50 All-time Favorite Seth Macfarlane Quotes

I’ve always thought all Seth MacFarlane quotes were awesome, but I have to say that his line about “I’m on a roll here” from Family Guy was hilarious.

MacFarlane was first introduced to the public through the series. He later developed a number of other successful projects and made his name by animating the Family Guy Movie.

He continued to be recognized by the American TV Academy and received many awards, including the ‘Primetime Emmy Award’ for ‘Outstanding Voice-Over Performance’ and ‘Television Producer of the Year’. In addition, his work became a great success with the fans and the public which resulted in several major product lines.

The greatest quotes from the great Seth MacFarlane.

50 All-Time Favorite Seth MacFarlane Quotes

The success of The Simpsons really opened the doors for other cartoon shows to be made. Not everyone in the industry thought that MacFarlane’s project was a good move.

Kent, the small American town where MacFarlane grew up, is in Washington state. On Saturday, MacFarlane’s family came east to celebrate the Fourth of July in his hometown of New Rochelle, NY. MacFarlane was joined by his parents, four siblings, and their spouses. He also brought his son and newborn grandchild along, because why not? The family lives in New Rochelle, but MacFarlane has been in L.A. for the past 10 years.

The good thing about Broadway is that you don’t have to worry about an airdate because it gets done when it gets done.

I have an idea of what is going to happen, but I don’t know how much time we have left.

I’m not sure anyone is trying to appeal to people with the single lifestyle. I’m just trying to appeal to people.

Seth MacFarlane said that he has the same success rate as anyone else, sometimes he hits and sometimes he misses.

You know, Fox is notorious for having a very thick skin about taking shots at other shows and movies.

Seth MacFarlane says that it isn’t easy being in a relationship with an actor. He doesn’t consider himself easy to be with but he’s not looking for an easy partner either. He likes to make sure he has a woman by his side even though she’s also an actress like him.

As a kid, he would do a bit of comedy at school assemblies. He even performed stand-up at a college show. One of his main inspirations was the legendary Jack Benny.

10th of 50 Seth MacFarlane Quotes

The Simpsons are the greatest show in the history of television and they just keep getting better every week. They are the most popular show in the history of television and they just keep getting better every week. They deserve better than the kind of lame, ugly, unappealing, unoriginal, underdeveloped, vapid, uninspired, and totally unoriginal show they’ve been for the last decade.

Seth MacFarlane said that jokes are funny. Jokes are funny if they are about your family. If you think like your family, you think like they did. That’s why you laugh at the jokes your family tells. That’s why you think that something funny was something your family would say. That’s why you think something is true when your family says it. But don’t think that you can tell a joke and have it not be about your family. You can’t.

It’s good to know that Seth MacFarlane is an honest human being. I always thought he was a pretty terrible voice actor, but he’s good at that, too. In a way, I’m actually glad that Fox is canceling the show, because it’s kind of embarrassing to have a show I’m really proud of on my network.

The Oscars show is an amazing experience that anyone would love to host and it’s the ultimate honor if you get to call them your own.

The comedy series was born of pure happenstance, as the creators weren’t looking to make another show when they came up with the idea for the series.

We are not making any predictions on what jokes will or won’t work. We are trying to write the best jokes we can.

The fact that the majority of the country has a distaste for science is rather alarming, but to Seth it’s just a way of getting more laughs on Family Guy.

Seth MacFarlane, creator and star of FOX’s Family Guy, had previously joked about the prospect of the PTC writing a Family Guy episode. Seth recently described the prospect of this episode (which, of course, never came to be) as “funny”, although he had not yet discussed it within the writers’ room.

Seth MacFarlane will make history by being the first-ever television host to voice two different characters in the same episode. He’s been cast as both the voice of Buzz Lightyear and as the voice of Stan in the new reboot of Toy Story.

20th of 50 Seth MacFarlane Quotes

Seth MacFarlane had been wanting to be in the cartoon business since he was a child, and he’s even worked with Jim Henson on his own series.

It’s like the two of us. You get the general idea of what’s going on, and I’ll tell you everything in the specific.

Family Guy is a weird show that seems to have an audience that is mostly either happy or mad about the show. It’s not easy to explain the cult like nature of the show, but the reason it keeps going is because those who watch it enjoy it.

Seth MacFarlane ended up in an entirely different profession in the music industry. He started doing musical theater at the conservatory before eventually switching to being an actor on shows like Family Guy and American Dad.

