30 Greatest Barry Gibb Quotes

Barry Gibb was a famous singer from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. He formed the ‘Bee Gees’ along with his brothers Robin and Maurice.

Gibb and the ‘Sons of the Desert’ began their successful careers in Australia.

They were honored with a Grammy special where they were the first group to have the entire group perform together again after so many years. This special Grammy tribute show was a tribute to the Bee Gees and it is an honor to be asked to do this.

All you need to know about Barry Gibb can be found in this collection of Barry Gibb quotes.

30 Greatest Barry Gibb Quotes

“You can’t run away from your own self.” – Michael Jackson

3. I’m a fan, or I’m a foe.

To the best of my ability I’m going to say the following here about The Eagles.

It seems that if the Stones can drag themselves around again, they can make a few more albums.

A search warrant was served at Gibb’s home earlier today. A post-mortem examination was conducted but the cause of death has not been determined. The coroner has placed his house under quarantine and a full investigation is underway.

After Barry said this, the Bee Gees’ manager, Robert Stigwood, who had been listening in on the conversation, told him that a film director in Britain had come to see them. The film’s title is “Saturday Night Fever”. Barry said that he was leaving the Bee Gees, so Robert had him meet with the director to consider a role.

I was the one who was chasing the ball and getting the hits. I was the one who wrote the songs, but what you are saying is true. I was young and wild and not a very nice person.

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And that’s all I got for this one.


I’ll give it a shot at this one.

Barry Gibb loves the feeling of having a tight-knit family. He would never change that.

The first song written was “I saw a film once”. It was recorded on an old tape-recorder and later on, a record was released.

Barry Gibb says it was great being in a band but he never realized the pressure of being a brother and having a brother that is your twin.

Barry Gibb’s parents came to hear his children, and they didn’t know whether it was a radio, but Barry’s grandfather told him that it was him.

Barry Gibb’s influence is undeniable. That was one of the more clear and well-known examples of how the group evolved from its original template. It didn’t matter if they were working with a songwriter like the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, or others, the Gibb’s would take it to new heights.

Barry Gibb said that going solo is the only way to get rich.

Barry Gibb has been an artist since the 1960s. He’s been one of the most successful and successful groups to come out of the 1960s and 1970s. In terms of artists, the Bee Gees have been one of the most successful groups to have ever existed.

Barry Gibb is planning to have his songs with him throughout his life, and he will never dry-up, not even if he’s 80 years old.

You are a rich man, and you have made millions of dollars. How does that compare to the self-respect and fulfillment of creating music? The money could all be gone tomorrow. What is more important? If you are a man of integrity, you will work to create good music even if no one is listening. I believe that is your integrity.

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The charts have been dominated by everyone and anybody since the 80’s. It seems like anybody can get into the charts.

The Bee Gees have always enjoyed freshness and we always look to the future. I don’t think there’s a limit in what I can do musically for the Bee Gees. I’ve always enjoyed the changes and freshness and what we just did on ‘Spirits of the 60’s’ is an example of that.

If there are any bubbles out there, they would surely burst and would be deflated at some point.

 This was one of the nicest things I have ever read about my brother. And it was on the back of the letter where I found the first clue to why we were going to see the movie. It makes the movie feel even more of a throwback.

Barry Gibb thinks he is being groomed as the next Gary Cooper.

It can be said that the reason most people like Barry Gibb is because they are fans of commercial pop and this is one of the reasons why they like him.

Barry Gibb said that his music has never embarrassed him.

Your family comes first and you need to be able to prioritize them and not be distracted by all the time-consuming nonsense that comes along with this.

If you’re having fun and doing what you love.. that’s the key. The moment you start getting paid for it.. it’s over.

I don’t want to live on by making the same mistakes.

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I like making and listening to music, it’s something that makes me happy.

I can relate to that. For example, my music teacher who I was really close with was really insecure. When I became close with my first band, I would feel bad because they were really cool and seemed to know what they were doing. But as I became close with my second band, I knew I really belonged with them. My music teacher wasn’t insecure, but I was.

He would enter a room with his presence as his presence was instantly felt.

Barry Gibb has said he doesn’t think the Bee Gees exist anymore. The Bee Gees disbanded in 1998.


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