40 Zac Young Quotes That Truly Inspire

The first is when he was talking about how he would use his speed and his jump to run the floor.

Zac Young is a cooking instructor, TV personality and author.

Anthony Bourdain is one of the most popular and experienced chefs. He has contributed significantly to the culinary industry by providing various platforms with his unique style of cooking. He has written many books as well; ‘Kitchen Confidential’ is one of the popular books by Bourdain.

Young made his name in the culinary world by competing on the American reality competition show ‘Top Chef: Just Desserts’. He followed this success by competing on the American reality competition show ‘Top Chef: Las Vegas’.

I have three favorite quotes:

1) I’ve got a lot of great people around me!

2) I don’t have any enemies. I don’t even know them!

3) I don’t care who wins the game, as long as someone plays the game.

40 Zac Young Quotes That Truly Inspire

With the invention of the world wide web came the invention of Pinterest and social media. I didn’t think I would ever be an Internet sensation.

People ask me: Where did the idea come from? I don’t know. My brain is wired for theatre. There’s a lot of freedom in my thinking. A lot of Yes and also a lot of how about I play with my food.

It was directed by Lisa (former theatre director), and performed in the cafeteria of King Middle School. There were painted styrofoam panels. I was hooked. The children’s theatre did not have a permanent home at the time. The shows traveled from school to school.

Zac Young loves to cook. He thinks there isn’t anything better than creating a homemade meal with family and friends. You’ll hear all about those experiences in Zac’s podcast “The Home Chef Podcast,” where he shares his cooking tips, tricks, and cooking techniques. So get inspired by looking at Zac’s home-tested and home-approved recipes and start cooking.

Zac Young started doing theater in high school with the hope of becoming a stunt performer later in life. Although he wasn’t as adept at the skills required to perform stunts, he had found a team. His skills as a stage performer would later allow him to work as a stunt double in film and television, and helped him find his place as a stunt coordinator in film and television.

In elementary and middle school, Zac was part of a small group of kids from the suburbs who became a great support system for him. It created a sense of family, and he began to feel like he belonged, even though he was so different from the others.

Arts education teaches skills, fosters the ability to work with others, shows your appreciation for the arts, and creates an appreciation for the arts in others. Arts education prepares students to have an amazing experience when they enter the workforce. I don’t know where else I would have learned these skills.

Zac feels that there’s a strong current of artistic expression and creativity that flows through all of us as human beings. He wants his work to communicate that energy and that’s what he plans to do with his life.

10th of 40 Zac Young Quotes

You should always come in at least an hour early if you’re going to work in a busy kitchen, and you should never complain.

When people see and understand your true values, they can have a much fuller and more satisfying relationship with you.

Zac is known for his creativity in the kitchen and his willingness to help in any capacity.

In 2011, Zac was the pastry chef at Butter and Flex Mussels, one of the first pop-up shops in Los Angeles. After two years, he had a chance to work at the Bouchon Bakery, which also happened to be one of the first pop-up shops in Los Angeles.

The company made a point of making their performances as accessible as possible to the public, especially to the younger audience. Often, the performers would come to the audience and ask for suggestions for what to do next. This made the audience part of the performance and they didn’t feel intimidated.

A difficult game for some. They find it difficult to think of their game in the same box they think of others.

Zac Young, the new Artistic Director of the Children’s Theatre of Maine, will be an integral part of their future success and will use the knowledge that he learned at CT of Maine to build an audience for the organization and create a more vibrant CT of Maine.

Even though it’s past 9:00 PM, you still have to be in the kitchen for prep. Even though no prep is happening, you have to be in the kitchen and still be available to answer questions.

Zac, you do know that in the early 1980’s, when you were young, the French would still go well past midnight for a nightcap? In fact, when you were a child, that was when the bars were most jammed, with all sorts of people coming in from work to catch the last party.

The operation started with my boyfriend and I working from a basement in the West Village. This was long before we were married. We worked out of the basement of the Fatty Crab restaurant and we did well. The restaurant was the perfect fit for us because people loved their crab cakes and we could make people happy. The Fatty Crab is one of the best restaurants in the city and has been open since the 1940s.