24. I’m still drawing a lot of drawings on a daily basis.

The host of “Family Guy” was at a fan convention where he had a brief interview with the famous comedian.

Johnny Bravo is a cartoon show that aired on Nickelodeon. It ran for four seasons between 1998 and 2002. Seth wrote jokes for a short segment called “Seth’s World” which was featured on the show. In this segment, Seth would say his own jokes and the other characters would give responses.

Seth MacFarlane says that you don’t go ahead and make a comedy just to get into trouble. You go ahead and make a comedy because you’re in the mood for comedy.

Seth MacFarlane seems to make fun of certain religions by saying “they didn’t” in the beginning of “Religious Experience”. He then argues that animals have morality. Though he is being sarcastic, it does make sense to use animals as an example.

The creator of Family Guy had a bit of a problem with South Park, telling a reporter that his shows were “almost like a parody” of South Park.

30th of 50 Seth MacFarlane Quotes

Drawing characters from his childhood is what got him started in drawing.

As much as he claims he shouldn’t read his own press (or the press in general), Seth admits to it. He’s actually been in a weird place for some time, but with “The Orville” on the horizon, his career is looking more promising than ever.

Seth MacFarlane felt most cable networks have too small a budget for a show, and so that they would be forced to take whatever the Fox network wanted for them, even if it was not what they wanted. With the Fox network, Fox would be able to do whatever it wanted because it has a much larger budget than any other network.

Seth MacFarlane said one of the worst things that could happen to the Oscars is to have nothing happen. He says it makes it a boring event. MacFarlane said he would like something entertaining, something that’s not scripted.

As a bonus, the other guy’s answer wasn’t all that much better, either.

In an ideal world, a question about religion could be asked on this site. Unfortunately, this is not one of those cases.


I have a suggestion based on my answer here that might be suitable, and it can go under “paraphrase” even if it’s not an exact duplicate.

When adults act like children, they’re generally pretty funny. When children act like adults, they’re generally pretty funny.

Seth MacFarlane was born in 1961. His life is the story of a man with an average childhood.

The comedian was asked if he thinks “faith is a bad thing.” “There have to be people who are vocal about the advancement of knowledge over faith,” he said.

Seth MacFarlane said that he had a car that he liked, an Aston Martin, to drive in the country.

Seth MacFarlane has been a fan of Fred Flintstone for as long as he can remember.

40th of 50 Seth MacFarlane Quotes

I do not believe in God. I am an atheist. I call myself a critical thinker and I find it fascinating that in the 21st century, most people still believe in the invisible man living in the sky.

Seth MacFarlane said that shocking things (without being funny) is hard to justifiy.

Seth MacFarlane said that he does things that interest him regardless of genre. He worked on Cosmos which he enjoyed, but was unsure of its fate. He hopes to do other things like that.

He has the ability to use his comedy to create drama, as seen by his Family Guy and The Orville. However, I believe that The Orville will be the more successful of the two shows.

When Seth MacFarlane was recording the theme song for the 2013 animated film “The Book of Life,” he decided not to record in the normal booth. Instead, he recorded it in his living room to see what the results were like. It was fun, and he decided to use it in the film.

There were several different voices in the original version of the movie. One of them was played by Seth MacFarlane. He was voicing a talking dog who was trying to get out of the box. And he would do things like pull a lever and then his mouth would open and then a few seconds later his mouth would snap shut. It was kind of fun and then he was a little bit annoying. And I think when they cut the film down, they cut out all the voices in the first hour of the movie, so they replaced the talking dog scene with a scene with the talking cat and then moved the story along.

I’m from Connecticut, and I’m sure that you and I speak the same dialect, but I don’t speak the dialect of Seth MacFarlane, so I think we have a little bit of a difference in our dialects.

When trying to come up with a new idea for “Family Guy”, the comedy duo would look for something that was horribly offensive, but that was also hysterically funny.

It’s an easy way to find out what will work. A lot of times it will be something you don’t expect because then it has a nice surprise payoff.

Seth MacFarlane said that if he was to watch a TV show, it would be “The Sopranos.” Because he started watching it when it was a seasonal D.V.D. he was able to stick with the show throughout the entire run.

The reason I can tell good art from bad art or a good show from a bad show is because I have a knack for art, I’ve noticed the details of an individual’s work. I can see the effort and thought that went into it.


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