50 Bold Joey Diaz Quotes

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Joey Diaz got into comedy by accident. He was in prison when a projector broke during a movie night. He began joking and the other inmates liked him. He would do a set and then every other inmate would follow in for their own set. His comedy started gaining attention and he ended up getting released early due to good behavior. His comedy career began after he was released from prison.

He has worked hard to get where he is right now. He started doing stand up comedy when he moved to Los Angeles in 1995. He made it big before he was even 30 years old. He has made a name for himself in different roles.

We have gathered some of the best Joey Diaz quotes ever, including some of his funniest and most insightful quotes and sayings here.

50 Bold  Joey Diaz Quotes

Joseph Diaz has been a one-man show for the last year, with help from his girlfriend, as he battles the effects of a devastating brain injury suffered three years ago.

The most famous Latino in America, the one-time reality star and actor Joey (Joseph) Diaz told TV One’s TV One “Latino Today” that despite his popularity in the entertainment industry, he remained an advocate of tolerance and understanding.

After not working on their album for three years, the guys took some time off. They released one of their songs on an independent label, and then they returned in spring of 1999.

I don’t have to carry my own suitcase. I can write a book and make a living as an author.

He played in a few clubs, was offered a recording contract at age 22. He toured, and within two years he was one of the most recognizable DJs in the country.

Wait, what? You’re talking about the audition situation? Or waiting for that comedy club? Or waiting to go to the bathroom? I couldn’t tell if you were talking about the audition situation or waiting for your boyfriend to come out of the bathroom.

The year 2000 arrived, and I was glad to see it coming: I was so sick of the year 1991 that I didn’t even want to see it again.

Diaz became a full fledged millionaire in Colorado, and was then able to return to his native Puerto Rico which he credits for his continued success.

My life is about the struggle and what it was like to be a kid in the streets trying to become a man. It is also about the struggle to change your life.

10th of 50 Joey Diaz Quotes

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to change, but we all have to make that change within ourselves. We have to be willing to change and willing to do the work.

Diaz says when he came out of prison, it was “like an hour” before his life returned to what he calls his “criminal” life. However, in the back of his mind, he always had the comedy idea that he would be ready for it when he was ready to stop having any part of that.

Joey was young, 23 years old. He was fresh out of high school, had a job, and a girlfriend, and yet, his plans had fallen apart. A friend had given him a book on the subject, and he decided to do his homework first.
He quickly realized that the whole process was easier said than done.
He knew the risks, but he didn’t know how to protect himself.
That’s when he decided to start applying for jobs.
And he didn’t stop until three years had passed.

Joey Diaz is a man with a plan. The only problem? He never really got started. The only reason he’s making that statement is because he was born and raised in Jersey and he likes to talk about how good it is. But the fact that it’s so bad, and so expensive, and also filled with obnoxious, entitled, rich people, is not a secret.

Diaz said he didn’t realize until then he had an entire family line of undocumented immigrants to thank for his success.

Comedy has made its point. I have little things going on the side with comedy. So comedy in a way saved my life.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Joey Diaz mentioned that many times the only way to get his focus back was to keep doing something stupid.

Comedians in general have to keep their minds very busy to keep from getting bored. This is one reason that they can be so successful at their craft. Sometimes they have to trick themselves into feeling that they’re making people laugh.

While in Newark, Diaz was greeted by the sights and sounds of his hometown. “It brought back memories. As soon as I land in Newark and I’m coming up Route 3, I just start thinking about everything that happened in New Jersey from me growing up, and it’s both good and bad. But after about an hour or so and I get some Chinese food, I’m back, I’m okay,” he said.

I started wondering if I was a fraud and if all that stuff I do is bullshit. If I wasn’t really good. If I wasn’t really good at anything and if anybody knew that. Then I started to think about all those insecurities.

20th of 50 Joey Diaz Quotes

The Comedy Store is a comedy club in Los Angeles known for hosting legends like Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, and George Carlin. It’s the type of place that requires a specific kind of show to get booked. I showed up without any expectations and it worked out…mostly because I was booked.

When auditioning for a role in a show or a movie, you should always apply. I have always been booking comedy, so regardless of what kind of acting I did, I always had at least one acting job coming in.

I just got back from the studio. The song’s about a relationship that’s ended. I did the song in two days in the studio. I was actually just there yesterday. I had no idea what I was doing and the song didn’t come out how I wanted it to. But at the same time, I was like… I’m not the biggest fan of relationships, but I think I’m the biggest fan of being honest and being real. So on this song I did what I could to be honest with my relationships.

