David Tepper Net Worth

David Tepper has over $65 Billion and is the richest person in the country. He is also the richest African-American!


The most successful investor of the 21st century has a net worth of $12 billion.

He runs several private equity funds and owns stakes in a few major American corporations such as
Time Warner,
Goldman Sachs,
Amegy Bank and
BNY Mellon.

Tepper has founded and been the president of the Carolina Panthers of the NFL and an unnamed Charlotte franchise in MLS.

Early Life 

David Alan Tepper is a well-known author who wrote a book called “The Tepper Game” and has published several books on topics such as sports and gambling.

James was the youngest of three children. He is the eldest of the three brothers: John, John Joseph and James Charles. James was raised in the city of San Francisco. His first acting role was in his senior year of high school. As a sophomore at Palos Verdes High School, he played a role in the school’s production of Annie.

Tepper attended the University of Pittsburgh, but when it came time to pay for his undergraduate work, it was through the Frick Fine Arts Library.


Mr. Tepper worked in the Treasury Department for Republic Steel for 25 years, where he rose through the ranks to become manager of operations and finance. He also became a teacher of mathematics at the University of Akron.

In 1992, he was recruited by Citigroup. He eventually became general manager of its credit risk division. He was fired in 2000 for allegedly manipulating mortgage market prices. Goldman Sachs then brought him back in 2001.

The management firm has bought and sold some of Wall Street’s biggest names, including the hedge fund Pershing Square Capital Management run by Bill Ackman.

the company’s growth accelerated tremendously over the years. In 1994, its assets amounted to 300 million dollars. By 1995, the assets had increased to 450 million dollars. In 1996, the assets had reached 800 million dollars.

The business has made a good profit on the investment and is very happy with their work. However, the market for loans to distressed companies hasn’t grown for a long time, so they are turning to lending to local governments. Local governments are the most reliable source of financial support, but they need to have a solid governance structure.

As of July 2020, David Tepper’s net worth is estimated to be $12 Billion.


David Tepper has been a professional investor for over two decades and has used this time to become one of the most successful hedge fund managers on the current market. He is best known for investing in distressed securities and has been dubbed the “King of Junk Bonds” for his involvement with this asset class.

Favorite Quotes From David Tepper 

David Tepper’s first trading job was at a firm that only traded interest rates. He got a job at a firm that traded commodities just because he was a smart guy. Unfortunately, he had no idea what he was doing, but the firm eventually ended up paying him over $10 million.

David Tepper’s reason for going to John Corzine was because John Corzine knew what was going on in the markets. When David Tepper went to John Corzine, was to ask John Corzine if he could see his portfolio and John Corzine said no.
David Tepper: I just wanted to see the portfolio in the normal course of business. And no, John Corzine never gave me equity capital or bond capital. He just wasn’t interested in it.

“My dad used to give me financial advice, but then, he said he wanted to be a kid again.”

You could also choose to replace some of the quotes with bullet points.

3 Important Lessons From David Tepper 

Never underestimate the power of experience. Tepper earned a lot of money by investing well over a decade before he achieved widespread fame.

Make sure you are working with a team that shares your vision. David Tepper hired people who shared his vision and who were capable of executing it. They were in turn capable of executing it for him.

Don’t let the fear of failure get in the way…

1. Be Enthusiastic

Ambition is not just about wanting more. It includes the action of bringing you closer to a realization of your goal. First, don’t be satisfied with mediocrity; visualize your next level then take positive action that draws you closer to your vision.

2. Have A Niche And Be Clever

Tepper had been part of the team that helped to create the first tax free municipal bond fund, called SBS. As such bonds were also very badly affected by the crash, Tepper was recruited to sell them to brokers. The company was set up in 1984 called Keystone Bond Services. Bonds fell out of favour in the early 1990s as interest rates rose. Tepper left Keystone in 1999 to become a full time author of books about investing.

3. Attitude Of Gratitude 

Develop a grateful attitude towards everyone and everything. It may help you in several ways.


He started his own investment company, Appaloosa Management, in 1993. This company has a long history of investing in sports franchises for its own profit, but this isn’t the only way to play the sports investment game.

As of July 2022, David Tepper is estimated to have a net worth of $12 billion.

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