39 Incredible Haley Bennett Quotes

She is best known for her roles in the American TV series Veronica Mars and the Netflix original series Bloodline. She was nominated for a Young Artist Award for Best Leading Young Actress in a Television Series for her role as the teenaged private eye in Mars.

Bennett began her acting career in 2007 with the romantic comedy ‘Music and Lyrics’. Afterward, Bennett played in the films ‘The Haunting of Molly Hartley’, ‘College’, ‘The Equalizer’, ‘Hardcore Henry’, ‘The Girl on the Train’, and ‘Swallow’.

This is a collection of the best Haley Bennett quotes.

39 Incredible Haley Bennett Quotes

Haley Bennett was asked about her plans going into the Olympics and she said that there was no particular goal in mind. She also said that a road map would of been helpful.

Haley is a supermodel and gorgeous. While her hair is usually very soft (and her eyebrows are perfect), her skin is not. Her skin has been very dry for a long time and I love when she lets her light shine through her skin.

She is currently sponsored by Make Up For Ever, Giorgio Armani, Clarins, Kiehl’s, L’Oréal, Maybelline, and Lancome.

Haley Bennett says that when you start feeling that you can’t overcome challenges or move forward, surrender to them. These are things that test our strength, and as humans, we tend to fight against them.

There’s something very human about wanting to know what other people are like when you’re not them. Maybe that’s why you can understand the appeal of people like James Bond and Willoughby, who can be such a different person in every situation.

The director of the 2016 indie film “Annabelle” says she’s disappointed that the film ruined her childhood with its terrifying plot. But it’s her personal favorite movie of all time, so she’s all smiles on set.

Movies are really hard to make. You have to put a lot of work into them, and you want people to see them.

There were no women who were the heroes of movies, who I could look up to and that I could just see myself and say “I want to be like that one day.” I didn’t grow up a huge fan of the Western genre because there was never a female character to relate to or look up to.

9. Haley really loves the idea of having a super ordinary life.

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At the time the film was released, Bennett had not yet signed on for her role as Mary, so she shot the movie without her. The crew then cast her in the Mary role in “Girl”, the next film in the franchise.

Haley Bennett talks about how she is trying to understand human behavior. I don’t want to paraphrase too much here because I don’t want to over-paraphrase something she said in between the lines. But she mentions that her entire life is about understanding human behavior, why people do what they do, and what has shaped them into the person they are. A lot of people spend their entire lives trying to understand human behavior but Haley spent her entire life pursuing it.

I really like how rag & bone brings together two trends that I’m not personally feeling yet but I feel like there’s some room for when they catch on.

It’s interesting that you say this because when you’re an actress, you’re never really formally trained in acting. The best you’re ever going to get is training in theater, and some people go to film school, but they’re never going to be trained in the most important aspect of film acting…

I think it’s fair to say that Haley is quite a character, if not a bit too sassy for my taste. I can’t imagine her saying anything much less sounding smart.

Bennett was the first cast member to sign a deal with the show. She worked for a time with the show’s executive producer, Chris Kula. She was in the mix for the part of the show’s first female lead, but lost out to Laura Mennell.

Haley Bennett was only seven when her mother bought her a.22 caliber rifle for Christmas. She taught herself how to shoot and would occasionally take her mom’s rifle out to shoot rabbits and chickens. One day when they were out shooting, she shot her first deer. Later she also went hunting with her dad.

It’s hard to define the specific look that Haley tries to achieve, but she does like clean and utilitarian silhouettes, so expect to see her stand out in a black-and-white ensemble where she plays it safe with her accessories.

I think the more experience I get working on films, the more that I can shed that personality rather than carrying around that heavyweight.

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The character of Becky Jackson feels like we’ve already seen her before. She’s a high school dropout, she was left at home by her mother to an abusive father, she’s struggling with her sexuality, and she’s working as a waitress to put herself through college. She’s already been to rehab, she’s already felt “ugly” when people don’t like her performance, and she’s got a huge secret. Plus, she’s always crying.

I’m so glad that, instead of acting, she’s getting to pursue her passion of cooking.

When asked about the most important thing she has learned from her dad, Bennett said that she learned what she needed to survive. And then she said, that she has learned it from all her grandmothers.

The book that got me into acting was definitely Girl on the Train. I think in a way there are certain characteristics that I’m drawn to because of what I’ve been reading. Like that character (Emily, the girl in the book) she was a hot mess. I would love to play a hot mess. So that was something that I was attracted to. Also, I think at the time it was something that I was trying out, and it was something that I had never done before because it was something that I’m not very experienced with.

I worked with [Sting] and [Celine] Dion in a big way. There were times I was working with a lot of other people that I couldn’t wait to see what they had to say.
I thought it was time to step into a new chapter and it was time to have more creative, new experiences.

I have a great sense of style. I tend to lean towards a more retro look.

The American singer said she never saw herself as a victim because she had faced much worse.

In the book she wrote, she talked about how she was obsessed with clowns. Her dad had to get rid of them before she went to bed. When she was little she thought there were clowns under her bed.

I dreamed of being able to have a family. I dreamed of my husband. I dreamed of being a good wife to him. I dreamed of helping my kids. I dreamt of being a better mom.

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“My brothers and sisters were pretty far apart in age, so I sort of grew up as an only child.”

And then there is the “My parents were separated when I was young” line, which is an obvious “softening” of the previous statement.

My brother once told me I had a great future in acting because I look like Natalie Portman and I act like Natalie Portman. At 13, the thought of Natalie Portman wasn’t enticing. When I looked in the mirror, I never thought like that. But I do appreciate the compliment, and I’m happy I can be seen as an actress. It’s not a huge deal to me, but I appreciate it.

It’s hard to be a nomad forever. People have to be able to settle somewhere, and I think I’ve done a good job of that.

The young actress talks about making a film in her own backyard of Vancouver, Canada.

She said her parents were farmers. They didn’t put much effort into their kids’ education. She said their house was a bit like the one in “Huckleberry Finn,” that it was a bit like a log cabin. Bennett went to the University of Toledo and graduated in a year.

Haley: It was fun to see strong women in this film with their own characters and their own storylines, and the strong, silent type was refreshing as well. It’s so refreshing to see the power women have in the world today, and we’re always excited to see more.

Haley Bennett says she tried playing sports but couldn’t get past the point of exhaustion.

I was pleased to see that Bennett seems to have finally settled on a clear vision for her career, but I hope that she’s still open to new experiences and different opportunities.

Haley Bennett talks about her mom as an artist who could transform everything into something beautiful.

Haley Bennett has always been afraid of clowns. She didn’t know why until today when she realized it was because her mother used to dress up as one when she was seven years old.


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