Joey is a man who grew up in the projects in New York City. He also grew up around his family being constantly in and out of trouble with the law and other problems caused by drugs and alcohol. After being in and out of jail many times as a teenager, he found himself addicted to drugs. Once he was released from jail, he began using marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. In order to support his habit, he decided to rob drug dealers and do drugs at local clubs. Joey later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he lived off and on until he decided to clean up.

Joey Diaz has been in prison for almost two decades, and he is making a name for himself as an actor in the stand-up circuit. His humor is dark, and he talks about his hard life, growing up, and his views on prison. He’s been successful at it, and talks about his new life after he left prison.

Joey Diaz started a new business: a bar on the beach called The Cove, a business he would later use to escape his fame in the music business. In this interview, he expresses his desire to stay in the United States but not his desire to stay in Miami. He states that he thinks Miami is a good place to hide.

Joey Diaz had asked to be allowed to go and see his grandfather who was ill. He was given a warning and a slap on the face.

Joey Diaz is known for his ability to rap and sing while keeping the mood light and fun. He says what he means and gets it off his chest. Diaz is known as a very honest and talented artist and has been performing since the age of eight.

I am amazed at all the amazing things happening in Jersey, and I am proud to be born and raised here.

A week before the mother died, Joey Diaz was slapped and then a few days later, her mother died. This is a great way to end the episode because it shows how she died, why it wasn’t her time to go and the family’s reaction to her death.

30th of 50 Joey Diaz Quotes

Joe had been baptized, but had a falling out with the people of God and was not as committed to their religion as he used to be. He was angry that his dad had left his mom and his sister when they were younger. At the time, he was drinking heavily. He also recalls riding home in the bus that evening and feeling like the bus was going fast. He thought it was because of the alcohol, but he would later recall that it was because the bus was being driven by a person of interest in the case.

I think he was saying that the police towed his car, which was in a parking lot that got towed because it was unregistered.

If you go on Wikipedia and look at all the people from Jersey, your jaw will fucking drop.

In July 2018, Joey Diaz announced his next project would be the release of an audio book.

If I would have left New Jersey at 19 I would have missed my friends but I probably wouldn’t have been so well off since that would have deprived me of my education.

I’ve known Joey since I was 15 years old, when he started coming to my church and he really made a big impact on me and my family. It is amazing how far he came in such a short period of time. I am thankful for his example and for the great things he has done for this community. This year we all hope to have Joey back in the United States, and we thank our supporters for their prayers and thoughts to bring this to pass.

Joey Diaz also mentions that it’s not only about good products; it’s also about good services. Also, he mentions that Subaru is one of the companies that offers good services and gives you free service at the same time.

If you were born in New Jersey, you’ve got this city and the beach. You just got to take advantage of it.

Stress money. People say money makes the world go round but it’s more like people make the world go round in money.

Joey Diaz is working on this web series with some friends of his. They have been meeting every Sunday since June 10th to create and develop the web series. This web series is going to be about a group of friends attending a high school reunion. He has a few ideas for it already but he is still working on one of his ideas.

40th of 50 Joey Diaz Quotes

Joe D. is one of the lucky ones. His job enables him to do what he wants. But not everyone has a job that enables them to do what they want.

As a stand-up comic, it is a well-known fact that being funny is all about learning your material inside out. I know no other way. So, it is only normal that I try different situations to get my material out.

I love Houston. Every time I fly in, there’s always a sense of community and a feeling that everyone is trying to do their very best to help each other. There are some very special people in Houston, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they’re all so good looking as well.

Joey Diaz has had a few bad times, but he knows what to do to avoid getting in trouble. He’s been sober for six years and has been in and out of prison.

When something bad happened, like the murder of his parents and his brother, he didn’t think about it much. That was the kind of person he was. He was never going to think about it.

A father is writing stories for his daughter.

My generation grew up on the internet. We were more into bands and musicians. I remember when I first met Joey he was so much more into music, music is what makes him alive. In the past, we were fans of artists. In the past it was all about music. I just think people are more into “celebrities today”. Back in our day, it was music.

A lot of people have been trying to add comedy to this situation, and it doesn’t help.

Joey Diaz says that he came to Bollywood to work in movies and to make a name for himself. “I thought I would be an extra one time in a movie. And I would have been happy with that,” he says. But he soon realised that he was part of something big and he had to make a shift.

Diaz was impressed with the opportunity to compete in the World Cup, but he was also impressed with the competition. He mentioned that he is glad to see what the top of the world is like. He also feels like he has finally found himself in his career.


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