Kristin Davis Net Worth

The actress’ net worth is $21 million.


Since she appeared in the Netflix series “Cathouse,” Kristin Davis has seen her net worth increase by over $35 million.

Kristin Davis is an American actress from Colorado. Davis is best known for her portrayal of Brooke Armstrong on the soap opera Melrose Place, and as Charlotte York Goldenblatt on Sex and the City. Kristin also acted in the 1999 film The Opposite of Sex.

Early Life

She graduated with an MA in music from the University of Colorado in 1990. Later, she earned a PhD in music from University of Michigan and an MFA from New York University.

A few years later, Kristin was studying at the renowned Juilliard School of Music. She earned a Bachelor of Music, majoring in piano performance.


One of the producers, Robert Guza, saw her in an episode and offered her the role of Kristina Kyle on ‘General Hospital’ in 1992. She was the first Asian-American character ever on the show.

On screen, she was the first woman to portray Santa Claus, but off screen, she was one of Santa’s favorite helpers.

In the film Charlotte stars alongside Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Kim Basinger. A series of films based on the HBO television series Sex and the City have been released. The first released in 1998 starred Parker, Davis, Cattrall and Kristin Wiig.

In 2012, she was named the ‘most influential celebrity’ by Yahoo! Celebrity. She also hosted the 2014 Glamour Awards and was named ‘Sexiest Woman’ by GQ magazine in 2011.

Kate Winslet (actress) is an English actress. She made her debut in the film ‘The Holiday’ (2006), which earned her a Golden Globe Award nomination. The film collected $48,865,813 at the box-office.

Kristin Davis is still a good looking woman who got caught up in a bad situation. She was a successful actress in her heyday. In 2009, she pleaded no contest to charges of cocaine possession.


This woman is a legend of the fashion industry.

Favorite Quotes from Kristin Davis 

“Shopping is boring. I enjoy sex more than shopping. What makes good sex? Oh my god. You both need to feel free and you have to both trust the other person. You also have to have a strange, mysterious chemical connection.”

And in this next quote from the interview, Kristin is talking about how she doesn’t like shopping and how shopping is boring…

Kristin Davis said, “Our mothers’ generation fought so hard to change things and we’re the first generation to benefit. And now you get girls in their twenties who say they’re not feminists.”
And so, I think it’s just another example of that, which is very hard to change.
I think what we can do as parents is help girls build resilience early on and give them the tools to kind of see through the bullshit.

Kristin Davis started teaching yoga to friends to see if they were as interested as she was in it. When she started teaching others, she got requests to teach for yoga companies and that is how her career in yoga began.

On a final remark, Kristin Davis has said that she thinks that she is in a good place in her life.

3 Motivational Lessons from Kristin Davis 

-Success in business requires planning, patience, and persistence.
-No matter how good your idea is, the world does not stand still.
-Sometimes, you have to be willing to take a chance or wait a little longer.
-Remember that there are always people who have the same goals and dreams as you.
-Be careful when you start a company, a business, a relationship.

1. Never Take a Good Person For Granted

Someday, someone will come along and appreciate what you didn’t say and say what you should have.

2. It Ain’t Over Til it’s Over

Sometimes you are late bloomers. Sometimes you are not happy in high school. Maybe you take longer than others to find your place in the world. But, if you consistently do what’s right and do the best you can to be good to others, you will eventually win.

3. Having a Significant Other Doesn’t Make You Complete

When there is a sense of loss, love cannot be built on that. It would be like building a house on the rubble of a fire. Instead of building the house, the foundation must be laid on a solid base.


When the actress was asked about her reaction to the news that her husband Michael was having an affair with her close friend Heather Graham, the actress, without showing any emotion, said that there was “no response” to the news.

She has been supporting organizations that rescue street animals and other domestic animals, and has also spoken out against the abuse of animals.

And, finally, the most famous and highest paid celebrity on this show, is the world’s number one female adult film star, Sasha Grey.

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