27 Best Biggie Smalls Quotes And Sayings

 Christopher Wallace was an incredible lyricist and a big inspiration to artists all around. He died in March 1997, so let’s cherish what he left us with.

Biggie Smalls was a rapper who has influenced and inspired the younger generation and will be remembered for his music.

Biggie’s lyrics are so dirty that we don’t feel comfortable sharing them here. But, we have however included a collection of some good Biggie quotes.

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27 Biggie Smalls Quotes And Sayings

So your saying that your a hustler?
No. I’m saying that I’m living everyday like a hustle. Another day, another struggle.
I just think that you’re misinterpreting that lyric.

The world is getting worse, especially in terms of environmental destruction. It’s time for people to change themselves before they change the world.

Forgive me for my disrespect, for my lies. Forgive me for the things I done that hurt you.

Biggie may not have meant it at all, but we do! We will always be “thirsty” for more.

If you go from being an unhappy person to an unhappy person, then you can see why someone who is in a happy mood, they are able to be happy and live an amazing life.

6th of 27 Biggie Smalls Quotes

I was thinking about my life, my career, and I thought of all the things I did in my past that were timid. I just came across an interview with Mr. Biggie, and I want to know what advice he would give me if I was thinking about my life going forward.

In most cases, I recommend that you should be honest with your boss about the fact that you are thinking of leaving. However, if the time is right, don’t make it obvious. This will only encourage your boss that the time is right for you, and maybe you should be thinking of leaving.

The most dangerous things in the world are the ones we love and people we trust.

I have used the word “f***ing” more in the past five years than I have in my entire life. My use of profanity is an ongoing thing that I have made a conscious effort to deal with. It is part of who I am.

I like how you put “Where the party at?” as a pickup line. But also, this is a line that you can use the first time you meet a woman that you want to hook up with.

Biggie Smalls was a dead broke rapper at the time he was making this verse. He was not able to picture this at the time.

12th of 27 Biggie Smalls Quotes

Climbing out of the competition, I’ll leave my competition in my wake, to climb to the next level.

We don’t want to kill the people who aren’t our enemy. But we understand that death is a very real possibility when we’re in combat. Death is a part of war. And we’ve seen the pain that death can bring.

You should not smoke or use cannabis/marijuana without a physician’s approval.

The world is full of people who have lost a lot of money by not having a plan for financial success. They are known as nasties. A nasty is anyone who has lost so much money that they are forced to have a plan.

If you aren’t attracting clients then you’re selling into a market that is too small. In business, you must look at ways that you can draw in more clients and attract more people. For example, if you sell to the same people you’re not growing your business.

I think people might be underestimating how much he hates his own life and would rather die than live it normally. I think he was trying to say that he would rather die than have to live as a normal person.

The only person I’m gonna kill is you. You don’t have to be nobody ’til you die and I will.

The rapper Biggie Smalls also suggested that we should learn to treat life to the best, keep stress to rest, and look for the best.

As I open my eyes and realizing I changed, not the same deranged child stuck up in the game.

I feel in my heart that your mother should be supported in order for her to take control of her financial situation. I understand your daughter needs a high-tech plan in order for her to be financially independent of you.

22nd of 27 Biggie Smalls Quotes

The rap star says that you know very well who you are and don’t let people hold you down and reach for the stars.

I live to see the day when my favorite rapper is replaced with a pop singer, just to further promote the idea that all black people are gangsters.

I never want to live anymore. It seems that I hear someone knocking on my front door.

25. It has been more than 10 years and I’ve been in this business for years. It’s rules to this s***, I have written a manual for you to get your game on track, not your wig pushed back.

Being in the moment is a quality that distinguishes great leaders. The leaders of the past were always tense and hesitant. They were caught up in their own minds, thinking about the future, when the present was calling. Biggie Smalls says this is not a quality that should be present within your leadership style. Be present in the moment, always ready to respond and always ready to learn.

___________ even got his point across.

You might also notice that the nouns are the same in both of these sentences, but they are the opposite of each other. The first sentence emphasizes the negative, while the second emphasizes the positive. You might also notice that we added an “s” to the end of the verb “got” in the first sentence. This is important because it emphasizes the “getting” part of “get my point across.”

4. The final example uses a noun and a verb on the same line.


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