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Chris Pine is worth $18 million. He got this net worth from the role of Captain Kirk in the original 2009 Star Trek movie that he starred in.


Chris Pine has an estimated net worth of $35 million.

Chris Pine has an estimated net worth of $35 Million as of July 2022.

Pine is the star of ‘Star Trek’ and of the upcoming movie ‘Into Darkness’.

Pine is best known for starring in movies such as the ‘Star Trek’ reboot, ‘Unstoppable’ film, ‘Cinderella’s Prince in the Woods’, ‘The Finest Hours’, ‘Wonder Woman’, and ‘Outlaw King’.

Early Life 

Pine grew up in the Los Angeles suburb of Agoura Hills, California and attended UCLA. One of Pine’s best known roles was playing Joey Potter in the television series The Wonder Years, where he was a regular for six years. Pine was nominated for the best supporting actor award for his portrayal of Joey in the TV Guide Best Villains of 1985 Award category. Pine is best known for his roles as Adam Trammell in the TV series Party of Five and Matthew Logan in the TV series Melrose Place. Later on, he was cast as Eric in the American soap opera General Hospital.

Chris grew up in a household where the vibe around the house was always cinematic, and he grew up surrounded by scripts and talks about films.


Chris started appearing in tv shows a year later and kept on getting the odd role (mostly recurring) and his resume has grown a bit more over years. He is still doing short films and has just finished a television feature film.

When he was seen on the big screen in 2009 film named ‘Shootout’ in a role of a police officer, he was praised for his ability to play a character with many mood swings.

The singer also narrates National Geographic Channel’s Breakthrough, a history channel drama series that follows the lives of researchers and scientists attempting to make scientific breakthroughs that impact society.

Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman was a character who was so beloved by so many people that they wanted to keep him in the film. When he was added to the mix, it made the entire film better.

Chris Pine has a net worth of $35 Million.


Chris Pine started acting when he was a child by playing the lead role in his school play.
He had a total of 7 acting roles in his childhood.

Favorite Quotes from Chris Pine 

If you’ve been following the Star Trek franchise since the beginning it’s no surprise that Pine says that the character of James Kirk was originally written to be much more like a real person and a lot less like a superhero. In fact, Pine says, the character’s real personality was the reason for the original series’ flop.

Pine admits that he is critical of himself and that he is “shy” but he also knows that he is in a great business to fight his insecurities. Pine has always been very vocal about his insecurities and he knows if he can learn how to embrace them then it will help him in his career.

I don’t think it’s fair to the originality and wonderfulness of individuals to say we can complement one another greatly, but we are not the source of one another’s happiness, especially if you don’t know who the hell you’re talking to.

What is it that makes me so special?

That you have chosen to read this? It means you are special because you have chosen to take time out of your busy day to do so. You make me feel special because I’m the one who thought of you and invited you to do it.

He felt that the only time that he or any of his Star Trek colleagues felt they really failed as actors was when they did not learn from their mistakes. He then went on to talk about his experience being in “Into Darkness” and how he was able to learn from it and was able to use that in the recent film.

When Chris was growing up, he imagined his house to be an extension of the North Pole. He said that in fact, most houses were not even decorated until Christmas time. He remembers being very fascinated by the “Christmas songs” that were being played on the radio on the way to his house. He said that he was even happy when his father would start wrapping present, because this meant that Santa was on his way. He said that in some way, his parents and family all believed in Santa Claus when he was growing up.

3 Powerful Lessons from Chris Pine 

1. Find the passion within yourself – you must be completely committed to what you are doing.
2. Follow your dreams – don’t give up if you run into a slight obstacle.
3. Have a positive attitude – be happy.

1. Kindness 

The way we do the things we do on a daily basis in our life is based on how we want them to turn out. Kindness is a habit of the heart that is not something that happens naturally but happens when kindness is cultivated and nurtured. Kindness is the way that we treat our neighbours, friends, family, acquaintances, strangers and even enemies. If you want to be happy, you have to treat your enemies as you would want to be treated. Kindness must be cultivated throughout all of our lives. Kindness becomes a way of life when we start to look at everything as our neighbour.

2. Attraction 

People are attracted to who they are. When they work at being the type of person they want to attract, they attract those kinds of people into their life.

3. You Can. 

You have come a long way and have won many battle. Whenever you are faced with a difficult or challenging situation, you will overcome it. Yes, you can.


Chris Pine is an American actor, best known for his roles in ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Wonder Woman’. His acting abilities have always been praised and have earned him a new ‘A list star in making’.

Chris Pine has an estimated net worth of $35 million.

Chris Pine has an estimated net worth of $35 Million as of July 2022.

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