50 Athletic & Motivational Josh Allen Quotes

I like to think that if it were up to me, I would have gotten to play in the NFL sooner. People say that I wouldn’t have made it to the NFL. To this day, I take every opportunity I get to prove people wrong.

Josh Allen is a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League. He plays in one of the most prestigious leagues in the world. He is considered one of the top young quarterbacks to watch out for.

He went 10-6 in his first season as the Buffalo Bills QB and led the team to a division title for the first time since 1995, but did not bring in a playoff win for the Bills since the 1990 season.

Allen played his college football for Reedley College and then moved to the University of Wyoming.

Allen started his professional career as a rookie on the Chicago Bears before ending up in the Green Bay Packers. He was signed by the Packers on March 6, 2018, and went to the regular-season opener against the New York Giants the following Sunday.

Josh Allen believes in the power of the people.

50 Athletic & Motivational Josh Allen Quotes

Allen is being drafted as a franchise quarterback in a run-heavy offense with a strong head coach. Some team is going to give him a shot, but he’s going to have to overcome the odds and prove he’s got the goods to play at the NFL level.

The Buffalo Bills could really use a rookie quarterback to learn from as they were hoping for a veteran like E.J. Manuel to be their quarterback. Josh Allen is looking to do just that as he worked out with former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly on Tuesday.

“Elway is a legend and I love to see him in the stadium with a good crowd.” Allen has already thrown a pair of touchdown passes and has five touchdowns to one interception this season. He’s helped lead the Bills to a 6-2 record.

Firebaugh is a small town in San Joaquin County which has a rich history and provides a great opportunity for all of us in the Allen family.

Josh Allen will be in the first group at the Senior Bowl. Allen said he does not worry about external things, such as the “outside noise.” He said he was a big time football player and he would do what it takes to succeed. Allen doesn’t care if people think he is crazy or not. He has no qualms with it.

Allen was known as an excellent high school quarterback, but he was only a two-star recruit. It was only after his senior year that he could start to look at his options.

Allen mentioned that he has thrown it around 82 yards one time, but that’s the extent of his deep balls from the pocket.

His flaws that would hurt his career include: poor accuracy, poor arm strength, a lack of mobility, and the fact he’s a bad leader.

As a freshman, Allen was a walk-on for the Buffaloes and only saw action in four games. As a sophomore, he earned a scholarship and was expected to take over at quarterback when Chad Kelly went down with an injury. But after a rocky start, he emerged as one of the nation’s most prolific offenses.

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I am from a small town in Iowa and I would like to be able to be a quarterback at a bigger college like Iowa State.

Allen is not afraid to show emotion, but he prefers to keep his thoughts to himself.

Allen isn’t exactly a ball handler, but the Bills’ starting quarterback also said in his weekly interview with the media that he is focused on “becoming a complete player” in 2018.

Allen said that he’s always wanted to play quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. Allen has worked hard to get here, and he doesn’t want to be the kid who never played football and regrets it.

Allen has the distinction of winning three state titles in the last four years in three prep schools. At 6-foot-3, 221 pounds, he also happens to be the biggest QB in the 2014 class. The only QB taller than Allen at the start of the 2014 class was JUCO transfer Tanner McKee, who is now at Cal.

The New York Jets are going to suck next year.
So I guess I’ll just do some homework.
Then, I’ll probably just kill myself.
And I’ll make sure you guys know about it.

As a quarterback, you don’t necessarily try to get as many stats as you can. Allen was probably being facetious – one of the few he was – in his response to a question about his stats. What was really on his mind, however, is how he is viewed by NFL teams as opposed to what the NFL thinks he is.

Brett Favre was released after the 2009 season.

Josh Allen has high expectations for next season. He’s going to prove that he belongs and give 100% for his new team. He’s a great football player and, as we witnessed last night, he’s a great teammate. He’s going to give whatever team he goes to everything he’s got. Allen is going to play with 100% of himself, every single play.

Josh Allen was not in a good mood after his 2018 campaign. He wanted to start, and he wanted to be the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. However, the Bills signed Nathan Peterman. The fans and media criticized Allen, and his numbers were bad. Peterman was a good backup, but Allen couldn’t get on track with his play. His career may have ended before it started.

Allen has never been able to shake the nagging elbow injury that plagued him for much of 2017, but he appeared completely healthy in his second preseason game. The Buffalo quarterback completed nearly 70 percent of his passes and showed signs of being back to himself that we haven’t seen in a while.

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Allen is the Browns starting QB. He’s going to have a very good chance to make the team and win the starting job in camp.

For a guy like me, who has been playing football since he’s been seven years old, it’s a game of inches. It’s a game of making a believer out of people. If someone has doubts, all I can do is win them over.

