Enrique Iglesias Net Worth

Enrique Iglesias has a net worth of $25 million, which is an increase of $2 million from last year.


Although Enrique Iglesias is often referred to as a pop singer, his net worth is estimated to be around $100 million.

Iglesias’ first commercially successful album came with the release of his debut album “Fantastico” in 1995. The album was certified platinum in Mexico and in the United States.

Early Life 

Enrique was born on the 8th of May, 1975 in Madrid, Spain. Enrique’s father, Julio Iglesias is a popular Spanish singer and his mother, Isabel Preysler is a well known Madrid socialite. He has three sisters, Pilar, Francisca and Francisca. Enrique is the youngest child.

In 1986, Dr. Julio Iglesias Puga, his mother Isabel, and his sister María Laura were kidnapped by ETA. That year, Dr. Julio Iglesias Puga decided to send his children to live in Miami in order to protect them.


When Enrique was a teenager, he wrote songs and performed them in Miami restaurants. His parents did not know he was participating in this activity.

He was a popular singer and songwriter in Mexico, but his career wasn’t as big as it seemed. He was under contract at the time with Fonovisa Records, which was owned by Enrique’s father and Enrique’s brother, Luis. Fonovisa paid Enrique for his music, but Luis often asked them to change the payment to make it look like Enrique was earning more money. Luis also wanted Enrique to give more money to his charity organization, which was something Enrique wasn’t willing to do.

Enrique Iglesias was the first Latin artist to appear on Billboard’s Hot 100 Top Latin albums. By the fall of 1995, he was the top Latin artist on the Billboard charts.

It was his follow up album ‘Rebirth’ made in 2011 that saw a more soulful sound. It was so named as he claimed he was reborn at that time. It featured ‘Rebirth on Me’, ‘You’re A Woman’ and ‘Won’t Go Back’.

In 2013, he released the song ‘Euphoria’ which was a Spanish version of his song ‘Euphoria’, from his album ‘Euphoria’. The song was a worldwide hit and won numerous awards including a Grammy Award. The song went on to become the most streamed song in Spain in 2014.

Enrique Iglesias’ net worth climbed to $100 Million in July of 2022.


If you want to know more about the singer, Enrique Iglesias, you can see the summary of his biography on Wikipedia.

Favorite Quotes from Enrique Iglesias 

You can actually learn French and Spanish pretty easy. The rest of them aren’t so bad either. And if you get a good Spanish teacher, you can learn German easily too. Those are all good languages to learn, I guess. In fact, I’d recommend learning a language over learning a musical instrument if you’re looking to get into music.

Enrique Iglesias said he would never change his decision to write about women with a “Spanish accent” in his music (“Escape”). “I’ve made mistakes, but thanks to those mistakes, I’ve learned,” he says.

One person can’t change the world, but you can be a world for someone. A warm, bright, and peaceful world. If everyone can be such a world to one person, one will become ten people, and then a hundred. The world will be full of happy people then.

“There are days that I wake up and I complain, and when I complain I pinch myself and say, “that’s for complaining.” Not many people can do what they really like in life.”
That’s great advice, Enrique!

3 Life Lessons from Enrique Iglesias 

In addition to being smart and hard-working, we can also learn from Enrique’s career in some ways. For example, Enrique studied music at an early age and played guitar for his whole life. He took lessons with a guitarist who helped him get better at playing the guitar.

1. Things Come Up 

If you are not currently pursuing your dream, that is one of the biggest reasons why. I’m sure you’ve been where the weight of the world is crashing down on you and the very thing you want to achieve is the thing holding you back. So, we must shift our mindset.

2. Focus On Your Goal

In a very short amount of time, you can make a big difference. Make sure you make the most of every moment. You are going to see the results very soon.

3. Stay Focused All The Time!

A “major goal” is something you really want to do. It’s usually something that will take a long time to accomplish and gives you a lot of satisfaction if you do it.


Enrique Iglesias is a very versatile singer and he has worked with many hit records around the world. He has sold over 137 million records worldwide and has more than 70 No. 1 rankings on the various Billboard charts. Billboard has called him ‘The King of Latin Pop’ and ‘The King of Dance’.

Iglesias is the most successful artist from Mexico. He has sold over 30 million records.

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