Usain Bolt Net Worth

Usain Bolt has an estimated net worth of $40 Million.


Usain Bolt’s net worth is estimated to be $90 million dollars, making him one of the highest-paid Olympics athletes of all time.

Usain Bolt is an individual from Jamaica who specializes in athletics where he holds the sprinting world records, with the 100m and 200m in track and field.

Early Life

When Bolt was one year old, his parents separated. He stayed with his mother who had just moved to the capital, Kingston, where she took a job selling shoes in the local market.

As a child in primary school, Bolt attended Waldensia Primary. There, he first showed his sprinting potential by winning the annual national primary-schools’ meeting for his parish. By the age of twelve, he had become the school’s fastest runner over the 100 metres distance.


In the 2008 Beijing Olympic games, Bolt won three gold medals; and also became the first man in Olympic history to win both the 100-meter and 200-meter races in record times. Bolt became the first man to win three gold medals in any individual sport at the Olympics.

Usain Bolt became the first athlete to break nine seconds in the 100-meter dash, and he did it twice, in 10.10 seconds on July 26th 2013 and 9.81 seconds a few months later.

He had already won an Olympic gold medal in the 100 meters in Beijing before he won a gold medal in the 200 meters as well. He won gold in the 4×100 meter relay in both 2008 and 2012. He also won the 100 meters in the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics as well.

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He is estimated to have more than a billion dollars. He has over 70 million followers on Instagram.


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Brief Summary

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Favorite Quotes from Usain Bolt

“Believe in your dreams, and that anything is possible.”

The [original] quotation was popularized by the Jamaican-born British sprint runner, Usain Bolt.
The [paraphrase] is attributed to the American writer Norman Vincent Peale.

There is also a [trending] quotation attributed to Peale that has recently made the rounds of social media.

I know that you can do two things at a time. I know that I can do two things at a time. I’m confident that I will do them both.

Bolt says he doesn’t think anyone has any limits.

When you have goals, it’s easy to get motivated. Setting goals, being consistent and practicing can also help you to avoid failure.

In his interview, Usain Bolt says he never expected to compete at his current level. He says he never expected to be so fast. He says this could be the best season of his career. He says he is just happy to be here.

3 Keys to Success from Usain Bolt

The three success lessons from Usain Bolt are: Be humble, be consistent, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

1. State Your Goals & Make Them Real

If you want something, then you should show it to your friends and family. They will become your targets, and also you will try to hide your goals from them.

Bolt told everyone he would be the fastest in the world, and he has proven that so far. Be proud of your goals and don’t be afraid to tell people about them!

2. You MUST Want it More than the Competition

But a 100M sprint is not a race, as you can’t see the finish line. This is why you have to train as hard as you can every day. As you improve in fitness, your finish line will shift, getting closer and closer.

The only way to beat everybody else is to work harder, so that you can be the ones who need to work harder.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Anybody Else

Everyone in our relationships are already with us. They may be supporting our efforts to make a change, or they may be trying to sabotage your efforts.

If you’re worried about something, it’s going to impact your mood and your overall performance.

The way you think about your life defines your life. It controls your choices and determines your success.
Your attitude towards a situation has more power than your ability.
You can never be a success or a failure, only in attitude!


Usain Bolt is considered the fastest man in the world.

Usain Bolt has a net worth estimated at $90 million.

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