40 Chace Crawford Quotes About Acting, Work & Life

I just want the simple things in life and when it comes to acting, I just want to have fun. I want to have some fun and just try to be spontaneous and go with the flow.

Chace Crawford is the son of actor Charlie Crawford and actress Kelly Preston. He was born on October 7, 1990 in Thousand Oaks, California and raised in Los Angeles, California. He is best known for portraying one of the popular characters ‘Nate Archibald’ on the wildly acclaimed TV series ‘The Gossip Girl’.

The talented hunk joined the world of television after winning the title of Mr. India in the year 2008. He has been one of the most sought after leading men in India and has starred in many successful projects for the leading Indian film production houses.

Crawford’s first acting role was in the TV show Miami Vice. Through this show he was able to gain a lot of success.

Chace Crawford is an American actor and model. He is known for his role as Parker Lewis on the Disney Channel show Wizards of Waverly Place. Chace was born on July 31, 1992 in Sacramento, California, United States.

40 Chace Crawford Quotes About Acting, Work & Life

In the first movie, he mentioned the city as a “big playground”, but in this movie, he specifically mentioned “being outside.” I believe he means the literal outdoor playground that they created for the world to enjoy, just as he mentioned to be the “big playground”.

Chace Crawford does not want to say what the first date would most likely be. He wants to keep the mystery alive!

Chace Crawford said that Mary was a dream to work with.

Crawford said that the bloodbath scenes were intense and covered him with blood for hours. The blood was real.

After getting out of the public eye, Chace Crawford has embraced the spotlight again by making several more TV appearances.

Chace Crawford will star on the new Fox drama The Boys, which co-stars Wyatt Russell (Divergent) and Jack Quaid (Suits). The series is based on the 2011 feature hit that also starred Gabriel Macht (Ballers), and like that film, The Boys tells the story of a group of young men living in New York City’s underground criminal underworld.

Chace Crawford has been through a few seasons and he still keeps trying to go back. But he’s not the only one.

9. When I was in college, I used to valet cars so I was all good; Chace says.

10th of 40 Chace Crawford Quotes

That’s really great. I like how you have a bit of a subversive look at the superhero genre, even though it’s not necessarily a superhero show, but I thought I could bring something to the character that was funny.

“The thing is, I’m not a big superhero-genre fan. I don’t really run out to see all those movies. But for my sense of humor, my sensibilities, it was making fun of that. It’s a satire, definitely a dark comedy.”

What makes this so much funnier is Chace’s earlier statement that he will be playing the role of Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War.

Crawford says he appreciates the support and compliments for his physique, especially from the gym where he now works out.

My parents would be so proud if they were still here to see me work hard on my projects for school.

We’ve been listening to podcasts and reading a few books about being an actor, and it’s always been a fascination for me.

I doubt the fact that I doubt the things which I am doubtful about.

I believe they threw Chace Crawford in a car in L.A. in the middle of the night, and he was given no directions. I think they probably would have shot the driving scene differently if Chace Crawford told the writers what he really thought was going down – that he was just going on instinct, having been in so many Hollywood movies.

He said he was not very interested in playing a hero as he liked to play the villians. He also said he liked to play bad guys.

Chace Crawford is a pretty man. And a pretty man can do pretty. And he can play pretty. And he can be pretty. And he can be dark. And he can be complicated. And he can be a little bit of everything. And he can have fun with it. And he can make fun of the superhero tropes.

We all are. Especially because of the way he was able to manipulate people, and manipulate an entire community at that. He was a smart guy, he was intelligent.

20th of 40 Chace Crawford Quotes

It’s a little easier to get into character when you can watch your co-stars.

Yes, I think it’s really nice to have it as a young adult because it’s a time in your life when you’re experimenting. I think [we] really had a lot of fun in my experience as a young adult. I think we had a lot of fun making that movie. I think that people who went to see the movie really liked it.

You have to be more careful with that! I know you’ve heard this a lot before but you never want to show too much skin. I don’t want you to be like that with anybody.

I don’t recall if Guinevere Turner wrote it, but I do know that it was written by both her and the author.

It’s a good thing that we’re on the same page, because we don’t disagree with each other.

He was trying to do a group shot for a calendar when the people behind the camera told him he was the only one in the scene. Chace found the whole situation to be awkward.

There was also a time I walked by some of the cast of the show, and I could hear what they were saying. They were walking and talking about my life, about how my ex-girlfriend was talking to me and how he just wasn’t going to talk to me anymore because I was so mean to him…and what my future was now. I was walking by and I heard all of it. It was pretty embarrassing.

Chace Crawford got the call that he was cast in The CW’s Arrow and decided to have a little fun with those casting directors. When they mentioned the role of John Diggle, Crawford decided to play it goofy, with a laugh and a few choice words. He went for it and it was a laugh heard round the world.

“Chad is not gay. He has a girlfriend. He is not gay. He has a girlfriend. He is not gay. He has a girlfriend. He is not gay. He has a girlfriend.”

Kanye West
In his May 21, 2009, interview with DJ AM on the Adam Carolla Show, Kanye West noted how people would call him gay.

[Chace Crawford] talks about a book where a mother and three daughters escape their abusive home life and move to a mansion in Westchester County, New York.

30th of 40 Chace Crawford Quotes

He has a lot of patience for a model. That’s a quality that I think many women have. Chace Crawford’s a guy that can hang with a girl that can be a little bit of a diva.

He mentioned that he doesn’t remember what year he was in the car, but it’s hard to believe someone who just turned 21 in 2013 would have been in an old car.

I hated modeling. It was a very strange process for me and I hated my time on set. I didn’t like working with the other models and I didn’t like the people who worked on the set. I felt like I’d always done the thing that I wanted to avoid and it was horrible and I was so afraid I was going to be disappointed.

Chace Crawford says the best day of his life was when he got to guest star on Gossip Girl and that it opened doors for him in the entertainment industry.

Crawford graduated from the famed Los Angeles High School of Performing Arts in 1999. Since high school Crawford has not seen a time when his life was not controlled by the clock. He attended the University of Arizona for two years before dropping out after being offered a job at Fox. In 2000 Crawford moved to Los Angeles and landed a role on the hit reality show The O.C.

Crawford didn’t care about playing superheroes. He cared about acting, even though that’s not a great way to look at it. But as he said, it was obvious that this show existed.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an interview with him where he hasn’t talked about how much he loves working with her.
He also praised her, citing her good acting and good looks.

There is one director who I have a really good working relationship with, and that’s [name withheld]. She’s a woman. It works really well, and she’s a very open person. So, I’m getting better at that side of things, and I would say so far it’s working really well.

Chace Crawford said that he would be interested in working with Mary Elizabeth Winstead again.

The first season of The Bachelor’s season 22 was filled with first-time suitors that failed. That means there’s plenty of room for contestants to step up when the time comes. Chace is up to the challenge.

Crawford didn’t know Tarantino was producing the film, and says that the two differ significantly.


I appreciate you taking a look at this collection of quotes from Chace Crawford, I hope you enjoy it and I hope I haven’t messed up too much in the paraphrasing process.

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