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George Strait is a singer from Texas. George Strait is a singer from Texas. He has made over 450 albums and sold over 150 million records. He has won 29 Grammy awards, making him the most awarded singer in the history of the Grammy’s. His songs have been recorded by hundreds of different artists.


George Strait’s net worth is estimated to be around 300 Million Dollars.

George Strait is a American country music singer. Strait was born in Texas on August 19, 1945, the son of a funeral director and a schoolteacher. He was raised on a farm in a small community in the rural west Texas town of Stonewall. At age 10, Strait began singing in his family’s radio station.

Early Life 

George Sr. grew up on a cattle ranch in West Texas. His father owned the ranch and George often spent time working on the ranch with his father.

While he was attending college at the University of Central Oklahoma in the early 1950s, he and a group of friends formed a country western band, the Starlite Wranglers. They played at local bars and dances.


His first success as a performer came in the late 1950’s when he served as vocalist for the band “Avalon” at the famous Blue Moon. The band also featured the famous song writer Johnny Tillotson and the hit song “Rags to Riches” written and performed by Gene Autry. Strait would later perform with the song writer and became close friends with him.

After learning guitar, Strait started playing in a blues band and formed his own rock band, The Strait Singers. The band gained much attention and recognition in Houston, where the band released their self-titled debut album in 1976. The album got the attention of many record labels, but the band wasn’t signed.

He continued to record and release an album throughout the early 90s. In 1995 he released his first studio album titled “Blue Ridge Mountain Song.” He continued to release albums every year until 2001.

In 1992, he released what many consider to be his best album, ‘The Man with the Red Suitcase’. It was so successful that it was released in the U.S. as ‘The Man with the Red Suitcase and the Green Carpet’. It featured the number one single ‘She’s Not There’ and four other top ten singles including ‘Livin’ It Up’, which was his first number one single.

This album, released in 2000, was his first in seven years, since he had released ‘The Heart of the Matter’ in 1994.

Strait released his 30th album last year and he’s not done yet! Strait is excited for his next album ‘What does it feel like to be alive’ which will be released next year.

George Strait has a net worth of $300 million.


George Strait has had a very successful career over the years, and here are some of the best highlights.

Favorite Quotes from George Strait 

 I really feel a sense of relief, I think, that I have a little more time to spend with the kids, but I miss it. I miss it. There are times I feel like I lost one of my most important relationships in my life.

George Strait loves to fish for big game fish offshore. He has fished for billfish around the world including the Bahamas, St. Thomas, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico and the Texas Gulf. He has never been to Australia, but someday he’s going.

Being a country singer for 27 years has really ingrained the character, traits and qualities in George. When he was little, it was obvious to most everyone that George was going to be a great country singer. His parents even made it known. This was a great way for George to start his career early without going through the usual music business. At only 7 years old, he was already doing local country shows.

Strait is on to something here. He’s not just some young buck but an elder statesman, who has been around the country longer than he’s been recording. In one interview he mentioned the other legends.

George Strait said that he gets asked “What’s the highlight of my career.” He replied that it was hard to come up with something when so many good things have happened.

3 Life Lessons from George Strait 

George Strait is a great example of a business man. He has been successful because he has put in the work and he has worked hard for what he wants. He has had to overcome adversity, but he never quit and never gave up.

1. Always Have a Backup Plan

If things don’t go according to plan and you find yourself facing a “downpour;” then you must accept it and look for the solutions to make sure you don’t have a problem in the long haul.

2. Sometimes Love Just Finds You

One of the key phrases in the dialog above comes from the word “sometimes”. This is one of those times. That the speaker is not being serious. This could be an example of sarcasm, which is generally a light form of humor.
You can apply this to your example sentence.

3. Long Distance Relationship CAN Work

A long distance relationship takes a lot of effort, but when two people commit to love each other, the miles between them don’t have to weaken their love for one another.

You never put love on hold until you are together again.


George Strait has more than 70 million albums sold in the United States, and has the largest number of hit singles out of all the artists in music history.

The star singer has a net worth of several hundred millions of dollars.

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