29 Life Changing James Altucher Quotes

Yesterday, I spotted James Altucher’s book, ‘The Power of No’ in my local bookstore, and started flicking through the pages and I felt an irresistible urge to give it a positive review.

On one of the pages, it said that the most searched term people reach James’ blog through, is “I want to die”. How sad is that?

We had fun with this and ended up making it a “doodle”.

Having seen James’ story, many people find themselves feeling a lot better than before, because they had a lot of respect for the fact that he had done so much.

James Altucher is one of the most successful entrepreneurs. He has founded or cofounded more than 20 companies. His words have helped change many people’s lives.

If you are lucky enough to find someone who loves you, it is time to celebrate.

29 Life Changing James Altucher Quotes

The difference is that with a paraphrase, you can express yourself freely, and the original author will have no way of knowing what you said. With a summary, you are trying to convey what the author meant.

The first step to being grateful is to notice when something good happens and be grateful. Even if you are not doing as well as you want to, you are still doing well.

The way you approach business is the way you approach life. You should always take your life seriously. Don’t put yourself last, don’t put yourself second. Only be first in terms of how much you impact the lives of others.

Excuse is a good word to describe a person’s actions or actions taken by others.

I know. My experience working for a big firm (like a law firm) had its own unique downsides and I’ve learned a lot about the business aspect of law. But I’ve also learned to ignore my mistakes and I use it to my advantage. This is a skill that I try to impart.

Being happy without a purpose means that you are living and pursuing your passions (creating a life you actually want to live) and making a positive difference in your world. Finding your purpose should be an outcome when you are doing the things you love.

James Altucher doesn’t keep a budget because he is too busy making big bucks with some of the best content that you need to know about.

The way you start your business is not as important as the way you execute on whatever start-up you picked.

If coming up with ten ideas sounds hard, then try coming up with twenty.

10th of 29 James Altucher Quotes

I think in business, we need to learn what others are talking about. We should try to learn from the people who are successful in the business. It is very helpful for us to learn more about what other people do.

If you are not doing something you’re prepared to do, you won’t enjoy the process. Make sure you’re prepared with the skills, knowledge, and tools you need to make this decision work.

No matter who you are, what you do, or who your audience is: 30% of your audience will love you, 30% of your audience will hate you, and 30% of your audience will never even notice the fact that you exist.

I am just a simple person who is doing a simple job. I’m just cleaning out the messes from the previous people, and I am very satisfied doing that.

You are responsible for everything you do and everything you achieve (as you move forward) and you must be ready to pay the price.

James Altucher is a writer, entrepreneur and investor who made his career in this area. He also works as a professional speaker and inspirational speaker.

If you’re happy and you’re following your purpose, then you’re going to feel like everyone’s happiness is your happiness. It’s not actually true, but that’s not your job to make that right. Your job is to follow your purpose and create the world you desire.

Having the ability to express thoughts, express feelings and say the way you think is a good thing and the ability to change your mind in the light of new evidence is a good thing. Having said that, we should be very careful to not use the word ‘perfectionism’ to describe the type of perfectionism that is caused by an internal voice that wants you to do things differently.

In today’s world, you need to be able to carve out spare time on your schedule in order to be successful. In order to achieve this, you need to prioritize your time.

19th of 29 James Altucher Quotes

Don’t try to figure out the life you want, live the life you have. If it gets better the more you work on it, then just enjoy what you’re doing.

”The best way I have found to fill my emptiness is not to seek external motivations to fill my emptiness, but to ignite the internal fire that will never go out. To light up my own inner sky.†– James Altucher


So if you want to be great at anything, if you want to be happy and make the most of it, you must stop caring about what other people think.

I think there is a lot to be said for repeating things for the sake of it, especially in terms of getting better at something.
I think the key is to make sure you’re doing it in a way that is helpful to you.
It’s not about blindly throwing things out there and hoping that something comes to you. It’s about really thinking through how you’re going to approach something.

There are no one you need to impress. It is not even about being perfect, it is about knowing that you are perfect and not having to worry about what others think of you. Being good enough and not trying to be perfect is the only way to live. It is your way, no one else’s.

This is a new phase in civilization where business, science, and spirit joined together both externally and internally in pursuit of true wealth. It’s a phase where ideas are more important than people.

There are certain ways of being human that if you adopt them will improve your quality of life. That’s why I have a “10,000 hours” rule for everything I do. That’s what I’m learning to make it last.

Build a strong foundation in the areas of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. You can also build that foundation with a strong support group of friends.

27th of 29 James Altucher Quotes

James Altucher wrote about the importance of treating others the same way you want to be treated.

For your last question about how to get more people to read your book, I’m going to copy and paste a long list of the reasons why you might be getting fewer people to read your book, below. You might not think of all these, but if you have some points on your list you’re going to have to figure out ways to deal with it, and these are some of the ways to deal with it. Don’t think that just trying harder is going to fix it.

When you search for something, you are in fact getting something new. The less you search for something, the more you get it. Thus you achieve an ideal that will bring you a lot of great things.

When we rush in one direction we miss so much. We miss so many pleasures and we find that we have missed the whole point of our life. Sometimes we are rushing in order to get something we are never going to truly get.


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