20 Sensational Nikki Mudarris Quotes

Nikki Mudarris is the owner of the multi-platinum music group, The Nu Era. They have released several music albums, one of which was certified double platinum in the US.

Mudarris is a very big name in the family business.

Mudarris has been married to his current wife, Asra, for almost 40 years. The two have four children. And the couple currently split their time between Palm Harbor and Beverly Hills.

We have compiled a list of the best Nikki Mudarris quotes.

20 Bold Nikki Mudarris Quotes

Nikki Mudarris is a Nigerian movie actress who has been in the acting business for about seven years and has achieved great success in both the Nollywood and Hollywood film industry.

I don’t have any hate or animosity towards anybody. I’m just speaking the truth.

It feels to me that she’s referring to the general population rather than her family, since we know she has a large group of family and friends who know of her smarts.

In her autobiography, Nikki Mudarris wrote that even though Mandy had a boyfriend when she was young, she was still attracted to her.

After having an extremely successful career as a businesswoman she said that she’s now a single mother.

It’s always nice to be jealous that someone else’s success is your failure.

7th of 20 Nikki Mudarris Quotes 

The actress said that the most money she has received from guest stars is from Kevin Spacey when he was on House of Cards.

She says she is thankful that she had the platform she has and that it gave her a lot of opportunities.

At 19, Mudarris already has a successful career on the runway and acting credits to her name.

Nikki Mudarris says she’s back and looking fabulous as always.

I was glad she apologized about her place in this world.

This was a statement made shortly after the incident between the two girls (Kylie and her mum) on the Gold Coast. After Kylie ran away from her mum, the other girls came to her aid and called her mum who was on her way into the house. Her mum didn’t care about Kylie when she stormed off and called the police. She was more concerned about her daughter’s situation.

Nikki Mudarris said that if you ever do something, do it right.

If you know that people are being cruel to you, make sure that you are kind to them,
so that you may get the kindness that you deserve from them.

Live your life for others. You are their life. You are their hope. You are their future. You are their children. You are their parents. You are their brothers and sisters. You are their teachers. You are their friends. You are their leaders, their heroes, their role models. You are their mentors. You are their guides. You are their guides.

Nikki says that she hasn’t seen any money from Aaliyah for the past two weeks (this is just hearsay from Nikki, and Aaliyah’s family has denied this).

17th of 20 Nikki Mudarris Quotes 

The only thing stopping me from having the best sex of my life is you. I have to be your wife. I’m here to show you all the things to make you want me. I want your penis in me. I want you to come to my home. I want you to have sex with me. I want to be your wife.

The American actress said that it’s not fair for people to criticize her for her looks.

I know how to please you in every way that you could possibly desire.

That’s a great way to sum up what I think about charity.


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