50 Legendary Sting Quotes On Life & Music

I hate those words “favorite” and “quote”. In fact my favorite quote is from the movie, “The Princess Bride”.

Sting is a member of the famous band, The Police. He was one of the founding members and the lead singer of the most influential and famous English rock band of its time.

Sting is currently a very prominent musician. He is not only an international star, but also an entrepreneur. Sting is the head of ‘The Onward Company’, an organization that promotes ‘social innovation’. This company is dedicated to making a ‘positive impact’ on the world.

We have put together this collection of the best quotes from Sting.

50 Legendary Sting Quotes On Life & Music

If your content is boring enough, people won’t listen. But then again, it’s the same the other way around.

Sting said that he wanted to work with David Lynch because he was a huge fan of The Elephant Man and Eraserhead.

Sting made two other movies before The Police had a big hit and he was in charge of the music.

As a child, I felt ignored, and I found that by making up stories about how I was important to the universe, I could become my own audience. I can use other people’s pain to help me become stronger.

Sting is good at producing the music and writing the lyrics. He has had some great songs, but some of the material has been underwhelming.

Sting mentioned aerobics in his book 10 Lessons for Life. He also mentioned jogging in his book Ten Lessons for the Perfect Life.

The ability to do whatever you like is one of the pleasures of success.

 I think that love is allowing a person you claim to love to enter a larger arena than the one you created for them.

The most important aspect of success is ruthlessness. If I have to pick a friend or achieve real success, I’ll pick the latter.

10th of 50 Sting Quotes

Sting said that he was in a state of hysteria at the time he wrote this line.

He started to go to church and took the sacrament because he thought that it would somehow make things better and it didn’t help.

Sting believed so much in himself that he believed that he could not only go into the ring, but he believed he could beat box, which he could. For him, he could perform and it was very important that he perform.

I see music as one language. If a musical form eats its own tail, it dies. So it needs to be a mongrel [mix of forms]. It needs to be hybridized.

It is often convenient to treat a song as a piece of property, something that was created for a certain purpose, and is then used up when that purpose is fulfilled. When thinking about songs as a body of work, Sting proposes that they should always be renewed. Music is a form of expression that lives on our emotional memory, and as such, should constantly be re-presented, and re-contextualized.

In 2011, Sting was asked to help teach a summer course for 9-year-olds at the Rhode Island School of Design. He taught for two years before deciding to retire from teaching.

Sting has been playing lead guitar in the Police since 1985 and was nominated for the best songwriter in the 1998 Grammy Awards. Sting has been married since 1994 to Trudie Styler and the couple has a 5 year old son together. They also have a dog, Maxie.

It’s never easy to write a song. Writing a song is the most difficult thing anyone else does.

The way the members of the band are described by their ex-manager, the band came from a family that had lost everything due to the mistakes of their father. Sting has rejected his father so that he could get out of that cycle.

I guess when you are a musician it is easy to feel like your days are numbered, but I think Sting is making fun of himself. I think he was just trying to show off his musical skills by making ridiculous statements.

20th of 50 Sting Quotes

– Sting says that he misses the weather and the people of England, but he would prefer to come home, rather than travel all the time.
– Sting says that he made his home in Europe, and has spent most of the last 25 years on tour. He is now ready to come home.

Sting was born into a family that was very religious and he experienced religious awakening as a young adult. Later on, he reached a state of spiritual awakening.

The following two phrases are misquotations of the actual lyrics.

My life took a turn for the worst. I became the number one news story overnight.

A lot of people worry about the millennium ending. Many think it could be the end of the world.

I try to give the media as many confusing images and stories as I can to retain my freedom. It’s for the children around me that really matters.

I’ve found that I often produce my best work when I’m in turmoil and I’m not feeling so great.

A life lived for the future is a life lived poorly.
Life is a series of moments. Live each one fully.
Life is a series of moments. Live each one fully.

I hate silence and I always wanted to hear music playing. (Not for long)
A song that you can actually hear, but you don’t have to.
(You don’t know what is going on. It’s your imagination)
I like to hear a song that it’s so loud and you can hear it.
(I’m in the middle of the road)
I like music that fits the mood of a place.

It feels like Sting is saying that he is enjoying his new music as much as he loves the new Sting. He makes it sound like he is getting the best of both worlds: the music he made decades ago and the new music.

30th of 50 Sting Quotes

Sting is a true master of emotion, and I’ve seen no one quite like him. His performance of “Fields of Gold” at Coachella was the epitome of what I believe is his ultimate weapon. I’ve never seen a human cry harder, except maybe on the death of his son. He’s a true musical genius.

I’ve found that some of my greatest fears are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Being in a relationship is not about having to be fair. Love is a commitment to each other and to yourself.

There are no other important things in the world.

Sting hated what most of rock music consists of, which is basically middle-aged crap.

Sting explains how his yoga practice helped him find an inner calm so he could focus on his creative process and songwriting.

Sting had a great time meeting the Prince of Wales. Sting was even glad to see the Monarchy around.

Sting said that his friends are Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, and they’re singing about mortality, getting older. It’s an interesting time.

In this paragraph, the original sentence is almost the same as the paraphrase. The only difference is that the paraphrase uses a clause with the word “fun-loving” instead of a noun phrase.

It is easier to change yourself to accommodate people’s expectations than it is to change other people.

40th of 50 Sting Quotes

“It depends on the person and on the situation.”


The answer is in the text of the song.

Yoga is an ancient practice, Sting would like to see it evolve into something that everyone can practice.

People should age gracefully. They should maintain their health. They should be a good example to their children.

It’s a great guitar. It’s really special. Not just because it’s Sting’s, but because it means that my dad and I share a very special bond and a very special connection that has lasted all these years.

I know what you mean. Yoga is like music in a way. There is no end to it.

If you can’t find something better to do, you have to do something with what you have.

There are many different ways to play football, and many different ways to coach football. Sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture when you’re new to it, but it’s all about trying. I feel lucky to have an opportunity to play football for my school and have the chance to play football after high school.

Many people think that the spiritual life is difficult, but Sting says that it is not.

I learned the hard way that, when you’re an immigrant, if you just want to be able to survive, you have to find your way to the bottom.

Peter Townshend shows us it’s all right to grow old. There is dignity after rockabilly.

My family was nothing special, but I did have three younger siblings who I loved dearly. My parents were always good to the kids and did their best to help them feel safe. We grew up with very little, but that was ok with us. We always had enough because we had each other.


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