Mariah Carey Net Worth

Mariah Carey is worth $300 million in 2014. She is also well known for her philanthropic activities.


Mariah Carey is one of the most successful recording artist that has ever lived. Mariah has a net worth of an incredible amount of $320 million.

Mariah Carey was one of the best-selling musical artists in the world, having sold over 200 million records during her career, which automatically makes her one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

Mariah Carey is the most popular singer in the world after winning a competition many years ago. She is also very wealthy.

Early Life

The singer’s name means “crown of the sea” in Hebrew and the meaning is also similar to “crown of angels”.

Patricia met Alfred while he was working as a DJ in the late 1980s. He was a hard working, kind and passionate man who put his family, friends, and future career before his own pleasure, and was accepted into the family after a few months. He was also very good-looking and she fell head over heels for him right away.

Even though Carey enjoyed singing and acting from an early age, she wanted to be a fashion designer. She was a very smart and talented girl.

Carey was raised a Methodist Christian.

She first pursued music to be a singer-songwriter.


In the late ’70s, she moved to New York City, where she moved in with a group of four female students, and worked as a waitress to pay the expenses.

Brenda Starr was a popular 1960s American pop singer. Mariah met her in a recording studio in 1975 and was introduced to her manager who was scouting talent.

Mariah met with Brenda and Carey and they both liked each other’s music and decided to collaborate. Since they had different styles, the collaboration was good for both of them. They thought it was a good fit for their careers.

Although many people know her for her amazing music, her lyrics are what keep her in the spotlight.

Mariah Carey owns some property and is estimated to make $10 Million a year.


Mariah Carey had the best music career since the ’80s.


Favorite Quotes from Mariah Carey

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If you have an idea, don’t listen to those people that discourage you because if you listen to everybody that discourages you, you won’t do anything.

Being yourself and being proud of yourself is key in the music industry. You want to have a strong voice and to be your own person. You have to find your own path to success and make sure people can relate to it.

Mariah is a great singer, she’s amazing. But you can tell that this is not a career that she chose for herself. It has always been a happy accident.

“Butterflies follow me everywhere I go, sometimes even to places I like.” – Mariah Carey

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Be aware of the pain you are going through. Don’t be afraid to express it.

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Mariah Carey Motivational Video

3 Keys to Success from Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. She is a music entertainer that has sold over 200 Million records around the world.

1. Find The Thing That Makes You Special

I was six years old, and I was walking down the street with my cousin, and we were singing, and my cousin stopped singing and started listening to me, because I was singing better than she was.

It’s the same for me, and it’s just — it’s just beautiful. It’s so amazing, and it just really resonates in a way. I’m like — when I sing, I just sound like I’m singing with a whole different part of the brain, and it’s like a whole other way. It sounds completely different.

2. Keep Growing

I can go back at any point in time and make a change, whether it was writing a line with a different meaning, or changing the words, just to get a better sound, or, to make the sound better at that specific point in time.

I mean, I was in such a rush to make the first album and get it out there, but, I mean, in saying that, I’m just thrilled that people are listening to the music that I’m making, and I just want to continue to make the best music that I can.

3. Go For It

I’m glad that you feel like you can be out here. I had a really tough time too, but the reason that it was so tough is because, I was going through a divorce. So, I’m glad that you’re feeling ok.


Mariah Carey is the second highest-selling female artist since the beginning of the music industry; she ranks behind only Beyonce, with an estimated 300 million record sales.

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