30 Gordon Ramsay Quotes That He Actually Said

My favorite Gordon Ramsay quote is “I will chew you up and spit you out.” because I have had the pleasure of meeting him twice and he is an amazing host.

I’m a Scot born British chef with my restaurants currently holding 14 Michelin stars.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay has held this prestigious title since it opened in 1975. The restaurant has held the three star rating since it opened with 24/7 service and a fine dining menu.

Ramsay is a well-established chef in the world of food and has opened a string of successful restaurants across the globe. He is also a prominent TV celebrity, but despite his achievements, he finds it hard to maintain focus on his TV career and books.

I have always wondered what makes a chef. I think it is hard to define. I imagine it is a different part of your brain.

30 Gordon Ramsay Quotes 

My mum doesn’t enjoy sometimes listening to me being rude to staff, and I say to my mum, it’s a catering service, not a hairdressing salon.

I like working with people who I like and I like working with others. People who like to work hard and who want to do a good job for me.

Gordon Ramsay has a fun with food and dining and has said, “Eating out doesn’t have to be a formula.” I get really frustrated when it’s badly done.

– You shouldn’t be able to go to cooking school, and then learn to cook like Gordon Ramsay.
– You can’t be the sous chef of someone’s restaurant, and then learn to cook like Gordon Ramsay.

I always go through a long process when I sit down and enjoy a meal, first I decide whether it’s a foodie foodie meal that will be filling, or whether it should be satisfying and quick to make.

Every chef, regardless of where they are from, carries some of the same traits as Gordon Ramsay. One of those traits is being a perfectionist who hates incompetence as well as switching off the stove.

– I love food, but I don’t like to be told what to eat. I like to eat what I want and leave the rest to my taste buds.
– I love food and I love to eat and I love to know the origin of the food.
– Eating out is great, but you must choose your food, and you must know how your food is prepared.

Be persistent when it comes to your work. Never let yourself or your work wait for things to happen. Go out and make it happen if you have to. As long as you are persistent, you will not lose and you will be able to achieve all of your goals.

10th of 30 Gordon Ramsay Quotes 

Gordon Ramsay has always had a passion for food, from his childhood in Scotland to working in the catering industry and eventually to his TV career.
For him, cooking fish is an art, not a science. He never pre-cooks his fish, and instead, fishes and grills it on a very hot grill.
This gives his food a very different flavor than food cooked on the stovetop.

I’ve been talking to some producers and agents, and the most important thing is to find out who you want to work for and how you can get them to want you to work for them. If you’re not passionate about what you do or you’re not driven to constantly improve, you’re not going to last very long.

Finding new talent is exciting and can be fun. It’s one of the reasons why I love working with chefs, since they are always learning and improving their skills.

While food is all people really need to be happy, chefs are just as insane and demanding as the rest of humanity.

Gordon Ramsay says that it’s important to be assertive as well as firm.

I’m Gordon Ramsay, for goodness sake. People know I’m very volatile.

When I was a kid, I imagined a foodie utopia where chefs had access to the best ingredients and kitchen equipment. There was a time when we thought that chefs could have a lifestyle that included a house that was as nice as their kitchen.

They say it’s true. That kitchens are hard environments. It’s been proven. They can make someone into a great character.

Find what is trending, find what is just opened and then look for the worst review of the week. There is so much to learn from watching a restaurant get panned and having a bad experience. Go and see it for yourself.

Chef Gordon Ramsay says that he trains his chefs completely differently than someone else would be trained. He says that he teaches them how to be chefs by making them go blindfolded to the chef’s table. This might explain why Gordon is so good at preparing French food because he’s probably already been to France and is familiar with their French way of eating.

20th of 30 Gordon Ramsay Quotes 

For most people, consistency is a dirty word. For chefs, however, consistency is a way of life — and Gordon Ramsay is the living, breathing embodiment of this philosophy. He’s responsible for one of the most influential books on the subject of cooking, Kitchen Confidential, as well as several TV shows and restaurants that have become landmarks in the restaurant world.

Gordon Ramsay has had a lot of successes, and a lot of failures, so he uses those failures to learn all the time.

People were frustrated when Gordon Ramsay criticized those who cut corners. This is one of those people who have no idea about those who have cut corners because they don’t have the experience or they haven’t seen it. They just get frustrated thinking about it. It is like they are not 100 percent sure of what they are doing, but they think the customers can’t detect it.

You can become the best you if you have the right ingredients in your fine pallet.

I would argue that this is the best way you can be a great teacher. You teach them to love the game and to love to learn, then they grow a love for themselves and the game. The best thing that I learned from my father was how to love the game. He taught me about the sport, about respect for others, about the importance of hard work, and more.

I love you, Gordon. “Cooking” means “love” in some South Asian languages, “love cooking” or “love to cook” is “bhoga”.

“I am what I am. A fighter.” The chef was known to be a bit of a loner, and in a way, he would have been more comfortable in that sort of environment.

Gordon Ramsay once said that cooking is like football. It’s not a job. When you become good at it, it’s a dream job. And financially, you never need to worry. Ever.

I have to say that this is one of the most interesting quotes from the article that I have read today. This is the kind of information that can only come from the heart and mind of a true chef. If you want to stand out in this industry, you have to learn from the best and this quote from Ramsay will help you do just that.

A couple weeks ago, I was at a restaurant working on an episode for Gordon and another chef. They were taking their time with it and I was kind of stuck in this little space where I was hiding in pasta. And I was like, “I can’t just hide in this.” So I got up and I walked over to the bar and like, they’re just pouring shots and I started working at the bar – that is what I live for.

We can speak a lot. We can not understand some of the language. We can yell a lot. We can not be quiet even one millisecond.


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