29 Mariah Carey Quotes On Following Your Dreams

 Mariah Carey is a singer from the USA who was referred to as the “Songbird Supreme” by the Guinness World Records.

Carey is also the first artist to top the Hot 100 for five consecutive weeks with a song.

Mariah Carey quotes, a collection of Mariah Carey quotes and musings from Mariah’s interviews, press conferences, album covers, and more.

29 Mariah Carey Quotes

As the princess, all the people and their world see Mariah Carey as a princess. They are wrong since she is actually the queen, or the princess, of singing.

(1) She’s not very self-confident, especially when it comes to relationships. (2)
She has been known to be a bit of a diva. (3) Maybe it’s not fair to Jennifer Lopes, but when it comes to the duet with Mariah Carey, I’d rather be onstage with a pig than a diva.

I really don’t like authority and I rebel against them.

Mariah used to have a lot of problems with her love life.

The diva revealed that she has a child from her past relationship with Nick Cannon. It’s unclear whether the baby was fathered by Nick or someone else.

This is one of the most famous quotes from Mariah Carey. Although, I’m not too sure where she got her tan from. I mean, she looks mostly white to me.

Hope is a good thing to have. If nobody believed in you, you wouldn’t have anything to be hopeful about. The next best thing is to have someone else believe in you. The truth is that a person can become a hero by being a good person. It’s not about believing in you. That comes with time and practice. The truth is that a hero is someone who is honest with himself. He’s someone who is honest with everybody else.

Mariah Carey said that they are still in the process of fixing the freight train that just hit the house. Although the house may be fixed, this is how I say it … the light at the end of the tunnel is a freight train coming at us. The only thing that I can think of is … it’s going to be a long road to get out of this.

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9. “I do not think I reinvent myself. Wearing my hair differently or changing my style of dress is playing dress-up. I don’t take it too seriously.” – Mariah Carey

If people tell you something that you are doing is wrong, do not listen to them.

It’s not about you, it’s about her and the way that you treated other people during the production of the song. This is a classic example of someone who’s actually nice.

The singer and songwriter received throat surgery to regain her voice at the age of 19. After the operation, she made a decision to never sing live again. In her concert for that year, she was singing off-key. Her voice, she felt, was just too damaged.
About two years after her surgery, she changed her mind. To sing live once more was a powerful reminder of how much she loved to sing. So, she resumed her concert appearances and recording career.

I’m reaching for a dream. I’m going to get my dream. I’m going to keep going until I reach my dream. So don’t ever listen to people tell you that you can’t do it. Because you got to do it.

When you’re a celebrity, you can run your company and do what you want.

Mariah Carey has a reputation for being a girl who likes a good time. And while she does love her alcohol, the singer doesn’t always appreciate the fact that people think her hobby is one big party.

Carey is a great singer and songwriter. She is very well known for her huge voice and hit singles. She is very respected among her fans and fellow artists. She is one of the few female singers to have five number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and is one of the most successful female artists in history. She is also one of the few female artists to achieve a diamond album certification, which means that their album sold over 10 million digital copies.

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The 2016 Oscars are only days away, and the nominees were announced on Wednesday. We’ve seen the nominees before, so here’s a look at some of the most interesting quotes in this year’s crop (spoiler alert: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is the biggest winner).

Mariah Carey is insecure about her looks and always has been. It is possible she still is insecure but is only saying this because she is in the spotlight and feels she has to give some insight into her struggles.

What a beautiful thought. I am in such awe of your ability to be aware of even the smallest changes in the passing of time.

Mariah Carey said that she could have had her own nail studio and worked from there. She says she had considered it when she was younger and then she did it in the 11th grade.

Sometimes when things go wrong, I stop and think about how I’m going through life and see that I’m getting older, and I just want to hold on.

A hero is someone who is capable of great deeds, actions that will affect people positively. A hero is someone who is strong, courageous and compassionate. It is someone, who may not have a lot, but makes a difference in peoples life. A hero does not lie, he or she is honest. A hero is a role model and they follow a way of life.

Mariah speaks very well of herself. I like how she doesn’t brag. And the “wig” comment was awesome.

I also have to admit, this song makes me feel like a young kid again, although I am the older of the two.

I work myself into the ground, and I’m a nice person and a good friend. I try to do my work as best I can.

There are several things wrong with this statement. First, the word “real” implies something that has not been observed. Second, the word “diva” is used to describe someone that is outrageous and has some degree of self-absorption. Third, “I’ve seen” tells us nothing.

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One of my favorite things about “Glitter” is that she just makes it clear that she can sing, she can do choreography, she can do all of this stuff. There’s no limits to what she can do. She’s not afraid to just go out there, show her stuff, and try stuff that other people wouldn’t try. Mariah is definitely one of the biggest stars in the world, and she hasn’t ever been afraid to do that.

27. A lot of people are singing about how screwed up life is, and I don’t think that everybody wants to hear about that all the time.

When you have a dream, don’t let anyone tell you that it is impossible.

She has a lot of say in her life. She has a lot to say about what makes her happy and what doesn’t. She has a lot of power.


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