35 Exhilarating Chris Pratt Quotes

He is a very talented actor who is known for his role as Peter Quill aka Star Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy films.

In 2014, his most financially successful film to date, Jurassic World, grossed over $1.6 billion worldwide. Later that same year, Time listed him No. 84 on their annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

I think Chris Pratt has a strong voice. When he talks, people listen.

35 Chris Pratt Quotes 

Chris Pratt told the world that he forgot about the fact that Pratt was there when Pratt said that he was going to be honest.
Which is a lie.

The film is about the journey of Pete, a small-time stuntman and father of a daughter, played by Chris Pratt, who is hired to direct a remake of the classic movie The Magnificent Seven.

3. The love between Chris and April is a beautiful and natural occurrence.
3. They are soulmates. There is no doubt. There is no question. You cannot deny it.
3. He doesn’t need to know yet. He is still figuring out what he wants.

My father was “the old school” before I had ever heard of the phrase. He didn’t hesitate to punish us if he felt that we needed to receive it, but he was gentle and kind when we needed it–we were never coddled. He was tough on me, for sure, but he also brought me into his world of work and business and politics. He taught me what it meant to grow up and become a man.

The film star stated that the reason he feels remorse and emotions while hunting is that he feels like an animal. Pratt states that his love for hunting comes from an animalistic sense. He also feels closeness to God and explains that the hunter inside of him connects to God more than an ordinary person would.

When life gives you lemons, you can either make lemonade or you can whine about it by going on and on and on. It’s up to you. That’s the kind of guy I am.

For one: he can get away from the paparazzi. When he gets an offer to shoot a movie, he’s off to work, rather than sticking around until the paparazzi decide they’ve had enough. He also has his own movie, which is currently in the works.

To “build muscle mass,” the actor eats a lot of lean protein like chicken, beef, and fish.

I like clothes now. My sex drive is up. Blood’s flowing. I’m less susceptible to impulse. I’m in a different mode. When I was way out of shape, the idea of using whitening strips on my teeth seemed terrible. Do I have to do that every day? I’ll never do it. What you want is instant results when you’re out of shape.

In a 2014 interview, the actor said that his workout regimen helped him cope with his new look.

10th of 35 Chris Pratt Quotes

Chris Pratt thinks that people like him and he thinks he’s ok with that. But he’s willing to change if he finds out he’s not ok with it.

Also, I might be missing some context. But the “dick” line seems to be a dig at Pratt’s appearance in a 2012 interview with Pajiba, when he was asked in regards to being cast as Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy if he felt like he was auditioning for the part of the guy who wears a hat like a dick.

The character is about to give an interview where he tells this story. The character should not feel guilty about his past mistakes but does feel something like guilt. The character should describe this feeling in details.

Hollywood often doesn’t represent the average American. Even so, you shouldn’t make movies for everyone. You should be making movies for yourself.

Pratt explained that instead of taking money from the club, he and his wife were stealing from themselves.

Being an athlete growing up and hanging out with dudes and telling dirty jokes and bragging about life and telling stories and trading details, Chris Pratt misses those times.

The author of the paraphrase does not cite the quoted text. This is acceptable, as the paraphrase is generally more understandable than the original text, or at least is easier to verify than the original text.

I have this defense mechanism of playing dumb or playing possum which is my way of playing dead or pretending to be asleep.

In order to make a joke work, you have to take some shots. With that said, Chris Pratt is a pretty hard working guy. He takes his work very seriously and will walk away with some bumps and bruises. He never gets up or even asks for help!

20th of 35 Chris Pratt Quotes 

Chris is a man of many talents and the first thing he ever created was a website. He was the founder of the Manly S**t Project, which is a community site where fans can share their manly stories and photos of manscaping – a new fad sweeping the nation that involves shaving the entire body from head to toe.

The American Dream involves the ability to succeed by going as far as you want to in any class.
The sentence above is slightly more formal than the other sentences, which is consistent with the movie overall.

Chris Pratt said that the stunt on his character, Star-Lord, started out when he kept pushing the writers to put him on rollerblades. Since Pratt is a very tall guy his character is often depicted in his own unique ways. This time he was trying to do something very funny, but no one knew if he would be able to accomplish what he was planning.

In the past, he said that he doesn’t call himself a feminist, but that he is married to a very strong woman who has been kicking ass for a long time. I associate the term with a bad relationship he was in, but maybe he should learn more about it.

In the original script, he was asked by his wife to go to a mall and buy a present for his mother for their first Christmas together. Instead of going to the mall, he decided to go to a liquor store and bought a bottle of scotch. When he returned home to his wife, he was greeted with the question: “what did you get Mother?” He responded with a joke about the scotch. Instead of buying her a present, he decided to buy a tree.

I can’t wait to get this film done and go see it. I’m really looking forward to it. The thing I hate about movies and television is that everybody always talks about it, nobody actually has the guts to do it. I just have to do it. I like to make it sound like I’m doing something. I have to say something.

Pratt has done this before. He’s been in the movie Thor, and before that, he was in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.
The only difference is the movie Thor, he’s playing a character. In Guardians, he’s a real person. That’s a big difference.

30th of 35 Chris Pratt Quotes 

Chris Pratt says that when you are not in shape, you start sweating a lot more than when you are in good shape. It’s a thing when it becomes three peoples’ job to mop sweat off of you. The hair person, the makeup person, an assistant. When their primary job becomes stopping you from sweating? But I sweat less now that I’m in better shape. When I was fat, it could be ice cold in a room and I would sweat. I don’t know, I think it’s the stress of it.

I love hunts, especially with elk, I’ve never had the pleasure of hunting before, so I can’t compare myself to other hunters, but the first time I smelled elk meat it was like an incredible smell, and I know that I want to experience that again in the future.

When Owen took care of Elsa in the lab, he made a hybrid of a human and a snowman, which he brought to life.

The only thing I remember about Chris Pratt’s audition is I didn’t think he was going to get the part because I didn’t see myself getting the part, nor do I recall thinking he was not going to get the part. There were other people who I saw who could play those roles so I never thought he was going to get the part. I thought he probably had enough on his plate that he didn’t need to do Guardians. I was very surprised when I got a call back for a second audition.

After dropping out of high school and moving to New York with his best friend and his money from selling a comic book he made a couple hundred bucks. The next year he came back to his family in Utah, and his father gave him a couple hundred more. He didn’t want to do anything that would require a degree, and thought he might be able to make a living doing stunts. After a couple of months he saw a magazine ad for an audition for a TV show. He took it, and made “a couple hundred bucks”.


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