Headhunterz Net Worth

Headhunterz’s net worth is unknown to us, but we are sure he has a lot of money.


His net worth is estimated to be around 5 million dollars.

Early Life 

A few months after Willem was born, his mother wanted to have more children. But she was told she couldn’t have anymore because of her age.

Rebergen struggled with bullying because he was smaller and less powerful than his classmates. He felt sad and lonely, so he joined a local kids choir in order to be surrounded by people with the same interests.

He had the chance to record in a studio where he could hear the final result of his ideas. The process was very different from the way he had practiced before. It was very interesting to hear the new ideas that he had.


Headhunterz has been one of the most popular and successful Hardstyle acts ever and is one of the most active and popular producers in the Hardstyle scene.

From then on to the release “Stripping Off My Clothes”, they only released a handful of releases.

In September 2006, it was announced that A State of Mind would be performing for Defqon.1 on the Australian Defqon.1 tour. However, the performance was cancelled due to issues, and as such, Australia had to be postponed. The show was later scheduled for July 2007.

Wildstylez and Scantraxx had a very successful collaboration in 2008 with their first song “Blame it on The Music” and later the song was included in the FIFA 09.

There are many ways to build a label. There are many ways to create a data stream. But one of the core elements of a labeling system is to collect the data stream, parse the data, and put it into a form that enables the next person to understand it. But then it’s up to you to actually tell me what value that data can be used for.

His net worth is estimated to be around 5 million dollars.


I also would like to thank my fans and especially my best friend and manager Jules to the Headhunterz crew for believing in me. And I will keep on living for this.

Favorite Quotes From Headhunterz

Hardstyle is not mainstream. It’s under the surface, and it is here. You may not need to search for it, but if you do, you will definitely find it.

3 Strong Lessons From Headhunterz

* You don’t have to be born a millionaire to become one!
* There is no end to the opportunities that are open to you
* You can’t sit still when you have an idea. Go out and execute. You are a product of your actions.
* Be disciplined and diligent.

1. Optimism 

Being hopeful means you believe that you can do something, so you do it.

2. Roller Coaster 

I would love to say that one day life would be without difficulties but I don’t think that is possible.

3. Be Kind To Yourself 

If you have no condition, that is love.


The label was developed to support the Hardstyle artist that are looking for something new and fresh. This new label is very different to all the current labels out there.

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