52 Inspirational J Cole Quotes & Lyrics

Cole is a hip hop artist who started to receive recognition and fame for his work.

Many people would think that Rick Ross would have a lot of things to say about his own life and even the personal life of other people.

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52 Inspirational J Cole Quotes

 I need to know my people, and how they feel. I need to know how I can reach them.

I’ve been through a lot to get where I’m at and I really feel like I have an opportunity to make it happen because of all the obstacles I’ve overcome…But I really can’t stress this enough. I don’t know if I can describe it but I really feel that my whole life I’ve been given a second chance.

I just got the email that Google Glass may be available to public in near future and I cannot wait for this. I hope J Cole’s advice to take a chance on my idea would be helpful and I will be able to succeed and make a better Google Glass.

The most important thing in my life is to be happy and make sure I’m not sad. I don’t want to be happy for anyone else. I just want to be happy.

“People congratulate me, I tell them that God is good.” I don’t know how to put this in a better way. It’s really not that difficult. But as long as you realize that to be a Christian is to be like Jesus, you’re set. I’ve had an incredible year and I see life in a different light.

I made this when I was really depressed I was feeling bad for a really long time I couldn’t find someone in my life to help me so I started feeling alone and sad.

The verse is also a tribute to his hometown. He grew up in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and also went to school at Wake Forest University, just like he did in the song.

I swear I’m walking with God but the devil keeps following. This is where I get off of the topic.

10th of 52 J Cole Quotes

If your dreams aren’t important, no one can stop you from achieving them.

His life has accelerated and he is not waiting his turn. Instead, his tables are turning and the things that didn’t come easy to him in the past are coming now because he has changed his mindset and is open to new opportunities.

What are you about? Are you about dollars or about change? Are you about knowledge or about brains? Are you about freedom or about big chains? They don’t feel my pain.

The main reason why people are scared of relationships is because they don’t really understand people and they don’t know how to control them. Instead they make assumptions based on what they know and don’t take time to understand the people they are dealing with. As a result, they get hurt.

In case your wondering what’s the difference between paraphrasing and summarizing, paraphrase is an original interpretation of the original text. Summarizing tries to give the same effect as the original text which can be hard, but that’s what we try to do in our paraphrase examples.

J Cole says that hip hop is alive. He proves this with two facts: 1. He’s black (see above) 2. He makes black people want to work.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not really good at finding quotes to use. It’s hard to look up something when you have a bunch of different people trying to talk to you. This is all the quotes I know of.

If you believe that you can do something that will make you happy, then do it. If you want to get away from a bad environment, then leave it. Life is full of surprises in both good and bad, but you have to live for the moment. Don’t look into the future, but don’t look into the past either.

 If a person is in a struggle or trying to achieve something great, whether it be in writing or any other medium, there is always a level of ugliness that comes with it. It is a lot like a struggle or battle, which is why the words “in the struggle” are used.

We all know what this quote is talking about. It’s the importance of love and appreciation.

20th of 52 J Cole Quotes

You have to dream your nightmares in the daytime to make your dreams come true.

There are no words to describe the overwhelming feeling of love you feel when a close friend shows you that they actually care for you. You immediately think something like “Wow, it’s like he knows me better than I know myself”.

It’s just as easy to assume that other people are the way they are, and can’t change. You’re just as limited as the next person.

J Cole said that he will do whatever he has to do to be successful. He also said the most important thing is to find yourself.

As much as I can say I don’t feel bad for the people at the top, it’s hard for me to feel bad for someone I know, especially an artist I know. A lot of artists I know would work just as hard if they had the chance to sell out Madison Square Garden and have it be a really good thing for them and their career.

There is no end goal for your life, except being happy. You may be able to achieve all the other things that you seek. Your happiness is the only thing that matters.

I miss you.
I can’t sleep at night without you.
I love you.
I want to be with you
Do you know why?
‘Cause I’m your man.

When we dream we have the right to chase that dream.

I’ve got an addiction to money made me get my hands dirty. I’m gonna climb to the top. Not by much, but a little.

29th of 52 J Cole Quotes

____, either you play the game or you let the game play you.

I’m gonna be here for a while. None of these clowns can hurt me.

The artist explained in an interview how he thinks he’s changed and become a better man. He mentioned also how he sees his music as a combination of religion and demons.

Time is money but really, we could use some. If we ever do go broke, we’ll have the time to use our money.

The only one that isn’t perfect is “I walk along this long harbor of life” which can stand alone.

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I keep my head high, I got my wings to carry me.
I don’t know the freedom,
I just want my dreams to rescue me.

There are a lot of things I want to say about J Cole. But I’m not writing a book. I’m not about to write anything. I’m just gonna be here. And you should know that.

While on an episode of GMA’s “The View” J Cole was asked about working with the late artist Tupac Shakur. He spoke about the artist’s passion, and how he was inspired by him.

The music should be the genuine thing. When I make beats they are not trying to be the same as someone else, but they should be the genuine thing.

J Cole says he tried to tell Will Smith how dope he was, and Smith went into super detail and explained how much he inspired him during a conversation he had with Smith at the White House.

39th of 52 J Cole Quotes

J Cole believes that you don’t need to be a genius to rap, you just need to rap good.
J Cole states that he is the only rapper to ever make a record that has all four of the major genres under one roof (R&B, Rap, Pop, Experimental).
J Cole’s music is “for the people”. He says that any person can listen to his music and not feel any type of stigma or discrimination because of their race or gender.
J Cole has the most “important” things to say.

When I was in college, my girl got me a job at the doctor’s office she was working at. I was a file clerk. No disrespect but I don’t think a man can do that job. It takes so much meticulous and precise file-keeping.

Cole says that he wants black children to believe that they can be anything! And that it doesn’t matter if you are a rapper or basketball player. That it doesn’t matter whether your parents are doctors, lawyers, or rappers… what matters is that you can be anything!

God is most glorified in us when we have the hardest sin in us. God is most glorified in us when we are in the hardest seasons of our lives.

J Cole is conscious of not changing, even though he was used to getting attention from high school classmates and then getting the “notable white rapper” label.

When one of the most popular artists in music decides to take a break, people are confused. It’s not as if there are no other artists out there, people are just used to hearing their favorite artists every time they go on. However, when J Cole does take a break, people are left wanting more. It seems like there are no limits to the talent in the world of music. People will still buy music and follow the artist, even after Cole puts his feet up and takes a break.

People who want to make money start companies. The college helps you write your business plan, get financing and launch your company.

It’s not a coincidence, but it’s the most important, and the most interesting thing. If people didn’t tell stories, nobody would listen. They’d only listen to what’s on the radio, or whatever. But if you have something really unique and original and you’re telling a story, or you’re talking about something you’re passionate about, it’s gonna have some resonance.

At some point in time, a rapper has to take a stand and say “Enough is enough.” And that’s exactly how J Cole has been holding his ground.

Life is unpredictable. I try my best to look after myself and my family. I am constantly on the move, but this can be challenging when your world is based in a city with no job opportunities. I try to keep positive and keep grinding.

The rapper has not been able to move on from his recent break-up with his girlfriend, Ciara. The ex-couple have been together since the year 2006 and recently split in 2011.

It was during this part that I was reminded that I needed to finish the article. For whatever reason, this section has the most important information for my readers. This is a huge part of what I say and how I feel about my writing. There is no more self-doubt and pressure because that’s why it’s important to have a community of people you can share these things with and ask for feedback.

Life is a movie and you can pick your own role. If you want to, you can climb your own ladder and you can dig your own hole.


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