20 Greatest Rosa Salazar Quotes

Rosa Salazar rose to prominence with her role as Vanessa in the comedy-drama series ‘Party Down’. She was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Best Supporting Actress Award, and won a GLAAD Media Awards Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series for her performance.

She made her debut in the film ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ which was released in 2019. She has appeared in both TV series and movies such as ‘Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’, ‘Law & Order: LA’ and ‘The Divergent Series: Insurgent’.

20 Greatest Rosa Salazar Quotes

Rosa Salazar talked to us about how when she first started to compete it was really hard for her to accept that one day she might not be able to compete the way that she had. She had a lot of mental blocks when she first started. She talked to us about how she has learned to accept what is going on in her body, and how she works to not let the setbacks get the best of her. She has learned that setbacks are not the end, it is just part of what it is to become a champion.

It was also nice to have an established set of rules. After the game ended, I was very pleased to find that there was a community of players who also enjoyed the same game system and also were just as creative.

You can see the fight sequences on “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.” Her scenes were cut but it looks like she re-dressed for the new film.

The actress is a big fan of horror, and says that she’s been influenced by horror films from past years. She’s also excited about the upcoming Black Mirror episode.

With four of us, we’ve been able to make plans and keep them and not have to worry about somebody else changing the plan at the last minute. I think that group dynamics are just a little bit more challenging when there are four people.

Rosa Salazar has already played a girl with green hair in “A Wrinkle In Time” and now she is playing the main character in “Alila.” The main reason for this is because she always wanted to do science fiction. She used to watch science fiction and fantasy movies as a teenager. I am sure that most of you have seen “A Wrinkle In Time.” There are scenes of a lot of green hair.

Rosa Salazar has always been one to make faces, but the last few years she’s been keeping them private. She’s been struggling with depression and anxiety, something she’s been trying to tell her family about for awhile.

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“It’s my favorite genre. I love it.” Salazar’s character in “Sonic” was named after a popular comic book character.

Being sleepy is not a real reason to be tired. Tired people can fall asleep on a dime.

In this quote, Rosa Salazar says that she loves horror movies. It’s interesting to note the difference in Rosa Salazar’s description of her love of horror: she doesn’t seem to have a specific favorite.

This quote shows that Rosa knew exactly how to portray her character. Rosa played the role of the hyper kid, an act that could only come from something like a child-hood. She described herself as the hyper kid for family gatherings.

Being a comedian, a singer and a model as well, it’s easy for Rosa Salazar to just walk in and deliver a funny joke, but she is certainly not limited in that. Rosa Salazar is definitely one of the funniest ladies we know in entertainment today. It’s easy for Rosa Salazar to make funny impressions and jokes, but when she performs in public, she certainly puts out the best shows. We love Rosa Salazar, she is one of our favorite ladies in the entertainment industry!

I am not the cliquey kind of person.

“My life is very simple. I’m a tomboy at heart, and in body!” – Rosa Salazar


This is a simple explanation, but not a full answer.
In the two sentences, the author has two different uses of “very” — two different meanings and two different syntax.

Rosa Salazar was emancipated at 15, went to school and had a full-time job and apartment, and has been on her own with parenting herself since then.

Rosa Salazar said she hasn’t really done much acting since she was 19, and her favorite movie was called “The Bodyguard.” She also spoke with Jimmy Fallon.

As the child of single, working-class parents, Rosa Salazar grew up with a series of dysfunctional and often violent parents. She found refuge in the world of academia and became obsessed with studying history, politics, and culture, and developed her own identity.

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Rosa Salazar, a.k.a. “Sally”, learned what it was like to have a warrior’s mindset when a member of the cast was diagnosed with cancer.

Rosa Salazar wanted to be a lawyer, but her grades weren’t great enough, so she went to work for the government and ended up with no job. Rosa had to stay with her parents for 2 years, and only got enough money to pay for her rent for her first few months on her own. After a year, she went to the library and took a job as a paralegal for a law office.

I’m not sure about that, Rosa. Cancer is a very sensitive sign, as most people with cancer are sensitive to the world and to their family.


These quotes are so inspiring. When I read them, it makes me want to try my best at work, my education, my relationships, my ambitions.

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