20 Inspirational & Strong Trina Quotes

Trina was a rapper, but she also had a career in modeling. Once she started collaborating with Trick Daddy, she began rapping in his songs.

Not long after her debut, she found herself at the centre of controversy for her comments directed towards the late and famous rap icon Tupac Shakur.

If you want to be with a woman you have to first be with yourself.

20 Inspirational & Strong Trina Quotes

If you’re not on any kind of schedule, you should probably just go home. I’m not sure why she said “broke” instead of just saying “take you ass home,” but it’s a better line.

Now that’s the kind of woman I’m looking for…the kind of woman that goes home and takes out all her anger on her husband, and then proceeds to beat on the other dudes in the house every night.

She believes that she’s strong because she is a mother and a business owner. She is proud of her strength.

Trina went on to say that seeing a partner with someone else and want me back.

Trina has been single for some time now. She’s looking for love!

She needs someone to tell her who she is and who she ain’t.

Trina spoke on the matter of respecting and appreciating everyone.

8th of 20 Trina Quotes 

The joy that Trina has is not just hers but is shared with her family and friends and all those who know her.

Trina said she was filthy rich and she talks loudly as shit.

Money is my change, I love the way it makes me feel.

The apology comment was made from the stage last night at the VMA’s when Nicki Minaj came to Trina’s defense after she was booed by the crowd.

Trina was talking about the ‘earrings’ she got after winning her first award in 1995.

When Trina was growing up, she would have to get a job after school at the Burger King in front of her house. One day, she was cleaning the floor and a friend of her boyfriend came and kicked her in the face. Trina ended up losing part of her front tooth. Her mother told her that it was for the best, that her mom didn’t need a bad influence in the house.

I’m tired of mirrors. Who is the baddest of them all? I’m tired of them.

The jewels will be expensive, the grand will be big.

Why you worried about mines, I ain’t worried about you.

The final two lines of the song use a variation of the same pattern as Trina’s lines. The first two lines are a simple imperative, followed by a declarative.

You worry about mines, I ain’t worried about you.

Trina wasn’t too fond of men who were full of themselves and confident in their abilities.

18th of 20 Trina Quotes 

A woman that loves her money so much that she would marry it.

Well, they paid for a lot of the money that was used for that poker.


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