for it. He didn’t cash it because it was obviously worth more than a hundred dollars.

Noah Wyle has 4 different ways of how he wants to pursue his career. He can make his own material by writing, he can produce his own material by writing, he can direct, act, or produce, and then make a combination of these.

Jane Curtin and Bob Newhart are two people who host the show Noah Wyle is currently starring in.

If you want to get a big head, you’re going to have to give up your crown. Noah Wyle also says that Big Bird’s nest was not his main crowning achievement.

20th of 40 Noah Wyle Quotes

The actor’s mother, a nurse, made sure the kids never rode motorcycles, because she didn’t want anyone in the family to die.

Daniel Henning is the Artistic Director of the company, Noah Wyle is the Artistic Producer. They’ve been involved in that company for twenty-five years, they’re still going strong. For such a small company, they have a very nice national reputation, and a very active board of directors.

The Librarians fills a void that TNT has long neglected. Family programming isn’t what TV is known for, but TNT has found gold in this little gem. It’s been a solid summer lineup and an enjoyable show.

There were a lot of challenges working in Toronto in the winter. It was cold and wet, and we were filthy from climbing and crawling through piles of sewage and garbage.

Noah Wyle has always enjoyed being able to get the job he wants and has rarely had to endure the indignities of waiting for a role that’s just right for him. He’s the rare actor who can make his money doing what he loves. He’s the rare actor who’s actually a nice guy. We wish him all the best in the future. Thanks for being an inspiration and a genuine human being Noah. We’ll miss you.

Wyle was already familiar with drama when he starred on NBC’s ER (1994-2005), while this was his first major role in the series, and he is known for his versatility. He went from playing a doctor to a detective to a lawyer to a cop.

“I was nominated for an Emmy.” I’m not sure he was really surprised, given his stellar performance in the pilot. He said he was “thrilled” to be nominated in an interview.

I don’t want to know what happens in advance. I guess I can always read the reviews later.

Director Noah Wyle finds directing fun, and can’t understand why it would be stressful, or why it would be boring. And he says it’s very rewarding, because what you do on a daily basis can make a big difference in people’s lives.

30th of 40 Noah Wyle Quotes

Science Fiction works best when it’s being used as a metaphor for looking at things from a one step removed process. Because it’s a little bit more objective to look at something from a one step removed process.

Noah Wyle wants to have three children. His middle child will be named Emmy because Emmy is the girl’s first name and it rhymes with Oscar and Tony. Then he and his wife will have a daughter, and she will be named Grammy.

Noah Wyle admits to loving acting, and he also enjoys directing. He loves being surrounded by his family when he’s home. He tells us how he gets to be with them, and we know exactly what he means.

“Star Trek” was the first science fiction show I ever saw. I loved watching it when I was a kid. And, I was a fan of “Star Wars” as a kid, too. I just really haven’t kept up with movies in recent years, so I don’t have access to modern versions of classic movies.

“People were talking about how real Jobs was, how he looked, how he sounded, how he carried himself. I went for the essence of his life. I wanted to create something, a living object, an animated entity, you know? Something that exists in a space. You make a movie about someone and it’s different from reading a book or even watching a documentary. The challenge is to figure out how to do it the right way.” – Noah Wyle.

Noah Wyle was originally in talks to play Jobs in the original film, but had reservations about Jobs personality. He’s known for playing a man who is usually calm and in control, so the part of the head of a startup took some getting used to.

I agree that there is more closure if you are given a chance to script your exit, but Noah Wyle has a point. So often the shows get cancelled due to low ratings and not much can be done at the last minute, which leaves the show in a mess. If you are given a chance to write out your exit, you’ll have to play out the entire story of the characters in a satisfying way. It’ll be a more satisfying experience if you have an opportunity to script it out.

Noah Wyle explained that, with any project, but especially in television, I always try to look at where the character is starting from and where he’s going to end up and try to find the biggest arc that makes it the most exciting to play.

It’s a good thing he didn’t live with the people he named after, he would have been just as boring as his parents.

I have seen Wyle’s quote several times and it seems like a perfect example of how people interpret the same experience differently. In his book Why Good People Do Bad Things he speaks about how people don’t really believe in their own character and need to be reminded of it. He also talks about the illusion of personality in the media and the lack of people that are willing to admit they may be human.

What is weird is Noah Wyle likes doing interviews, not people taking him out to lunch.


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