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To put it simply, Pavel Bure has a net worth of zero.


Pavel Bure is a former Russian professional ice hockey player. He was a great one.

Bure was nicknamed the Russian Rocket because he was so good at speeding up the ice. He played for 12 seasons in the NHL and was the first Russian player to win the Art Ross Trophy for scoring the most points in the NHL.

He began his professional career with the Soviet military team, becoming the first player born outside of the Soviet Union to play for the Russian national team.

Bure’s net worth is estimated to be around 70 million dollars.

Bure is estimated to be worth $70 Million dollars in an investment by the Canucks.

Early Life 

Pavel Vladimirovich Bure graduated from an architectural school, and has worked in the field of construction and engineering in Russia and abroad.

His parents separated when Pavel was 12, and his mother, fearing that a boy from a poor Russian family would not receive the opportunities to train professionally in Sweden, sent him to Sweden.

He was 11 years old when he was named the best center forward in the league. The fact that he was named best in his league at 11 is interesting.

He got a chance to practice with Wayne Gretzky and Soviet national goaltender Vladislav Tretiak in a taped TV special. By the time he was 14 years old, he was named to the Central Red Army’s junior team.


Russian hockey player Sergei Bure was 16 years old when he started to play professional hockey.

In the 1987-88 season, Bure made his debut as an 18-year-old in the Soviet League. However, he struggled with injuries, and only appeared in a handful of games.

Pavel Bure, a speedy Russian, was drafted and started his NHL career with the Vancouver Canucks at the age of 19. He was traded to the New York Islanders in 1992. Bure played for the Canucks until 1994, then moved to the Florida Panthers. He then played for the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Washington Capitals after that.

The NHL teams were afraid that he was not going to defect from the Soviet Union to play in the NHL, thus deterring teams from selecting him early. However, scouts and analysts believed he could have been selected as high as the second round, had he defected.

While playing with the Canucks, he had high-profile clashes with players such as Dave Semenko. He was suspended from the league on three different occasions.

The New York Rangers acquired Bure and Florida’s second-round pick in the 2002 draft for Igor Ulanov, Filip Novak.

Despite the fact that he is retired, Pavel’s net worth still is an impressive $70 Million.

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How Does Pavel Bure Spend His Money?

Pavel Bure has been investing in real estate.

Pavel Bure’s Home 

Bure owns a beautiful home in Florida, but has had to live in the basement for three years, while he was waiting for his house to be built.


The great Pavel Bure had a tremendous rookie season in 1990-91. He played in 80 games for the Vancouver Canucks, leading his team in scoring with 45 goals and 76 points. His name was already known by Canucks fans as a future superstar, but Bure made a huge mark on the NHL that season. Here is a list of the top highlights of his rookie season.

Favorite Quotes from Pavel Bure 

Pavel Bure talked about the time he spent in Europe after coming over to North America with the Montreal Canadiens in 1991. He was a superstar in Russia before coming over and was looked at as a rival to Wayne Gretzky. He played in the NHL for eight years and was traded twice.

3 Inspirational Lessons from Pavel Bure

There are a few lessons we can learn from Pavel Bure’s net worth and his career to help us achieve success in life.

1. Always build your own brand.

1. Be Happy 

There is nothing wrong with having a good time.

2. Success 

All you need in life is to be a successful person.
So, the person who is successful is a person who is ignorant, who is confident.
He is not successful because he is smart.
He is smart because he is successful.
I think that is an interesting paradox.

3. Love or Hate 

I will make all my decisions with love. I will learn how to love the bad people too.


Pavel Bure is a retired Russian professional hockey player. He played for the Central Red Army team before being drafted by the NHL in 1989.

Bure scored 751 goals in his NHL career, with a record of 559-192-35. He won the Art Ross, Hart, Pearson and Vezina trophies in consecutive years, and was named to the First All-Star Team in 1990-91 and 1991-92. When he retired, Bure held NHL records for: most goals in a season (48); consecutive games played (817); and game-winning goals (108).

Bure’s net worth is estimated to be around 70 million dollars.

Bure is estimated to be worth $70 Million dollars in an investment by the Canucks.

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