Ugly God Net Worth

It is estimated that Ugly God’s net worth is $2.5 billion. It is based on Ugly God’s past revenue and net income, but Ugly God’s real net worth may be higher, as he has a large investment portfolio.


Early Life

When he was four, Royce started watching basketball and began asking his parents to take him to his father’s work every day, so that he could watch the Houston Rockets play in person.

Rakim was the third most important rapper to come out of the “hip-hop movement’s” generation, after MC Lyte and Kurtis Blow though he was never able to make the same impact either of them. But he is a legend in his own right.


I didn’t have a name until I got to college. I picked ‘Ugly God’ as my stage name because I considered myself ugly, and I felt that I should have a name that reflected my insecurities about my appearance.

The official took down the YouTube video after it triggered public outrage on the principal for promoting pornography.

At the time, he was at the University of South Mississippi and he uploaded the song again, however he has also kept it on his official website, “The Music of Mike Cooley”.

Ugly God has released a new single titled ‘Water’. The track is released by the American record label Asylum Records. The song makes its debut on US Billboard Hot 100 at number 100 and later peaks at number 80.

I am really excited to work with this artist because he has great talent and the most important thing is that he is a good person. I am very happy that i am working on this project so i can be his manager.

Ugly God is making a comeback with his next mixtape dropping this week. It’s called ‘The Booty Tape’. It features production from the likes of Sonny Digital, TM88, Nottz, among others. Listen free at

Ugly God sold off his entire inventory and went to live in a commune in Oregon.


Ugly God has been involved in many successful projects in the past, which include making songs for popular artists in Nigeria, Africa and Europe.

Favorite Quotes from Ugly God

It is an extension of the first album, but it is an adult rock album. The lyrical content is more mature to an adult audience. It’s more than just a bunch of kids yelling about being ugly.

Watch all our favorite Ugly God quotes!

3 Motivational Lessons from Ugly God About Success

Let’s think about Ugly God’s success for a moment.

How would he have made a difference if he didn’t work so hard?

How would he have made a difference if he hadn’t taken the time to develop his skills?

How would he have made a difference if he had failed?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been bitten by the success bug.

1. Live Your Life Deeply 

I’m grateful for my education, I’m grateful for my parents’ education, I’m grateful for the education I’ve received in the Buddhist community: how to be human.

2. Don’t fear to fail

Failures are the condiments that makes success taste better.

3. We Learn From Failure 

We often discover what to do by discovering what not to do and probably he who never made a mistake never discovered anything.


Ugly God also made his singing debut with ‘Dedication’. He came to limelight with his first studio album ‘Ego Death’ which was released in 2015. He is an American Dominican rapper, producer, artist and actor. Ugly God has won several awards for his music. He got the award of the Artist of the Year at HotNewHipHop Awards in 2017.

Ugly God may have become richer than he was, but he has also become a little weaker. The Ugly God cannot be beat in a physical fight as he has lost the most important ingredient in his recipe.

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