Lei Jun Net Worth

The company’s chief executive is worth $13.1 billion.


Mr. Lei and his friend Qi Hao, a former executive from Motorola, began talking about creating a smartphone about a year ago.

To achieve the goal, Xiaomi introduced “Xiaomi Intelligent Life” to reduce energy consumption by using sensors.

It also introduced the “Mi Home” platform to offer better comfort for users.

The reason why Lei Jun decided to give up his company is that he wanted to stay a man of no return.
He wanted to make a decision that he could not go back on, that cannot be changed or reversed, even if he wished to.
That is his choice.

Early Life 

The birth of Li Jun is a well known legend in the world of semiconductor industry. It is also well known for many years ago, the famous founder had to struggle a lot and started from a poor family, then, he became a famous person in the world of computer industry. As you know, he is the founder of Huawei, and he is also one of the leaders of the world now.

In 1990, he was accepted to China’s top computer science program, where he has been working as a software engineer for the past 23 years.

In 2007, Kingsoft had a great year. Lei stepped down as CEO and became chairman of the company. The company then went public, marking Lei’s greatest achievement as a businessman.


He studied computer programming and then applied in a large company in Beijing.

I like books, so I started an online bookstore called “Book King”. I wanted to make a business that is more suitable for the internet and for me. Besides, at that time, there was no online bookstore for Chinese books.

In 2004, Amazon paid $75 million for Joyo, an online bookstore, in order to compete with Barnes & Noble and their Nook. Joyo.com was a subsidiary of Joyo Entertainment, which was owned by Amazon subsidiary, Joyo.

The company has been steadily advancing in the smartphone market. The sales have been growing yearly and the number of users are also increasing.

in 2014 he promoted the development of a blockchain system to protect the interests of all the banks and all the users.

On July 23, 2014, Lei Jun sold his company to Huawei.


Favorite Quotes From Lei Jun

The relationship between Xiaomi and its investors is good and they trust each other. Xiaomi’s success is only possible because it gets the right investments and the trust between the companies and investors is very good.

A lot of fans have ideas about what they think should be included in Lei Jun’s next phone, and some have even given feedback. So if Lei Jun incorporate those ideas in his new phone, his fans will share the good news about it with their friends.

3 Valuable Lessons From Lei Jun

The first lesson is that even if you’re not as successful as the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company; you can still succeed in life through determination and perseverance.

1. Seize The Moment, Timing Is Key

I don’t think she can make a statement that would contradict her own personal feelings and beliefs, so she’s better off saying ‘things get much easier if one jumps on the bandwagon of existing trends. A pig could fly if it finds itself in the middle of a storm.’ instead of ‘Carpe Diem’.

2. Quality First

In the coming years, global companies will face the challenge of having to produce products in lower-cost markets.
They will have to focus on quality rather than the lowest price and the fastest production.

3. Innovation 

Lei said at the start of his career, he was more interested in pursuing research and development. The company was also developing its own mobile device technology at the time, Lei said this helped the company identify its own technological gaps in the mobile industry. This allowed the company to identify the gaps and create its own products.


Lei Jun is one of the most successful Chinese businessmen, he’s called the Steve Jobs of China because he’s been able to create his own market of affordable smartphones.

Lei Jun is one of the richest entrepreneurs in the world.

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