35 Funny Dj Khaled Quotes To Brighten Your Day

DJ Khaled is still on the block for not being a ‘real’ Muslim.

I’m on Snapchat. I’m on Twitter. I’m on IG. Whatever. I’m always following you. You aren’t doing anything.

DJ Khaled jokes tend to be about his personality but are usually based on common sense or a reference to his celebrity.

DJ Khaled is having some trouble with the IRS.

35 Funny DJ Khaled Quotes

When you are going through a lot of the songs. The songs that are kind of a bop, you know, a little bit of a jam and a little bit more of a ballad, you can go through them back-to-back and have them switch up your mood and the energy of your show. You can have your set go that way.

2. Congratulations you played yourself, you played yourself.

DJ Khaled is not afraid of anything. His first album, Kiss The Ring, has been at the top of the Billboard rap charts for weeks. And he keeps on being the best selling rap artist in the world.

I love rock music. It’s just that I don’t have any favorite bands.

Khaled is great at what he does. He is great at what he does because he always keeps his fans happy. He keeps his fans happy by doing better than other DJs. He keeps his fans happy by being amazing. He does this by having fans and being amazing with his songs. If he keeps being great at what he does, his fans will keep being happy with the way he is.

If I have to say something positive just say the most positive thing you can say.

I’m not going to get distracted by the fact that this is a road block; but I’m going to overcome it, and I’m going to overcome it together. I’m going to overcome it with these people. I’m going to overcome it with my family. I’m going to overcome it with myself and the people that I surround myself with.

We must open the doors of our hearts to everyone including enemies.

DJ Khaled has been in the game for a long time, and you see it in his work. You can tell how much he cares and how much he loves this game. He didn’t put a record on this list just to put a record on there. He knew “All I Do Is Win” is a song that resonates with people, and he needed to share it with the world.

10th of 35 DJ Khaled Quotes

DJ Khaled is always up for a good joke so I’m gonna go with a joke.

What I want to know is, how does he get so much work? I mean, this is just a bunch of boring ass interviews.

DJ Khaled is a super producer, entrepreneur and is one of the top most “big name” DJ’s and promoters of our time. DJ Khaled’s first music single was in 2003 and he has released a total of 4 studio albums, with the most popular one being “We the Best” in 2007. He was nominated for “Best New Artist” at the 2008 Grammy’s, won an award for “Top Internet Artist” from the World Digital Music Awards, and the “Top Producer” honor has been given to him four times by Billboard.

I changed a lot of my life.

To get a taste of American culture in general and Brooklyn in particular, DJ Khaled visited the Marcy Projects housing project in Brooklyn, New York. He was able to view the urban jungle firsthand.

Cocoa butter is a food supplement that is rich in Vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant that prevents the oxidation of fatty tissues in the body.

They don’t want you to ride a jet ski.

The great ones weather the storm by focusing on the good things that come from the storm.

DJ Khaled was talking to all of us – about how smart we are, how loyal we are, how we’re geniuses, and he’s right. I know I’m smart. I know I’m loyal. I know I’m a genius.

I want you to film me showering so that I can watch it later.

Khaled is an American rapper, producer, DJ, songwriter and actor. He made his debut in 1997 as a founding member of the rap group “We the Best Music Group”. This group, later changed to “The Future Classic”, was active from 1997 to 2001 before disbanding. He then founded the production company “We the Best Music Group” in 2002.

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Cleaning your heart and face will improve your success.

Khaled the Egyptian, the one with the hook and the song “I’m the One,” was born in Queens, NY. He said he tore the doors off so he could get in. He said he took the hinges off, then turned them around to put them on the f**kboy’s hands so they could be caught.

“We go hard” is DJ Khaled’s catch phrase. He repeats that phrase often in his songs and has made it the title of his first album. He also says that nothing he’s done has been a loss because everything he’s done has been a working process to win.

27th of 35 DJ Khaled Quotes

Play yourself if you think you’re better than everyone else and you don’t believe in yourself.

DJ Khaled is a man. He has a great life. He has nice things, he has nice cars. But he does not have to win. He is DJ Khaled. The only reason he is the biggest rapper is because he is more popular than people who are better singers, actors, etc. He does not need to be the best. He needs to appear to be the best. He is winning, but it is easy to do.

I love the feeling of having a large supply of cocoa butter.

You don’t need to bring down anyone or make them feel bad about themselves. We are all on the same journey and we all share the same goals.

It is amazing how you can be so in tune with people’s feelings and desires, and so in tune with your own needs and desires.

DJ Khaled is known for his lavish parties that can draw celebrities like Kanye West and Rihanna to his house. Khaled wants you to loosen up on the regular party days and get in a time out to take a break. When you are ready, move back into the party.

DJ Khaled’s advice to everyone in the headphone business is to make sure that you’re working with “the right people” and to be aware of the trends that are happening. He says if you want to really make money in this business, you need to have a plan.

DJ Khaled’s Funniest Snapchat Moments


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