15 Rules To Remember When Making Conference Calls

Conference calls are made by me every day.

Are you in compliance with the laws with regards to conferencing calls within the US? The FCC has new guidelines in place for this situation.

Always have a phone plugged in to recharge your phone and/or your laptop. Never leave a phone battery at 100% for any extended period of time.

15 Rules to Remember When Making Conference Calls

1. Agree on The Where and When

You guys need to agree on who is calling whom, and the time and number of the conference call.

The date, time, and location of the meeting are already specified in the invitation, so participants can prepare accordingly.

2. Offer to Call The Person Helping You

If you are organizing a conference call for someone else, the person you are calling should call the person who is organizing and then call you. If you are the one who is organizing it, you should be the one calling.

3. Limit The Time Length of The Call

Call schedules are customizable for the different time zones. For example you could have scheduled the call for 3 hours long starting in 5 minutes.

4. Let Participants Know Via Email if Tardy

Know that you will be late to the conference call, especially if you need to bring in information or plan for contingencies.

5. Don’t Leave a Message The First Time

If another participant does not pick up the very first time you call, simply wait a few minutes, call back and if they do not pick up a second time, then let them know you called, and give them your time frame.

6. Set Up a Dial-In for Three or More People

If there are more than two people on the conference line, you need to set up a dial-in ahead of time with the conference line service.

7. Limit The Number of People on The Call

8. Location, Location, Location

On June 15, 2015, Google released a new mobile app and website to let people ask for directions even when they’re offline. The app, called Google Maps Directions, was released for Android, iOS, and desktop browsers. It lets you request directions from your location, as well as tell where you are.

Google has made a number of improvements in their local search features.

9. Practice Using The Phone Ahead of Time

If you’re calling from a different location than where you normally call, you should learn how to operate the features of the conference call on the phone you’re using.

10. Use a Screen Sharing Service

If you must use slides or documents to present your information during the conference call, make sure they are already in a shared file before sending them out to the participants.

Please let us know if you don’t want to be recorded. Some recording options are better than others and you may not want to be recorded. Depending on what kind of information you’re sharing we may be able to provide a no-recording option.

11. Consider Video Conferencing

If you are planning to communicate with new people, video conferencing is a good option to get to know them better.

12. Start The Call on Time

 When you want a lot of people on a conference call, you should start the call at least five or ten minutes before it starts, says Forbes. If someone joins late, do not wait for him or her because this only wastes time.

Everyone stay on the line until the end of the call.
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13. Summarize at Beginning and End

My name is [name]. I am calling, because I wanted to see if we would be
having a good time and if you would be interested in doing something
together, either in person or online.

14. Establish Rules of Call at Beginning

The first session of the conference call will have a duration of two hours.

You probably want to send a follow up email to everyone who has attended the meeting to let them know that the meeting is over and to thank everyone for showing up.

15. Call on Participants

As an organizer, if you are running a discussion or a question and answer session, make sure you are directing the discussion and asking questions of those who are not yet speaking. Don’t just sit there and lecture.


1. Each of your participants (usually 3) must be dialed individually.

You can easily take part in a conference call for a number of corporate sectors.

We are also using Google Meet for our meetings. It lets us collaborate with colleagues, clients, and partners from anywhere across the globe. It is a very simple platform to use and it is a lot cheaper than a physical meeting room and other services.

Companies across the world use these video conferencing services to hold online training, conduct interviews online, share presentations, and hold global meetings.

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