Xzibit Net Worth

Xzibit has a net worth of $6 million, which makes him one of the richest rappers.


Now as a rapper, Xzibit has a net worth of about $2 Million.

He received an honorary degree from Duke University in 2011 and was invested with the keys of the city of Chicago.

Xzibit had made his debut with the release of his first single ‘Smokin’ that he recorded with his friend B-Roc.

He released his first studio album At The Speed Of Life in 1996 which was number 74 on the Billboard 200. The album generated both critical and commercial success.

Early Life

Joiner started his music career in New York and was a part of many bands.

After his father left, Xzibit, his mother and siblings remained in the apartment they shared, where Xzibit and his mother shared a bedroom. They lived in a high-crime neighborhood and Xzibit’s mother, fearing for her safety, took the family to California to live with a female friend of hers.

Xzibit didn’t move out of Albuquerque until he was 14 and began writing lyrics as a form of entertainment after he suffered numerous bouts of minor incarceration.


Xzibit made his debut full-time and is featured on the classic 1998 album, Tha Alkaholiks. Xzibit made a name for himself in the early 2000’s with his first three studio albums.

Xzibit made his way to Hollywood and became a part of the hip-hop scene. He started hosting a show called Pimp My Ride, which was aimed at giving some of the most unruly and unattractive men a makeover.

The mechanics will even makeover the cars of deserving guests. The mechanics will add chrome rims, flashy paint jobs and they even vibrate the cars sound systems.

He appears as the host, throwing out witty punch lines.

In the summer of 2005, he made his acting debut in the science-fiction film xXx: State of the Union. While the movie itself was a box office disappointment, the role of Vin Diesel in the action film provided the young actor with the platform he needed to become a major player in the movie industry.

Now as a rapper, Xzibit has a net worth of about $2 Million.

He received an honorary degree from Duke University in 2011 and was invested with the keys of the city of Chicago.


Xzibit is a rapper who is best known for his time in the group 213. He has also had a couple of solo albums in the past, and has a few hits on the Billboard Hot 100.

Favorite Quotes from Xzibit

If you’re successful, other people will think you’re successful and that’s good. If you’re not successful, other people will think you’re not successful and that’s bad.

After many years of struggling, I finally released my first product on Amazon, all the while keeping my eyes peeled on how they’re selling. It’s been a long and slow process. I finally released my first product in just the past few months. Since that day I’ve watched my sales, my Amazon rankings and all the other things I’ve been working on increase. At the same time I still struggle with creating things that people will actually want to use.

3 Life Lessons from Xzibit

1. Be persistent and passionate about what you do. You need to find out what you can do for the people that love you and follow your passion.
2. Do what you love and let it make you a success.
3. Give back what you have. There are a lot of people in need and that makes us all feel good.
4. Be humble. If you keep improving and getting better; your success will come to you.

1. Work Hard

Look after your family and invest your time and energy as you do into your work.

2. Balance

I think what you’re saying is you don’t have control over your schedule or your schedule doesn’t allow you to achieve balance. Maybe this could be a way to think about life and not control time as much.

3. Be Dedicated To Mastery

*If you want to buy a new one, you might want to consider getting one that runs Android operating system. There are a lot that are available, and those that don’t run Android are significantly more expensive.

And then you can dedicate yourself to becoming a world-class master of whatever you are good at.

It took me a while to get there.
I was very good at English, but I was not a world-class English speaker.
I wasn’t a world-class tennis player.
I was just good at tennis.


Xzibit is a black American rapper who was born and raised in Los Angeles. He has also acted in films and television.

He is a rapper and has recorded over 15 songs. He has met with some of the best rappers and actors in the industry, and has become a better artist.

He is a music producer, rapper, songwriter, actor and a public speaker.

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