38 Grant Cardone Quotes About Achieving Success

You can find him in any gym right now. He’s training people everyday and making a lot of money off of his students. He’s one of the top ten most popular names at GNC, which is the largest chain of physical retailers in the world.

These are great books for helping you learn how to do what Elon does and more.

As a success coach, Grant Cardone quotes will help you to achieve success in the shortest time possible.

34 Grant Cardone Quotes

Don’t just be a spectator in your own life.
Live your best life.

If you are not focusing on the numbers and the details then you’re not going to achieve your goals. Also, if you’re not focused on the details then you’re not going to have the success that you want, because if you don’t have clear goals, you don’t know what you’re going to be able to achieve.

The idea that you can only succeed if you set goals and have a plan to achieve them, is an old fashioned idea which doesn’t take into account modern technology, the internet and the power of social media.

Most people are at work and are not taking the steps to achieve their dreams. They are sitting instead of standing over their desks and working. So when someone asks you what you are doing, do not say you are working, do something else instead.

When you see someone who is different, you can either love or hate them, but it is better to at least know who they are.

The extra mile is an interesting concept. It means being able to go further than others. It is about doing things that others don’t think that you would do. It is about the little things every day. It is an approach that is great in a lot of different areas. It is not necessarily about how far you go. It is something that you do.

Not all of us have the opportunity to pursue our dreams, to go on a journey to a new city and build a home for our little families. For myself, it is a possibility that I have been able to pursue.

As long as we are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to stay poor, we get the rewards.

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All your dreams await just on the other side of your fears.
[Both]: Yeah!

Success is an all-encompassing job and it is best to focus on it full-time.

We sleep to recover from stress and physical wear and tear. We wake up to become successful and to make our dreams come true.

Catch Phrases
These are the words and phrases that people on the street said in unison to me as I was walking through neighborhoods.

One of the greatest lessons in life is to make choices and act upon them, even when it’s hard, it’s better to fail and succeed than be average.

The excuses you throw out there can only slow your progress down.

I believe that wealthy people work to free themselves from their comfort zones. To get out of the rat race and take matters into their own hands. They work for their own happiness and success. They’re not working for anything else they might get. They’re working for that freedom, for that independence.

If you own a business, the goal is to have your money work for you. In business, you want to have your money making money for you. That’s the way you become a millionaire.

I have to agree with Grant Cardone. In some of his books, he states the same thing. He recommends that if you can’t achieve the goal you want, then you need to examine your goals. What are you working towards? Have you improved your situation in regards to your desired outcome? If you haven’t the cause maybe is that the goal is too general and you are actually being lazy.

Everyone wants to be your friends. Everyone wants to be around you. There are all sorts of people in this world who want to be around you. They want to buy the things you say, they want to be associated with you, they want to be your pal. They want an association with you and they want you to like them.

Everyone wants to be liked by everyone. Everyone wants to be liked. And they want everything to be nice. And they want them to be nice to them. And they want them to like them. And they want things to be nice. So they want everybody to be nice. And they want everybody to be nice to them. And they want things to be nice. So that means everybody has to be nice.

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Freedom is not something you purchase, but something you earn.

I’m tired of yesterday people, what are you waiting for? Get up get moving, do something.

Just about the only thing I heard from the book was that in the business world, people’s worth is measured by how much they are worth to other people. I’m not sure if that’s true, but it’s definitely something I need to keep in mind.

People will always have something to say about you. Accept it. Use it as a motivator to improve yourself. Make sure it drives you to be better. If you don’t have haters, then you don’t have the right kind.

It doesn’t matter if you are ambitious, if you give up on your goals you will be criticized.

Working towards prosperity is an important component in achieving financial freedom.

When it comes to your career, you’re the best judge of your own skills.

Be passionate about what you do, and if you get really good at it, people will see the results in your life.

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The more value you add to your customers, the more valuable they will perceive your product to be.

If you do not start with a plan, you will end with a failure.

I think the difference between good entrepreneurs and really great ones is that good entrepreneurs make great excuses (or at least are good at convincing themselves that they are). Really great entrepreneurs don’t give excuses. They make time.

The best revenge for a person is to become successful by doing what they’re doing.

The big dick who has a bigger dick than anyone else who dominates over and over again.

While all other things are variables, if you are disciplined, consistent, and persistent long enough, there’s no telling what you can accomplish.

Many times we underestimate ourselves. We do not realize what we are capable of until we take a big step forward. We have to start in front of people and we have to put ourselves out there. We have to be loud.

You can’t just go to sleep. You have to wake up and make sure you’re always doing something. This doesn’t mean that you have to be the best at it. As long as you know how to do it, and you’re doing it, it’s fine.

The same holds true of how we approach things in our lives. In life, there’s always going to be a period in which you are surrounded by people who are praising you for things that you shouldn’t be proud of. This is very common because people are naturally inclined to brag about what they’ve done rather than what they haven’t done.

You can have a successful life surrounded by negative people. However, you cannot have a successful life by surrounding yourself with negative people.

When you make a mistake – don’t say it was a mistake – go back and do it again. Don’t hide from it. Take it and run with it.

You will make mistakes, and that is only natural. But by trying to avoid mistakes and just doing what other people are doing, you are not really doing anything.

I’m a fan of your product and you have a lot of great content to offer.

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