50 David Byrne Quotes That Truly Inspire

I think I have a short attention span, so there’s not much I can remember.

He is a Scottish-American musician, actor, filmmaker, writer and activist. He is best known for being a founding member of the renowned American new wave band, the “Talking Heads”.

This group of people from different countries is getting a lot of critical attention as they are known for their excellent music.

He is known for his role as ‘Egghead’ in the popular show ‘True Stories’. He has also appeared on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and made several appearances in several movies which have been successful commercially.

He has also received a number of awards such as the ‘Grammy Award’, ‘Golden Globe Award’, ‘Television Critics Association Award for Achievement in Popular Arts Programming’, ‘Emmy Award’ and ‘Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Action/Adventure/Thriller Series or Miniseries’.

David Byrnes is one of the most inspirational musicians of our time.

50 David Byrne Quotes That Truly Inspire

Having become an avid music listener, Byrne found himself seeking out music that was of the highest quality and that represented his own musical taste.

The community of musicians is not just made through concerts and talking with friends but through making music and connecting with other musicians as well.

David Byrne said that PowerPoint is not of any real use in a presentation, but it may be used to express your artistic side.

I was thinking the same thing, talking to a stranger on the subway about music, and it seemed to go over well, and now I’m feeling like I’ve learned things from a stranger on a subway.

In the US, people don’t like to know that musicians like Arcade Fire and Nick Cave are making relevant music or that in the UK, artists like Arctic Monkeys are making important music.

Some of the most famous musical cities on earth are Havana and New Orleans. They are known for having a very strong connection to both Africa and the Americas. This means that they have a history of music that has ties to both groups. This is very different from places like London, Berlin, or New York where music does not have the connection to different cultures that it does in places like New Orleans or Havana.

The band was at their peak in the 90’s with the release of My Life In the Bush Of Ghosts, which sold more than 6 million records worldwide. After a decade, the band decided to take a hiatus, and Byrne returned to his solo career. He’s released several acclaimed albums since then, including the acclaimed Here Lies Love.

As someone who has been riding a bicycle for most of their adult life since they were 20, there was a time when I didn’t wear a helmet. It seemed too bulky, I didn’t know any different, and it seemed like an infringement of my personal freedom.

The best infographics facilitate insight by visual means — allow us to grasp a relationship quickly and easily. Information seems to happen most often when data sets are crossed in the design of the piece — when we can quickly see the effects of something over time, or view how certain factors, like income, race, geography, or diet, might affect other data. When that happens, there’s an instant “Aha!” and we can’t help but wonder what else it might mean.

10th of 50 David Byrne Quotes

The value of an artist’s performance is in it’s ephemeralness. We as a people are becoming more ephemeral with our culture and technology. We are less tied to things and have a better appreciation for the ephemerality of our culture, so why not take advantage of that and value an artist’s performance as being more important than another.

There is nothing more American than rebels. They rebel against authority, they rebel against corporate interests. They rebel against their parents or parents or even their parents’ parents. In fact, so many rebels have already taken up a cause that I have written a song about it. So I don’t buy David Byrne’s attempt at irony.

Talking Heads were starting when David Byrne started getting his head around how to make his songs sound like a group, not a man making himself comfortable on a guitar, but a group of musicians. He found out that it was the drummer who was going to do much of the work.

I think that creative work is something that is done by people who make it into something that is valuable. And that means the quality of that creative work can make you feel good or not so good. But people who make it into something that is valuable are just the same as everyone else.

I always thought that it was easier to write a song if you were in the midst of a real emotional situation rather than if you were emotionally detached. I think there is an advantage to being able to get your emotions out on record but I also feel like it’s a little more honest to just let it out and put it on paper. Either way I think it’s a good feeling to be able to communicate your emotions to an audience.

The benefits of walking and cycling are more immediate than those of a bus or a train. It’s a good way to get exercise, and to clear your mind. It’s also cheaper than using a car, depending on how long you’re outside.

The only limitations you should set on yourself are the ones you impose on yourself.
And you should impose them when you’re developing software, not when you’re trying to use it.

When you start to dig into what makes some people create, you realize that it’s not a bunch of things that happen once, but a chain of events that start from the beginning of your life that create your character. A person with a lot of creativity has a large emotional and mental depth.


20th of 50 David Byrne Quotes

The best way to remember a place is to remember it as if you have never seen it before. The thing about seeing a place more than once is that you start to notice what you have noticed previously and you begin forgetting what you have forgotten. This is why a great place to visit is a place that you haven’t been in a while. Because then you’ll probably remember it, but you’ll also forget what it is that you can’t remember.

