22 Margot Robbie Quotes About Life, Success & Acting

Margot Robbie started acting as a kid and went to the U.S. to pursue her Hollywood dream. After receiving critical acclaim for her performance in the movie ‘Suicide Squad’ she took over the spotlight with her upcoming movies.

Her other major work includes ‘Focus’, ‘Suite Française’, ‘Z for Zachariah’ and ‘The Legend of Tarzan’. She was successful in winning the hearts of the audience with her portrayal of Harley Quinn, an infamous DC Comics villain, in the movie ‘Suicide Squad’.

Robbie has done many things. He’s directed, written, and starring in his films.

We’ve put together this incredible collection of the best Margot Robbie quotes of all time. I could write an essay on the beauty of her voice, and I haven’t even gotten to the best bits.

22 Margot Robbie Quotes 

People are not as accepting any more with this whole sexual revolution, I think people feel really, really strongly about what has happened now. The ’60s was the last time we had a real chance at a revolution and change in society. With the sexual revolution and a lot of other things that are going on, I think people are just kind of really starting to feel that way again, and so I think that it does still interest people.

Margot Robbie loves flying so much. She even airplane food. She can read books, check her email and even call home without any disruptions to her experience. This is a great experience to have while on vacation.

Yes, everyone is saying that Margot Robbie is like an “overnight sensation” and that she’s a “f**king legend.” But I’m not sure if people realize how much hard work she put into her career.

Margot Robbie said that it’s important for everyone to always be ready, and that it’s not only about the image you want to project but also about the image you present to the world.

Once people see you as an actress, they think you are a safe bet to do a similar role.

Playing a bad guy is always more fun than playing the good guy, but there’s nothing in the character of James’ family that makes him a bad guy.

Someone told me that I can sing, and that there are muscles that if you build, you will sing.

It’s very nice being on set. It’s a very safe environment. I really get along with both sides of the cast. I feel like even when I’m getting my hair and makeup done, I’m also getting a full-body massage. I love it. It’s really fun. I’m just a very lucky person.

I saw this photo of her on Instagram and I was just like “Oh my God, this lady is so beautiful.” I really love the way she posed and I was like “Oh my God these eyes are so incredible.” It was amazing.

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I have an urge to play the piano, every time I see a piano.

Margot Robbie has proven that money can be made for just being popular on Instagram. She’s earned $5 million from the movie “Suicide Squad” for her role as Harley Quinn.

She is not wrong. I am a New Yorker, and New Yorkers will never stop going to work and coming home and going to the movies and doing everything. It’s amazing!

I’m really bad at talking about myself, but I know that I like to learn about other cultures, so I would love to get to know more about people from different places.

Margot Robbie says she felt like she had to leave her boyfriend behind when she returned to Australia, because she missed everyone so much.

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I’ve never heard of anyone who has tried to be an actor in their family in my whole life.

After having a look at these interviews, it seems that Margot Robbie indeed did not like the pressure she receives, but she also mentioned the pressure she actually wanted to feel. As she said, people in Hollywood were expecting her to look a certain way. But she did not find the pressure to be all that great and in addition she also said that it’s not very important for her to look fit on the red carpet.

Even though people are having trouble putting a finger on it, New York could be described as a whole lot of different things. People are attracted to cities because they’re so diverse!


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