20 Business Quotes That Successful Leaders Live By

It is important to realize that successful leaders are also great role models. These successful leaders are not perfect, but they are leaders who are successful in life.

This is the first of several posts that I’ve written on the importance of building a business with an underlying purpose.

20 Business Quotes that Successful Leaders Live by

Warren Buffett

Being successful in business is not about how good you are, but how good others say you are. By getting good feedback, you can grow to be a better person and a better business leader.

Buffett is often asked about his investment strategy. In recent years, he has said that he buys whole businesses with low valuations. He is not interested in investing in companies for the sake of looking good. Also, he has repeatedly said that he does not like to take big bets.

Jeff Bezos

I am not sure where this quote is coming from, but I am pretty sure it’s a quote from Jeff Bezos. It is one of my favorite quotes and I do believe that’s what Jeff Bezos said.

Bezos said that while there is so much competition in the business world, what’s dangerous is not to evolve in this environment.

Mark Cuban

Successful people build an organization that attracts great talent. If you have the best talent there is no need to focus on how to attract it. Rather, focus on the best possible business you can build.

When you fail (whatever that means), it doesn’t matter. Everyone fails all the time. All that matters is what you do after the failure. And that is to learn from the failure and to get it right the next time so that you can keep on moving forward. The only success that matters is that you are going to get it right the next time.

Steve Jobs

Design is about making the product useful, it’s about making the users use it, it’s about making the users love it, it’s about making the users keep using it. It’s about making the entire process enjoyable to use.

In order to become the person you want to become, you must first know who you want to be. Don’t be fooled by the thoughts, opinions or perceptions of others. Just follow your inner voice and you will find your way. Don’t let external forces be the final judge of your life. Let the internal voice rule your life instead, and the results will be amazing!

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has been on a mission to improve the way humans communicate. He started a social network that would connect people to each other and help everyone connect with information. While the company he co-founded grew into a $100 billion conglomerate, Zuckerberg has been keeping his own company at the forefront of human communication.

Bill Gates

You might not get to be a billionaire, but you’ll probably end up working for one.

I have heard many customers complain about their dissatisfaction with our products or services. I think that it is more important to do something to turn a dissatisfied customer back to the way of life and to return our customer to the happy customers. If we are able to handle their complains well, we can get a lot of benefit from that. In short, I think that we should make effort to improve our products or services, in consideration of our customer’s opinions.

It’s very easy to show people the problems. But to show them the solutions, to create a movement that people want to change, that’s going to be hard.

Pete Cashmore 

The people who will be most effective in the future will be the ones with the most influence over the people who are most influential right now.

Walt Disney

He had big dreams but it might as well have been money that was standing in his way, because they never came true.

If you want to be successful, your life must be fun.
If you want to have a long career, you must make fun of people.

Donald Trump

The President says the US is not the same country as the one he came to, and that he is here to make changes.

The businessman said that if your business isn’t a brand, it’s a commodity. The businessman also said that he thinks that being a brand is more honorable than having a business.

Marissa Mayer

There are two kinds of risks we all must accept: those that are fun and exciting but also those that involve failure and/or embarrassment. If you find yourself in these situations and have trouble finding the motivation to move forward, it is time to ask for help. Ask for a chance to review your situation, determine if it is safe to proceed and get the best guidance to overcome the obstacles.

Richard Branson

Many companies don’t want to have a bad reputation or a negative image. They want their brand to have a great image which reflects their perfection.

Entrepreneurial entrepreneurship favors the open mind. It favors people whose optimism drives them to prepare for many possible futures, pretty much purely for the joy of doing so.


– The real power of the Internet is that it permits us to communicate with our customer at the level at which they are, not at the level at which we are.

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