>”There are plenty of people who are racist who love hip hop and I don’t know why that should be surprising at all”.

I wanted to be an astronaut, and an agent, preferably at the same time.

I try to have a lot of the instruments have a big impact with drums and bass. I’m not sure there is anything else I could say about it. It’s a feeling.

We create art to express and communicate. But we don’t create it to sell it. We create it to get it out there and let people engage with it. But, of course, there are ways to be “less” transparent in the process.

I don’t think I have a life that is “messy” but I do think that I can’t force my art to be a certain way. I have to allow it to be chaotic because there is no way around that.

There’s nothing worse than being a perfectionist. It can be stifling. If you don’t try hard enough, you’re not making anything. I’m happy to learn as I go.

“I don’t care if something is impossible; I just know that I can do it,” David Byrne says. The same holds true for everything in life, as Byrne says.

I have tried to understand how a piece of music or song in his body of work can be a collaboration and become a part of him, the way his own music was written for him by those who created it and for him by those who heard it.

The more a band makes a record the better their chances are of being able to make a second one. So why not add another element to the game and make a record on the side? I think that, when you are able to do that, the records you make sound better. You have to make them better for yourself. You have to know when to stop and stop doing it.

30th of 50 David Byrne Quotes

What I like the most is a good story. I also like to stare at the sea. I cannot do both.

I spend my afternoons hanging out with friends, but it’s a lot more fun hanging out with musicians and trying to subtly influence bands than making my own stuff.

I think sometimes, I don’t know, I get carried away like I’m speaking to an imaginary audience rather than just trying to figure something out for myself. Ideally, I try to balance that- that I’m asking these questions of myself, how does this work, why does this happen, what’s going on here.

There’s an amazing song that is popular around the world that I didn’t understand until I saw the performance for the first time. I still don’t know what happened there. It just affects you, and you don’t know why.

There is a lot to do but it all comes together. It is a lot of hard work but David Byrne did it first on the road and then as a recording artist.

We will all be listening to music in our headphones. It will change the way we think of music. There will be more music that is available to us only as a single track. It will make the concept of the album obsolete. We will always choose our songs from a single iTunes playlist. There will be more songs that you can only hear as a single track. We will all listen to music in our headphones. And it will be great.

For the past few decades Latin America has been going through a period of instability, as the country transitions from dictatorships to democracies.

Mr. Byrne is a brilliant, innovative and talented musician and a master at utilizing the power of music to convey his message. He’s also a good-natured, kind person who is very generous and willing to lend out his time and resources in order to further the cause of good music for the public good.

I don’t agree. Every generation has more good music then the one before it.

40th of 50 David Byrne Quotes

When I travel I write down my observations in a diary, and on the Internet I comment about what I’m noticing, about the experience of being in different places. I don’t really think of the Internet as a diary. I think of it more as something to share.

With this movie, Byrne has created a kind of art that brings to mind David Lynch. A song about love is written for a lamp.

A prevalent concern is the notion that when someone writes a song, it’s not the thing he or she is feeling but rather the thing he or she has decided to feel.

Famed music writer Simon Reynolds was a guest on the show. He said it’s hard to imagine a time when being an artist wasn’t in fashion.

I really like to be up and eat spicy food at night.

(*) As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been around much lately; I’m working on my book proposal and getting back to the old grind again. I know that some of you are waiting for me to come back with some exciting new stuff, so here’s a little tease for when I’m ready to take the plunge.

If you can’t see the dots then you shouldn’t be drawing the picture.

When David Byrne talks about the connection between popular music and the creation of a global music, he is referring to the influence of African and African-influenced music in Europe. In the late 19th century and early 20th century there was a rise in popularity of African music among Europeans. David Byrne believes that this was the starting point for the development of the modern music industry.

A Danish newspaper reprinted the cartoon and sparked a controversy around the world with the depiction of Islam and the prophet Muhammad. The Danish cartoonist did it to protest the treatment of the cartoonists Mohammed cartoons that caused a riot in the Islamic world a year ago.

David Byrne mentioned the concert video screen as a waste of space which could be used for a more artistic purpose.

I’ve never really thought about this before, but I do think that some small houses and tin sheds are often the targets of ridicule. I think that is because they are ugly and their owners are often not very rich.

Byrne’s quote was in a Rolling Stone interview he did just before I started my first “I Can’t Get No…” video. Then, right after I posted the video on YouTube, my dad got cancer. The cancer was caught early and after a few months, he was in remission. At the time I wrote this, I was getting my own radio show! I knew that my dad was getting better but still had a long way to go. Now, 2 years later, he’s doing much better.


The world is my country
And my country is the world
And this must be the place
Where the story ends.

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