Joseline Hernandez Net Worth

“I haven’t checked lately,” Hernandez replied.


Hernandez is now a major star on the Nickelodeon television show, Henry Danger.

She is best known for being a main cast member of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” and currently has a new album “Lioness: Hidden Kingdom” scheduled to drop in February 2016.

Early Life

She was diagnosed with depression and anxiety as a child. It was from this point on that her mother started to neglect and abuse her. Her mother was very abusive when it came to money and food. She could have the food she wanted, but she would always be left with very little money.

A woman had to strip in order to provide for her family, not because she wanted to be a stripper, but because she worked too much and was raising her siblings.


The show that Joseline was the main cast on has run for 3 seasons and it got her back into the spotlight and her music career back on track. With the help of the show she received a Grammy nomination for Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album, as well as some of the best selling records, one being “Can’t Nobody”, which is a track off her debut album, “So Excited”.

While on the show, Joseline decided to record ‘Church’ and ‘Stingy with My Kutty Katt’, a song that would become the biggest hit of her career.

Meryemoon is known to be the queen of the reggae genre after the success of her hit single “Ya Sehbe Sehbe” which was a hit song in Egypt and other countries.

Although most of her songs have been featured on reality shows and other TV shows, she has not done music videos due to the fact she focused on her acting career.

She’s made multiple appearances on several other shows like The Wendy Williams Show, K. Michelle: My Life, and This Is Hot 97.

Currently, Joseline Hernandez’s net worth is $300 thousand.


And she did all of these things while getting a lot of money from her ex-boyfriend for her music.

Favorite Quotes from Joseline Hernandez 

3 Life Lessons from Joseline Hernandez 

One of the most essential things we can learn from Joseline Hernandez is that money does not buy happiness.

The former reality star had a few hiccups along the way and didn’t have the best of luck, but that has not stopped her from being one of the most successful reality stars of all-time.

She started her career as a stripper, and after her appearance on “Love Games,” she began to gain fans and fame.

Now you can learn more about Joseline Hernandez net worth by watching the video below.

1. Don’t Compare 

Everyone has the same problems, everyone has the same things to deal with. Compare yourself to your own work and your own performance and how far you are from where you want to be.

2. Meet New People

People who make me feel happy and proud, who inspire to achieve my goals.

3. Making Plans 

I have to admit that I’m more a planning guy than an event planner.


Her reality show “Bad Girls Club”, is a show where reality TV stars have to spend a summer together without the protection of a camera crew.

Joseline Hernandez is making a name for herself for her musical talent. She has been working on YouTube for a few years, and her fanbase has been growing.

Because she has been a social media star and has a large audience of followers, she has a high net worth.

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