20th of 40 Zac Young Quotes

Zac Young was the first to take a single pie (or piecaken) and make it a cake. He took one pie, one pie filling, and one piecrust and layered them. But instead of just placing them one on top of the other, he put them inside of a piecrust. The final result was a cake with a piecrust on the bottom and a pie filling in the middle. It was so delicious that it was named the best new cake in America.

As the director of culinary operations, when you’re thinking about a new item, you’re thinking about the theatricality of it.

The final year of middle school was definitely the first time that I was able to take on one of the lead roles. I have already mentioned how the first time I played the part of the Emperor at the Children’s Theatre at the Oklahoma School for the Arts was a very important moment for me, but this time, my classmates had already been involved in basketball for seven years and I was the only player who had not played any organized basketball before that point. As a result, I found myself feeling like an outsider for the first time in my life and I was eager to be part of a team.

He’s such a fan of this new job that he doesn’t know what else he could ask for. Hopefully, he and his wife will have many more years to spend together in this fantastic position as a husband and father.

You know the feeling of having things to do? Things that are fun and make you happy? Those are little side projects. They’re things you can do to take your imagination to the next level. I like projects that are fun and are outside of the realm of what you normally do.

I find it very interesting that a lot of the things that I was looking for in a career didn’t even exist before the start of the 2000’s. The biggest thing that I have found over the years especially since 2013 is that there is a lot of really amazing things that you can do with technology.
I think Zac is basically trying to say that your identity as an engineer doesn’t have to be based on how fast you can build a program. Rather, it’s about how much you enjoy programming.

As a child, I played in the front yard and the back yard of my house, and the three yards together made up a full acre. I was always playing in the same ground, so as I grew older, I started to realize the possibilities and limitations of that land. I found out that there are limits to what I can do.

Zac Young is the Director of Design at Sprinkles, a macaron institution. He says that while he is well known for his macarons, the “foundation is rooted in my solid, classic French pastry training”.

In May 2017, Zac Young was working at Macy’s Radio City Music Hall department store.

Lisa made sure that everyone in her crew had the tools to navigate their way through life and make a difference in the world. She made everyone in her crew feel like they mattered. She cared about everyone around her.

30th of 40 Zac Young Quotes

My heart swells
When I think about my home
Of the place where I’ve been
The best parts of me
I learned in ways that no book
Could teach me
And the fact that my parents named seats in my honor and that these seats will be in the new Maddy’s Theatre, that feels like a homecoming to me. Children’s theatre was the beginning of my life. It was the beginning of me finding me.

I would say he helps wherever help is needed in the kitchen. If that means plating hors d’oeuvres or expediting the line, so be it.

We start making the mini-loaves of bread for dinner around 2PM. We could easily go through 300 loaves so I like to provide a little extra help. It’s called “The Bread Party.” At 3, we put out amenities for guests at the resort. Chocolate, cookies, cheese, birthday cakes, chocolate-stuffed strawberries, and champagne. At 3:30, we talk with the other properties. At 5, I check service station for dinner service. Pre-meal begins at 5:30pm with the staff and we review the specials.

This is a great project for anyone that likes baking, whether it is for fun or for profit. Even if they do not plan to sell their goods they can still have fun creating their own unique items.

Zac Young says he learned from theatre. Zac attended a community theatre program that included creative writing and acting. He says that was fun, but he wanted to know more about the arts. He continued his theater education at Walnut Hill where he received his BFA. Zac credits the arts for the foundation of his career.

I like the name “Donut City,” but I’m worried about the name being confused with the existing Donut Shop chain when it is officially unveiled.

Zac says his family’s donation is important to him because he wants all children to have an arts education so that they can have a foundation of creativity that they can build on in their personal and professional lives.

It has been reported that the arts have been defunded by the government, so it is now time to make that funding fair. The arts are an underfunded resource across the board. It’s vital to support arts organizations for our kids.

When you don’t fit in in any school, an arts-focused school is your best bet. It’s the only place where you’ll be comfortable enough to try out being you, and it’ll help you in so many ways.

The icing on the cake for me in working with Zac was that he understood the importance of working within a team and the need for the team to be cohesive. That is something that I have a lot of experience with in my current role, so I found a lot in common with him when it came to managing people in a team setting.


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