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Nick Woodman’s net worth lies between $100-100 Million. Nick Woodman’s net worth is estimated at $105 Million.


In July 2019, GoPro’s share prices dropped around 18% and they are now down by around 12%, after the company released their Q2 earnings report, which revealed they had no new products in development and their new products, the GoPro Plus, did not live up to expectations.

In addition to being the founder of the camera, Woodman is also a self proclaimed adventure photographer and has a passion for nature, which is the reason he created his new venture Wild.

Because the cameras are designed to be more rugged than typical camera, they are widely used in extreme sports such as, skiing, scuba diving, and motorcycle racing. The durability of these cameras means they can be used in many other sports as well.

The GoPro is a great example for a great and successful invention.
It was the first action camera. And that’s pretty cool, because there are now several of those.
But it was the idea, and the way that he introduced it, and how he managed his team,
that’s the reason it’s such incredible success.

Early Life

Nick Woodman was born on the 24th of June 1975 and grew up in California, where he attended University and graduated with a degree in Visual Arts.

The first one was in 2006, when he was 19. He bought a few used computers and rented a warehouse to make a video game. His company failed in 2008 when he ran out of money. But when he wanted to make a second startup, he was already in his 20s and had a lot more experience.

These two websites, though slightly different, both made the argument for giving a platform to anyone, from any country, to make sales and to promote their product.

Nick used Gizmondo as a learning tool to improve his skills in engineering.

Founding GoPro

After failing twice, he went around the world to find the perfect spot to surf and settled for Peru.

We can clearly understand the problem that the GoPro was trying to address when it was founded by Nick Woodman. It was not always easy to capture and share video footage of sports activities on a smartphone, and certainly not of high quality.

I really wanted to create a belt that would attach to the camera and then attach to your body.

The first ‘wrist’ cameras were an idea that the people at Kodak really wanted to explore and they decided to produce a prototype, which was called the Kodak Instamatic.

Woodman borrowed a substantial amount of money from his parents in order to launch the GoPro, it was reported. $35,000 from his mother, and $200,000 from his father to be precise.

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While they are a fun way for people to enjoy their hobbies, they are also becoming a big problem. They are becoming to expensive to be used as a hobby, but can be dangerous for people to use.

5 Success Lessons from Nick Woodman

1. Build products you love, so much so that other people will love them too.
2. Don’t underestimate the value of great relationships — both with your customers and with your cofounders.
3. Startups are harder than you think they are.
4. Be prepared to do a lot of legwork to connect with your customers and cofounders.
5. Make a big splash in the market.

1. Follow Your Passion

To be able to capture in real time all the highlights of sporting events, is something that every sportsman, or women, dream of. The Woodman Camera has therefore been designed to perfectly capture all the highlights of sporting events, allowing us to enjoy each moment with the family and friends.

The main focus of the app is to connect people with similar interests. You can find any kind of food and drinks through the app.

When the time comes to promote your product or service and start earning money, the most important thing you can’t do is put your passions on hold.

2. Fear Failure

Even though GoPro was originally a camera company, it didn’t make sense to Nick until he realized that being in the camera market was only half the battle, you also have to make sure the people using the cameras are satisfied with it. He decided to also start testing consumer electronics.

It was because of this fear that he put his whole heart into GoPro, and made everything perfect.

3. Obsess Over Your Product

You should spend every single waking minute trying to improve your idea, sitting at your desk drawing out designs and such. Obsess over your product to make sure it becomes the best invention it could possible be.

4. Learn to Sell

Here now is the best sales book ever created. It is based on the experience of Nick Woodman. Nick has the ability to get rid of products quickly, and sell products as if they were his own.

5. Evolve or Die

GoPro got to where they are today by constantly improving their devices. They always try to see what makes a device better and make all of their products out of that.

Favorite Nick Woodman Quotes

As an entrepreneur, don’t let your ego get in the way of your business. It will make you miserable. Stay focused on what’s best for your business and your customers.

I started to think about doing the documentary because I have a hard time getting people to believe what I believe in. I’ve always thought that was interesting to me.

Nick Woodman created the GoPro because he enjoyed being at the beach so much he wanted to make it even easier to get great photos and videos of yourself doing what you love.

“I am very focused when it comes to work. And when I am about to go work, I usually drink 5 glasses of water a day”.


Nick Woodman’s money is not as big as what he had previously. He made a lot of money but not as much as what he had previously.

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