Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth

Jimmy Kimmel has a net worth of $200 million.


Jimmy Kimmel’s net worth is roughly 50 Million Dollars.

Jimmy Kimmel is a comedian and talk-show host. His shows have won numerous awards, such as two Emmys and five Golden Globes. Kimmel’s talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, is one of the longest-running late-night talk shows in the United States.

It is an American late-night talk show on ABC that debuted on January 26, 2003. It is hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

Early Life

Mr. James Christian Kimmel grew up in Brooklyn, New York before he was born. His mother was an executive with the IBM Corporation and his father was an executive with the same company. His mother, Joan Kimmel, was a dedicated homemaker while his father, James Kimmel, was an executive with the IBM Corporation.

In 1991, he won the title of Mr. Nevada USA at the Mr. USA competition in the category of Teen. While at the competition, he was invited to attend the World Science Olympiad in Shanghai, China.


This show was very popular and the success of his show gave him an opportunity to become a judge in the ‘World’s Greatest Talent Show’, the ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’. After a few years, he became the show’s host. He appeared in many other projects, like in the movie ‘The Boondock Saints’.

In 2004, he was seen on an episode of The Howard Stern Show commenting on Howard’s birthday, in which he stated that he was in the process of writing a book about his childhood during the Vietnam era. He had an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman with his daughter Samantha and their dog, named Sam.

In the mid-1990s, David was often known for his role as an unofficial spokesperson for ABC, appearing on the network’s late-night and daytime talk shows. He made regular appearances on the “Nightline” program. He also made regular appearances on the “Today” show. A popular guest, David was often the butt of the jokes on morning show hosts Bryant Gumbel and Rosie O’Donnell.

In 2009 he was named the youngest person ever to be host of ‘Saturday Night Live’, and he continued to work there until the end of the 2013-2014 season. In 2014, he did voice-over work for the Disney animated film ‘Zootopia’.

In 2012, he hosted the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington, D.C. where he made a set of jokes referring to his high school history teacher.

Jimmy Kimmel’s net worth is estimated to be $50 million.


Kimmel has been a regular on the show for twenty-two years. He’s been nominated for almost every award in comedy. And he’s the youngest person to host the Academy Awards. He’s one of the most successful and well-known comedians around – and for good reasons.

Favorite Quotes From Jimmy Kimmel 

“I wanted to be Jimmy Kimmel’s friend.”

When asked about his favourite comic, John Oliver responded, “Lenny Bruce”, to his guest’s question about a favourite comic.

When a city like Ferguson is completely destroyed because of a situation like this when it is unnecessary? Why destroy your own city? Move it over.

3 Amazing Lessons From Jimmy Kimmel 

If you are going to be a successful entrepreneur, you should always keep your business focused on your customer and the things that your customer is looking for, that will help you grow your business.

1. You Can Use Your Disadvantage to Help Others

When he was a child, he was diagnosed with narcolepsy but he doesn’t remember anything and he doesn’t even know what was wrong with him.

Jimmy, who is known to be a huge sports fan, was diagnosed with narcolepsy. This means he will have many sleepless nights, so to prevent insomnia, he watches sports and plays video games.

It is not easy to keep awake at night making other people laugh, but it is not an issue for Jimmy.

He could be working at another place or working doing other stuff, but instead he chooses to be the host of a late-night show and make people smile.

2. Don’t Forget That Tables Can Turn

But now that he has his own show, he’s finding that he enjoys being on television.

However people who remember him in high school say that he was a popular kid, and that he always was very good at sports.

I think, there are many ups and downs in life, and you may go through some difficult situations in the beginning, but you can eventually get out of it. And your current situations might be difficult, but things will change, and you will get out of it.


Your paraphrase may be a close match, but there are a few differences.

3. Don’t Allow the Child in You to Die

Being a grown up does mean that even when you don’t feel like it, you should let love in.

A lot of children have a tendency to enjoy doing things and they are usually bored when their parents are too busy. So, Jimmy Kimmel is a great example and inspiration for parents to engage their children in many activities that makes them happy.

It’s hard to understand the people who say that we are not human. They need to learn that we are part of something much larger than us all. We must remember our past and our future. We must love our past and not let it consume us. We must learn to appreciate the world around us and the people in it. It is very important to remember the people who have helped us along the way. If we can’t remember our past, we can’t hope for a better future.


In the past, Jimmy Kimmel was a struggling comedian who worked his way up in the business. However, he is not rich or successful anymore.

His shows are one of the longest running late night talk shows in the history of ABC network, breaking all records of other late night talk shows.

Jimmy Kimmel’s net worth was $50 million as of July 2022.

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