Allen thinks he’s prepared for the media because “he’s been around them”, and doesn’t trust them.

The Bills have had a rough time of injuries this season, but Allen admits that he is just as passionate about being on the field as anyone else. When asked if he would like to play for a longer time, Allen was candid about the possibility, but he is confident that he would be able to handle himself should injuries happen.

The QB has to learn to protect himself and minimize the punishment he takes.

Baker Mayfield finished third in the NFL with 1,127 yards passing.

He’s never going to bow down to anyone, he’s not going to back away from anyone.

The Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback was asked about his game after throwing five interceptions in a loss to the New England Patriots.

Josh Allen, 23, is a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. He is from White Lake, a small town in Michigan. Josh’s father, Mike Allen, is a hard worker and played an integral role in his son’s life. Mike Allen put in many hours to provide for his family and ensure they were well-fed, clothed, and safe. Josh shares with us a touching story of his father’s work ethic and dedication to providing a good life for his family.

I love it when I see someone get hit in the head by a ball a lot, it shows he is still living as a human being and that he is not brain dead.

It’s something I’m trying to work on. There are times when we can’t do it. For us to compete for a championship, I feel like we’re going to need to get to that 55-56 percent rate.

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Josh Allen says he has scholarship offers from Indiana, Minnesota, and Nebraska after just one year playing for Colorado State.

If he goes first overall, he’s gonna be the No. 1 pick in the whole league. But that’s the only way he can go. If he’s not the No. 1 pick in the whole league, then the Bills are definitely not going to take him.

Josh Allen admitted that he still has a lot to learn, which is a very good thing for him. He has a lot of talent, but he still needs to become a complete quarterback before he can be an all-around star.

Josh Allen is one of the most exciting QB prospects in recent memory. He can make defenses look like they don’t have any talent on the field. Allen is a game-changer with very strong arm, and he’s a leader, a winner and a competitor. He’s an absolute force on the field.

The Raiders are still trying to figure out how they will make up for the loss of offensive line play. Allen threw a ball with his feet set that was a little too late to his right and had his shoulder on a defender. It was a “different type” of ball because normally Allen throws strikes with his feet set. There’s definitely a concern as to if his accuracy will suffer if he isn’t feeling the footwork.

 Josh Allen believes that the Buffalo Bills will be able to take a step up from last year’s disappointing season if the offense can stay focused and play their game.

The next time Allen takes the field as a Buffalo Bill, he’ll be looking for some help from those around him and the ground beneath his feet.

Josh Allen has done a nice job of trying to prove that he belongs. There was probably a little skepticism when he was signed to a two-year deal with the Bills, but he has performed well enough that he’s getting a four-year contract.

I would like to become a Cleveland Brown and I’m going to be everything they want me to be.

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Allen says he will focus on football first and foremost, but the draft is an opportunity to get an education on how to prepare a player for the NFL.

Allen will have his work cut out for him in the New York media. The Rams will be a heavy favorite when facing New York’s media onslaught.

Josh Allen is just a young guy who does not have all the answers. He is trying to find himself by the way he makes things happen, and while he is not perfect, his effort is refreshing. This is his message to every other quarterback trying to change their game.

I want to be out on the field, because that’s when the opportunities to play more football in an organized way are there. When I’m not able to do that, it hurts me.

Allen was talking about his relationship with his third-string quarterback, a signal-caller who was once benched.

Allen is on his third NFL team and has played for only two seasons. He is still working on becoming the guy the Browns need to be.

There is only one thing better than practicing a play all week and playing it in game situations. That is to watch a player go from practicing with another player to playing with another player. That is why I am a fan of Josh Allen.

The biggest key to his success is “make sure your feet are set right”. His throwing motion has been polished. His body is set right. His feet are right. He just needs to focus on doing the repetitive motions that help him release the ball with the greatest of accuracy.

Yes, but when you throw for fewer than 200 yards it has to be amazing.

Allen is clearly a competitor who’s willing to run down any chance that he can take home the trophy. He’s a guy who’s extremely intelligent and highly respected among his peers. A potential NFL quarterback who stands 6-foot-5 with a long wingspan, Allen’s a guy who is also very athletic. At times he was really good last season while he was a member of the Buffalo Bills’ training camp this summer.

He was a one-year starter at Wyoming and, with his size, was expected to be a major part of the Buffalo offense in 2019. He has been the biggest disappointment of the draft, as his performance has been average at best while his knee continues to prevent him from being a true NFL starter.



I’d like to share with everyone a few favorite quotes from Josh Allen. I hope you find them inspiring and insightful. I’ve also added a few of my personal favorite quotes that are my favorites.

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