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Shiv Nadar has an estimated net worth of $3.5 billion as of 2019, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Shiv Nadar is a very well off man with an estimated net worth of $3.5 billion.


Shiv Nadar founded the educational company, Sareen and Sareen Group of Schools, in 1959, and today it operates more than 60 schools.

Shivali Nadar is the founder and chairman of HCL and the Shiv Nadar Foundation. He is the first woman to be included in the list of top 100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy Magazine.

According to Forbes, as of July, 2022, Shiv Nadar’s net worth is estimated to be $25.9 Billion.

Early Life 

Shiv Nadar has a huge fan following in India as well as in other parts of the world.

He was born in 1946. His mother was Sivasubramaniya Nadar and his father Vamasundari Devi.

[6]: An ancient and medieval Indian epic poem written in Sanskrit or Hindi.

Nadar studied at Town Higher Secondary School, Kumbakonam and Elango Corporation Higher Secondary School, Madurai. He later studied at the United Theological College, Madurai.


Nadar started his career at Walchand group’s College of Engineering in 1967. It was soon after that he gave it up to begin his venture in partnerships with several friends and colleagues.

HCL was founded in 1976, with an investment of Rs. 187,000. HCL began its operations by providing services to large companies across India. It also started providing services from international locations.

HCL ventured into the international market through its Singapore branch, Far East Computers, to sell IT hardware. In the first year, the venture reported revenue of Rs 1 million, and in the subsequent years, it continued to address the Singapore operation.

In 1989, he founded HCL Technologies, a company that would later help launch servers and other hardware devices that would later revolutionize the computing industry. This company was a very lucrative one for HCL, and one that would later pave the way for the other successful spinoffs too.

HCL became a global software services company when it acquired the software unit of British Telecommunications, a British company, in 2001.

After July 2022, the estimated net worth of Shiv Nadar will be around $25.9 billion.

How Does Shiv Nadar Spend His Money?

He is known to spend money on a luxurious lifestyle.
He spent money on buying a car which is worth $6.1 million.
He even spent money on having a private jet.

Shiv Nadar was quoted as saying that his spending is not out of the ordinary as he spends money on his philanthropic activities.

The billionaire says that he invests money on his philanthropy.

Shiv Nadar’s Cars and Other Purchases 

One of the most well traveled and expensive cars is a Rolls Royce Phantom. The purchase of this car was probably funded by a family friend.


Nadar started his career as a stock broker for Lehman Brothers for the money. Later he shifted to public relation sector and later he made his way to the court where he now sits.

Favorite Quotes From Shiv Nadar 

“Education and work need to be aligned. Corporates and educational institutions will work closely and make sure that students are prepared to take up jobs. This will be the focus of the education system in the future.”

The next question was on how the education system will be affected due to the new technologies.

The market was already experiencing huge problems at the beginning of 2009. However, it was not until late 2009 that the problems started to really hit. During this time, one of the largest financial crisis in history shook the world, starting from the beginning of the year. The financial crisis was the worst global collapse in almost 100 years. The crisis has caused a great deal of economic damage, and also had a very significant impact on the price of oil.

Teaching has changed. The teacher will no longer be a storehouse of knowledge. He should be a person who helps students. He must be located anywhere and he should be connected with students.

When you are running a business you need to constantly reinvent yourself. You need to always stay ahead in times of rapid change and always be looking to rid yourself of stickiness in any form in the business.

3 Strong Lessons From Shiv Nadar 

When it comes to success, it is important to understand that it is not easy to succeed, and that you are likely to make mistakes along the way.

1. Keep Your Expectations Low

High expectations often cause disappointment and lead to pain. So you should have low expectations while continuing to work hard.

2. Acknowledge The Change

It is a lot to take in, and it is vital that if the changes that you face, you acknowledge them and then move on.

3. Accept The Change

You need to understand that accepting change means that you will have to make certain adjustments in your life in order to become the person you deserve to be.


The company that had its beginnings as a small company in India grew to such a large and powerful behemoth in the world of IT and enterprise that it had to be named The HCL.

Today, HCL has a global presence in 42 countries in the form of offices, delivery centers, and innovation labs, with an employee strength of more than one point seven million professionals serving in various positions.

Shiv Nadar has been estimated to have about $25.9 Billion in assets.

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